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9 Tools to Find a WMS that Optimizes Your Supply Chain


Everything You Need to Kick-Start a Successful Warehouse Management System Project

It’s a weekday morning, and you stroll into an early meeting with your team. You agree it’s time to find a new warehouse management system (WMS)…and the boss wants you to take the lead. The project cannot be put off any longer, you conclude collectively – you had a feeling this moment would come soon. But you’re still left wondering: where to start?

A warehouse management system is a vital piece of technology for any retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer. It enables you to optimize your supply chain, increasing margins and empowering you to better serve customers. Those two factors will help you build the competitive advantage that powers your company’s lasting growth, so you need to nail this decision.

This WMS Project Toolkit will help you answer your most pressing questions as you evaluate numerous solutions, offering insight into differences in functionality, technological architecture, return on investment (ROI), total cost of ownership and more. You need to increase inventory accuracy, labor efficiency and throughput. Scalability to meet peaks and valleys in order volume and comprehensive functionality for your complex requirements is a must. The supply chain execution software you select needs to serve as a long-term solution that will grow and evolve with your operations.

Below is a brief breakdown of each resource included in the WMS Project Toolkit. They are listed in a suggested order as you move through the evaluation process, but move in whatever order makes the most sense for you.

WMS Project Toolkit:
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Guide: 5 Sure-Fire Strategies for Gaining Management Approval of WMS Projects

Before you can enjoy the operational efficiency and savings that a WMS brings, you need to convince the appropriate decision-makers that this is a high-priority project. Are the heads of IT, Finance and Operations onboard? Find five specific steps you can take to demonstrate how a new system will generate positives results for all stakeholders in this white paper.

WMS Savings Calculator

One of the first questions asked when searching for a new WMS is also one of the most important: what will be the ROI of this investment? The WMS Savings Calculator answers that question. You add basic information about labor, order volume and warehouse staff to calculate savings. The ROI is broken down by category (fulfillment, receiving and put-away, etc.) to produce two cumulative totals: a conservative and aggressive estimate of annual savings.

2018 WMS RFP Template

The WMS RFP Template, updated every year, will be one of the most valuable tools as you compare various solutions. It requires minimal work on your end. You simply send it out to different vendors and they answer detailed questions about their company and the functionality, underlying technology and adaptability of their WMS. This will illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of each system and shorten your list of potential vendors.

eBook: How Much Does a WMS Really Cost?

You will find fear-inducing stories about sky-high costs for implementation, upgrades and system modifications as you research the WMS market. This eBook walks you through calculating the true cost of ownership of a WMS, as well as explains what features to look for and what questions to ask to identify a solution that also minimizes opportunity cost.

White Paper: The ERP Warehouse Module vs. Best-of-Breed WMS

You may have already discovered that your ERP provider offers an add-on module for warehousing and fulfillment. It may seem cheaper than a best-of-breed WMS at first glance, and you may think that you just struck gold. But there are key differences regarding functionality, total cost of ownership (TCO) and system architecture when comparing the two solutions. This white paper explores those differences in detail to help you choose the right type of software for your business.

eBook: How to Stop Avoiding Your WMS Project and Embrace Change

People who use the WMS every day often recognize the need for a more adaptable solution but don't take action because they are worried about pushback from leadership and the organizational resources required. That delay hurts revenue and growth. This eBook lays out a standardized approach to change management that will make your project much more feasible, ultimately boosting your organization’s long-term success.

White Paper: 10 Questions to Ask a WMS Vendor Before You Buy

10-Questions-Ask-WMS-VendorIt can be difficult to figure out what separates one supply chain execution solution or vendor from another when there are just a couple of names on the list. These 10 questions allow you to see all vendors through the same lens. The questions cover industry expertise, delivery models, implementation, system adaptability and TCO. Make sure you shed light on all possible challenges with a white paper that provides a 360-degree view of each solution you are considering.

Guide: Questions to Ask a Warehouse Management System Reference

Interviewing a variety of customer references, especially those in your vertical, could lead you to the winner. This guide includes 25 questions to ask WMS customers related to the selection process, implementation, go-live, maintenance, upgrades and system improvements. These questions ensure you understand what you are purchasing and know what it will be like to use this WMS every day.

Warehouse Management System Brochure

The Warehouse Management System Brochure showcases the functionality, technological design and best-in-class flexibility and adaptability of HighJump WMS. This resource highlights the results and efficiency gains you can expect with HighJump WMS, a high-level overview of features, support for clients and more. It is everything you need to know about HighJump’s warehouse management system in one handy document.

Hopefully this WMS Project Toolkit will help you find the vendor and solution that best addresses your unique needs. You can always talk to someone at HighJump by calling 1 (800) 328-3271 or contacting us here. Happy hunting!