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HighJump's Routecenter Puts Sparkle in Canada Dry

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DSD - Automated Mobile Sales - Canada Dry

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HighJump's Routecenter Puts Sparkle in Canada Dry

Canada Dry handles challenges using HighJump's Routecenter for automated mobile sales, route management, and inventory tracking.

Canada Dry Bottling Company of Asbury Park is a soft drink bottler/distributor located in Neptune, New Jersey, a community a few miles to the west of the seaside town where it originated in the 1940s. The company employs some 50 people.

Fleet Coverage:
Its fleet of trucks cover a sizeable swath of east central New Jersey, with each unit servicing up to 20 locations.

Delivery management is critical both to profitable operations and customer service and to support both objectives, the company installed HighJump's software in the mid-1990s.

"Until RouteCenter was installed, almost all sales documentation activities were manual, cumbersome, and slow," says Ms. Barone. Sales personnel carried route books and pens/pencils, filling out orders on-site during customer calls and entering the orders into the office system upon returning to the building.

"RouteCenter is easy to use, it allows us to track inventory efficiently, and it is especially valuable in making our sales people more efficient." - Marilyn Barone, Office Manager