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Goggin Streamlines Operations with HighJump™ Enterprise 3PL

The Company

Goggin Warehousing is a Shelbyville, Tennessee-based third party logistics provider with roots in a major southeastern trucking and public warehousing company. Goggin spun off as an independent entity when the trucking operations were sold in the late 1990s. From an initial five warehouses it now has 19 ambient-temperature facilities, operating 10 as full service warehouses serving the automotive, food service, chemicals and building materials industries. It leases the other nine to operating tenants on a long-term basis.


Goggin specializes in vendor-managed inventory, in which has been particularly effective in services to/for its automotive industry customers. Goggin acts as the middleman between inventory owners and ultimate users, one of which services two plants; and a major OEM and aftermarket products manufacturer, for which it services three plants.

The HighJump Enterprise 3PL Solution

Goggin Warehousing initially sought to simplify its warehouse logistics processes using a custom programmed management system that depended on paper slips and manual processes. The software proved inadequate for third party logistics: data integrity issues were a constant, and the system offered no possibilities for customizing processes around customer requirements - something Goggin had determined it must do to grow in the markets that it had selected.


Because the earlier warehouse management solution lacked the ability to assemble and correlate data, Collier lacks specific comparatives to indicate improvements occasioned, at least in part, by the HighJump Enterprise 3PL solution. Nevertheless, the volumes that the company handles on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, fast and with a 99.986 accuracy rate, speak for themselves: Companywide figures for January 2009 showed a combination of 4,379 Bills of Lading and Receipts, representing a total of 34,000,000 pounds in and out and 28,310 lines picked or received. The 250,000-square foot facility, which operates less conventionally than the others, showed the following January 2009 totals:

  • 439 orders
  • 215 receipts
  • 8,786 pick lines
  • 4,865 receipt lines
  • 288,836 cases in
  • 305,904 cases out
  • 6,239,553 pounds in
  • 5,774,168 pounds out

Paradox Avoidance

A business book entitled The Paradox of Excellence so impressed Goggin President Jack Coop that he urged his staff to read and respond to it. The premise: when your company operates at a high level of excellence over time, it can become invisible until a mistake is made. At that point, the mistake is the only thing that is visible, looming far out of proportion. In the book, a mistake nearly costs a trucking company its largest customer, with potentially crippling results."We needed to know how long the company had been around as well as assurance that all of the bugs had been worked out. The HighJump solution ... was well thought of by its users and it offered the features and ease-of-use that we were looking for.""We can hook up from anywhere. We don't need I.T. staff, just a connection and workstations in our warehouses."

Key Benefits:

  • Expandable hosted 3PL solution
  • No I.T. Staff requirements
  • Customizable customer processes
  • FIFO rules enablement
  • RF Directed put away, picking
  • Automated data capture
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • As little as one-hour turnaround
  • Clear, accurate reporting
  • Comprehensive performance tracking

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