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ITS Logistics Supports Growth with HighJump™ Enterprise 3PL

The Company

A few years into their 3PL enterprise, the partners in ITS Logistics reexamined their business plan and decided to expand in a new direction. The review had concluded that there were an abundance of broad-based 3PLs located around Northwest Nevada and that if ITS were to focus on a specific market segment, their mid-sized commercial warehousing and transportation operations might well experience a new burst of energy. It did -- and it did...


Shifting its business development efforts to outdoor sports in late 2008, ITS quickly became a specialist in the management and distribution of the biking, skiing, climbing, and fitness products that now represent well over half of its client base, with the percentage continuing to increase.

The HighJump Enterprise 3PL Solution

The company has been technology-oriented from the start, matching solutions to need, says Chief Operating Officer Darryl Bader. But when the company transitioned to HighJump's Enterprise 3PL software and several associated productivity modules, the stage was set for its bold and broad foray into the outdoor sports supply chain.


"The timeframe for achieving this was actually unrealistic, but given the power and flexibility of the HighJump's software, we were able to perform the adjustments for our clients well within the parameters that had been set," Bader says. "HighJump's Enterprise 3PL is the core of our solution; it is not simply another productivity tool."

Key Benefits:

  • In one light manufacturing example, achieved 48-hour fulfillment level through 24/7 assembly process
  • RF-directed pick-and-pack for another client achieved 99.95% shipping accuracy
  • Data on inventory now updated in real time, yielding more than 99% accuracy
  • In one high-volume direct-to-consumer program, maintained 99.7% inventory accuracy and 99.8% shipping accuracy

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ITS Logistics Case Study