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South African 3PL Multilayer Trading Adapts to Diverse Customer Needs with HighJump

Multilayer Trading, an independently owned third-party logistics (3PL) provider, serves some of the largest retailers in South Africa. The manual processes for supply chain management Multilayer had in place were holding it back. The 3PL looked to HighJump to automate its supply chain management and increase visibility amongst its dispersed warehouses.

Learn how with HighJump, Multilayer Trading -

  • Added more customers while managing larger warehouse volumes
  • Decreased overhead costs and enhanced operating profits and performance
  • Improved picking times and upped employee productivity
  • Gained visibility into its inventory throughout the entire workflow at all of its locations
  • Meets the 3PL’s own, and its customers, constantly changing and diverse business needs due to the adaptability of the HighJump solution

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Multilayer Trading Case Study