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Europa Worldwide Solves Issues With HighJump 3PL Solution

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Based in Suburban London (Erith, Kent), Europa debuted as a transportation/logistics company in 1966 and now operates worldwide, offering complete logistics solutions through seven operating divisions. Together, Europa's warehouses comprise more than 500,000 square feet of racked storage space and all connect to a data center in London over a virtual private network.

Internet Wine Concept

The Internet wine retailer's distinctive approach centers on sourcing wines from vintners across the world, many of them undiscovered, and contracting to purchase all or a defined portion of their output. Some 100,000 online customers pay a monthly fee in exchange for discounts on their purchases, with the retailer using the money to help fund wineries that produce its inventory -- mainly champagne, white, red, rose, and sparkling wines.

Inventory Management

Currently, Europa maintains an inventory level of more than 800 different SKUs for the Internet wine retailer, including the wine itself and various accessory and promotional items. It services the account at its Northampton facility, an 85,000 square foot building with 12,000 pallet rack locations devoted entirely to third party logistics clients. Inbound pallets of wine are stored randomly in racking near their respective fulfillment stations.


HighJump personnel began with preparation of a business process review that identified and clarified Europa's short- and long-term 3PL software requirements. While HighJump's implementation specialist Steve Musson proceeded with warehouse set-ups and the implementation of storage and workflow rules for the first set of Europa clients - several pharmaceutical companies at the Erith site - Solution Architect Roman Melichercik began working on the bond/duty solution, the biggest issue facing the companies.

Results/ Projections

Under the Highjump system, the wine contract is operating smoothly, Keep says, with no capacity problems and allowing the company to charge the client by the number of individual picks - whether wine or auxiliary content.


  • Multiple-warehouse software implementation
  • Solved online UK wine retailer's import duty problem
  • Eliminated wine retailer's warehouse bottlenecks
  • 500 percent throughput increase for wine retailer
  • End-of-day reports to wine retailer
  • Auto-polling for orders; wave management
  • Dramatic reduction in personnel requirements
  • Directed warehouse processes
  • Pricing, billing flexibility; charges-per-touch
  • Seamless EDI communication with client systems
  • Web-based eVista customer inventory visibility
  • Support for long-term business growth

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