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PROFITsystems Adds Over 100 Features and Enhancements to Retail Management System

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
Press Release

Latest release of RETAILvantage contains enhancements requested by home furnishings retailers including new KPI reporting capabilities.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 01, 2016) – PROFITsystems, a HighJump product and leading provider of solutions for home furnishings retailers, today announced the release of new capabilities to its Retail Inventory and Point of Sale Management software, RETAILvantage. Over 100 new features and enhancements have been added to the system as a result of customer feedback regularly collected from users through PROFITsystems’ idea portal, PROFITsystems performance group members and PROFITsystems’ continuous monitoring of the evolving homegoods retail marketplace.

“A year after the implementation of our customer idea portal, we continue to improve our retail management system thanks to the feedback of hundreds of home furnishings retailers,” said Janice Johnson, RETAILvantage product manager. “We’re very proud to continue to serve each of these families by providing incremental features and enhancements that are directly tied to unique needs of the home goods retail market.”

“Having worked with thousands of retailers over 35 years, we know our work is never done. As our clients’ businesses evolve, so does our software to provide more value and solutions to today’s challenges,” said Joanne Gulnac, general manager.

Some of the enhancements included in the latest release of RETAILvantage include:

Tracking capability for purchase order changes: Retailers can now view purchase order history and any changes made to it up until the time it was received.
Traffic counts and opportunity comparisons: RETAILvantage now enables retailers to track and compare both of these KPIs side by side, as well as against other metrics, to identify opportunities for improvement.
Check Stock Availability by Collection: This new feature allows salespeople to easily check the current availability of each item within a collection in real time.
Estimated time of arrival (ETA) tracking: ETA tracking now compares the ETA date on the sale vs. the ETA date on the purchase order, enabling retailers to inform customers of delays or discrepancies in real time.
Payment method report: RETAILvantage now allows retailers to report on specific payment methods used by customers. This information may be used to negotiate credit card rates or other terms with vendors.

All new features and enhancements are now available at no additional cost to all PROFITsystems clients. To learn more about RETAILvantage, visit http://www.profitsystems.com/solutions/retail-pos-software/.

About PROFITsystems, a HighJump product
PROFITsystems is a complete retail management solution for the modern home goods retailer. Key components include enterprise software, consulting, performance groups, advanced education, eCommerce and business intelligence. PROFITsystems features real-time inventory management, customer relations management, point-of-sale, and accounting systems. For additional information on PROFITsystems, please visit their website at: www.profitsystems.com.