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HighJump WMS nourishes productivity for Dutch Valley food distribution

Case Studies

Case Study: Dutch Valley

HighJump warehouse management system nourishes productivity at sister food distribution / manufacturing companies.

Download this case study to explore how HighJump WMS is a critical element in Dutch Valley’s supply chain for delivering superior service and customer satisfaction, in addition to:

  • Doubled inventory item count, 4,600 SKUs
  • Minimal additional staff requirements
  • 34 percent increase in picks per hour
  • 99.5 percent order accuracy
  • To-the-minute product currency
  • RF-directed and true FIFO picking/shipping
  • Automatic replenishment let-down
  • Seamless dataflow between distribution / manufacturing units
  • Positive productivity tracking
  • Enablement of incentive program

“With no way to track the products and locations effectively, some inventory became outdated and not shippable. We could not track worker performance; order fulfillment was overly complicated and accuracy suffered… we needed a dedicated system to manage our facilities.”

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