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HighJump’s Enterprise Supply Chain Software Suite Now Available with Device-agnostic User Interface

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Press Release

New HTML5 user experience gives executive and operational users full access to supply chain execution functionality on any browser and device

ORLANDO (March 8, 2016) - HighJump, a global provider of supply chain network solutions, today announced at its annual Elevate User Conference that its enterprise suite of products, HighJump Supply Chain Advantage, is now available with a modern web user interface. HighJump Supply Chain Advantage now leverages the HighJump One Platform, a browser- and device-agnostic platform that delivers common user experience and tools across HighJump’s supply chain software ecosystem, including HighJump’s enterprise warehouse management system and in-store fulfillment execution suite.

HighJump One leverages the responsive capabilities of HTML5 to deliver an intuitive, mobile-friendly user experience. The platform adapts its display template to accommodate the physical nuances of tablets, smartphones, desktops, laptops or any other environment. Full functionality is available, enabling operations managers and executive to access information on the go. eLearning and Event Management capabilities ease onboarding and proactive business management.

“Recent studies point out that modern user experience should be learnable, efficient, forgiving and satisfying,” said Ross Elliott, chief strategy officer of HighJump. “With that in mind, we’ve built the HighJump One Platform to deliver a consumer-friendly experience through a broad variety of devices. We want to address the needs of everyone within an organization from the executive to the warehouse worker.”

“The HighJump Supply Chain Advantage platform was developed with adaptability in mind,” said Chad Collins, chief operating officer of HighJump. "For decades, we’ve been enabling enterprises to be agile and adapt business processes as their environment evolves. Making our products accessible from any device, including smartphones and tablets, is a natural extension of that vision.”

The HighJump One Platform also serves as the basis for the next generation experience for HighJump’s WebWise solution. All applications built using HighJump WebWise today enjoy a seamless upgrade process to the HighJump One Platform including mobility.