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3PL - ASL Distribution Services

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ASL Distribution Services – 3PL Warehousing and Fulfillment

Third-party logistics provider, ASL Distribution Services, built custom solutions for eCommerce fulfillment using the flexibility of HighJump WMS

"HighJump allows us to offer a service that we could not otherwise provide. It is extremely flexible, and by eliminating manual inputs and invoicing it speeds upoperations while also cutting costs by reducing the associated warehouse labor requirements.”
- James Tomajko, Warehouse Manager, ASL Distribution Services

Third-Party Logistics Provider, First-Class Fulfillment

ASL Distribution Services – 3PL Warehousing and Fulfillment

Third-Party Logistics, First-Class Fulfillment - ASL Distribution Services

For over 60 years, ASL Distribution Services, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, has seen it all when it comes to fulfillment solutions and market changes. Priding itself in custom logistic solutions for each customer, it’s no surprise that ASL was eager to help Dorel Industries the fulfillment side of its supply chain operations.


Dorel was closing its distribution centers. The manufacturing company needed 3PL warehousing that could take on its drop-shipping needs for sales coming from major retailers’ eCommerce. Prior to ASL, these retailers, whom included several big-box brands, would send Dorel online orders for fulfillment—they didn’t keep Dorel merchandise in their own DCs. Now, it was ASL fulfilling these orders. To do this, ASL needed to build a custom solution that worked seamlessly for the major retailers, ASL, and especially Dorel.


ASL started by modeling processes. By stitching together a combination of EDI communications between all parties, orders were properly tracked and relayed from retailer to manufacturer to 3PL. Then, the next step was to establish a smooth packing and shipping process. ASL experimented with a few tools and systems. Eventually, the 3PL found out that the shipping features within its HighJump™ WMS offered the right combination of solutions, including:

  • Real-time access to shipping data
  • Deep shipping documentation for reporting
  • Customizations for unique processes


The customizations and flexibility within the WMS simplified Dorel’s onboarding. From a single solution, ASL manages order fulfillment, label printing, and inventory management. And thanks to the shipping and reporting tools there are no blind spots at each step of the process.

Since Dorel partnered with ASL, its seasonal order volume has grown by 70 percent. Thankfully, the 3PL used its WMS to scale its operations to accommodate these spikes.