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HighJump Partners with Gimme DSD for Retail Execution of the Future

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
Press Release

HighJump Partners with Gimme DSD for Retail Execution of the Future

Partnership creates industry’s only device-agnostic DEX for big three operating systems for grocery direct store delivery

MINNEAPOLIS – February 20, 2019 - HighJump, a global provider of supply chain solutions, today announces its partnership with unattended retail and technology provider Gimme DSD. This strategic partnership enables DEX across Android, Windows and iOS for the first time, empowering mobile delivery for food and beverage companies with the next-generation tools of the connected and automated supply chain of the future.

Consumer demand for delivery convenience, speed, choice and adaptability is on the rise. With this comes greater complexity for the supply chain, particularly for food and beverage companies. Faced with increasingly stringent requirements, it's no longer enough to simply fulfill demand. Companies must anticipate it, predict it and make smarter, faster decisions. HighJump’s partnership with Gimme DSD helps make this a reality.

Combining the capabilities of HighJump with Gimme DSD turns challenges with DEX into opportunities for organizations of all sizes. The partnership includes HighJump’s software solution for management and execution of direct store delivery, OmniTech Sales, and the wireless DEX adapter from Gimme DSD, the Gimme Key. With Gimme DSD, HighJump supports transactions for all major mobile operating systems without the need to charge the DEX device. This provides a truly device-agnostic and cable-free approach to perishable goods delivery for grocery. Staff is empowered with their device of choice, assuring they always have the insight and ability to manage vendor relationships at their fingertips. HighJump also guarantees customer and industry compliance, such as FMSA, and provides a solid, flexible foundation for technology upgrades. Food and beverage companies can truly own their distribution channels - properly tracking and handling perishable goods to meet customer expectations and enhance profitability.

“HighJump has a deep understanding of the perishable goods industry, with decades of customer success in retail execution,” said Derek Curtis, vice president of sales at HighJump. “We’re truly an extension of our customers’ teams – providing the service and innovation to meet their unique needs and achieve their business goals today and beyond.”

“HighJump OmniTech Sales provides perishable food manufacturers the tools they need to optimize their retail execution strategies,” said Alan Kloss, vice president of enterprise sales at Gimme DSD. “By leveraging the Gimme Key with this, field users can select the mobile platform of their choice, meet supplier compliance requirements, and never have to worry about forgetting to recharge DEX batteries again. The team at Gimme DSD has worked with HighJump to bring a sophisticated and flexible solution to the perishable food distribution market that ensures maximum efficiency.”

Existing and prospective customers can learn more at HighJump’s annual user conference, Elevate, March 3-6, 2019 in San Antonio, Texas. Register here.

About Gimme DSD

Gimme makes unattended retail a reality. The company builds award-winning mobility and tracking tools to manage unmanned retail locations, like vending machines and micro-markets, helping their customers increase productivity and profitability. Gimme’s award-winning and patented plug-and-play solution replaces legacy handhelds to deliver valuable data, like purchasing patterns, and provide operators with

better cash accountability, inventory tracking, and machine status data. This translates into fewer stock-outs, faster warehousing and restocking, and streamlined product planning. Gimme’s technology scores each point-of-sale in the network based on the suitability of inventory to consumers on location and helps track what’s happening in the field, where the cash and inventory are, all in real time, without end-of-day downloading, synchronizing, or hand-keying. For more information, visit gimmevending.com or connect with Gimme on https://www.gimmedsd.com/about-the-key

About HighJump

Today’s consumer has ever-higher expectations for purchasing convenience, delivery speed, choice and adaptability. More options for consumers spell greater complexity for the supply chain. It’s no longer enough to fulfill demand – you must anticipate it, predict it and make smarter, faster decisions.

With resources tight and competitive pressure relentless, staying ahead means selecting a technology partner with a proven track record of delivering efficiency and a lower cost of ownership. A partner whose flexible, extensible platform integrates quickly and smoothly with your existing systems. All backed by a team with unmatched warehouse and logistics expertise – working to help you adapt, grow and succeed.

At HighJump, we’re integrating our proven solutions for the warehouse, transportation and logistics ecosystem with emerging technologies – from around our company and around the world – to build the supply chain of the future. Leveraging advanced cloud technology, we can help you ride the wave of data to achieve greater efficiency, uncover actionable insights, and stay ahead of the curve.

HighJump: supply chain of the future. For more information, visit http://www.highjump.com .