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South African Supermarket Chain Enhances Processes, Continues Rapid Growth with HighJump

Checkout is South Africa's top independent supermarket chain. The company quickly realized its paper-based warehouse management system (WMS) was falling short, unable to scale with the launch of new stores and increased number of SKUs. To continue its rapid growth trajectory, Checkout looked to HighJump to streamline its workflows.

Learn how with HighJump, Checkout –

  • Provided quicker payments to suppliers
  • Upped staff productivity and order efficiency with dynamic waves
  • Gained real-time visibility of its inventory from warehousing, to receiving, to picking, to the store
  • Cut order processing by almost 50%, while opening up an extra 10 hours daily for new orders
  • Reduced stock holding and forward covering, resulting in more efficient use of space
  • Continues its expanding its number of facilities and SKUs

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Checkout Case Study