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Third Party Logistics purpose-built for multi-client operations (multiple facilities spread across geographic regions and language requirements), our Enterprise 3PL is a lifecycle management solution for configuring, supporting, monitoring and managing people, processes and technology, from basic to complex warehouse environments.
Growth- and profit-oriented third party logistics enterprises across the globe that are looking to build powerful competitive differentiators have adopted the solution and adapted it to their unique requirements.

Warehouse Management

Our Enterprise 3PL warehouse management solution enables a high level of configurability for true multi-tenancy (clients, facility, workflows, language). Our third party logistics solution is easy to deploy, with no code changes required; just plug in your profile template and adapt for individual usage scenarios (configure the powerful rules- and roles-based engine).

Benefits of our WMS:

  • High level of end-user configurability
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Hundreds of deployments across the globe

Components of the WMS

  • Inbound logistics
  • Inventory management
  • 3PL value-added service (work orders/special processing)
  • Outbound logistics
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3PL Solutions Brochure

3PL Solutions Brochure

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Workforce Management

Our Enterprise 3PL provides users with a flexible labor management system, enabling enterprises operating in dynamic environments to improve human resource productivity and efficiency within a company or a facility.

  • Increase your employees’ productivity
  • Optimize your warehouse operations
  • Collect employee performance data, compare to benchmarks and set appropriate performance targets
  • Integrate with time and attendance system to get a complete picture of productivity
  • Manage non-productive time and user-defined activities within the RF applications
  • Forecast your workforce requirements based on historical data and projected work volumes
  • Empower your employees with realistic and defined performance expectations

Revenue Assurance Management

The Revenue Assurance Management supports the ever changing needs of each client’s requirements. These changes impact resource usage and you can ensure that you are effectively and automatically billing for every chargeable activity. Unlike other systems, wherein billing is “bolted on” to a distribution WMS, our billing engine is woven into the framework of the application to ensure high compliance with full automation. Once the rules are configured for initial storage and renewal for each client, as well as the handling and special service charges, the system enforces the work activities required for each client, calculates the charges, and accrues them in real-time. As a result billing is simply a by-product of use, rather than a labor-intensive task.

  • Rapid return on investment through reduced labor, improved accuracy, and comprehensive billing
  • Automate your 3PL billing process for each customer and transaction (invoices sent automatically via email)
  • Enable your customers online viewing of their invoices and transaction details
  • Ensure accurate GL allocation and reporting by profit center both within the financial system and the 3PL system
  • Access activity-based revenue and costing
  • Monitor sales metrics by client and revenue category
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4 Ways 3PLs Utilize Technology

4 Ways 3PLs Utilize Technology

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Client Process Assurance Management

Our Client Process Assurance Management enables multi-client operations to manage the user experience on either the RF gun or PC; the system automatically ensures that operators comply with the service-level agreements with your customers.

Client-configurable inventory identifiers:

You are able to create unique, client-specific inventory naming conventions that allow each client to track their inventory using their own terminology (above and beyond multi-language capabilities). This means that Client_A can track (for example) color, size, and style for garments, Client_B by pallet and lot, and Client_C by batch, product, and pallet ID. Further business logic allows for business rules to be attached to these inventory levels for variables such as reporting, billing, and cycle counting, to name a few.

User-configurable workflow:

You can configure workflows unique to any combination of customer, shipper, receiver, and product. This one-time configuration ensures that when receiving or shipping products, the workflow can change depending on these variables, allowing for an almost endless array of possibilities.

Alert management:

Alert notification can be a fully automated process. For example, for inspection upon receipt requirement, failure to any QA question asked of an operator on the RF gun can trigger an alert to be sent — upon certain conditions/thresholds being reached — to pre-defined recipients.

Customer service management:

You can use our Customer Service Management (CSM) system to track and manage your customers’ requests and concerns. Integrated into the application at both the PC and RF gun, the CSM allows your users to enter, update, and track requests and problems. This provides you not only corporate visibility into the costs and time spent on specific customer service issues, but also the ability to invoice for these activities.

On-Demand Self Service Management

Empower your customers with rich and detailed web visibility and control of their inventory under your control.

  • Real-time inventory and historical data on orders (inbound), receipts (outbound), items, and invoices
  • Custom reports created by you (does not require your IT department) using our reporting tool, and published to your customers’ account
  • Automated report (standard or custom) delivery by email scheduled by your customer online
  • Document lookup and retrieval (automatically linked to every transaction) without scanning
  • Online receipt, order entry, and upload for non-EDI equipped customers
  • Your clients can give access to their customers (end-customers), enabling them with visibility into the value chain and reducing time and cost for all stakeholders

What can you do?

  • When your challenges are daunting?
  • When your customers are demanding?
  • When your existing systems are unable to cope?

Our service is designed for high performance outsourced third party logistics teams and mission critical contract third party logistics operations that demand the best-of-breed innovative technology solution.

Our solution suite offers:

  • the quickest time to implement and deploy without any downtime
  • the fastest return on your technology investment
  • the lowest total cost of ownership
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Fundamentals of 3PL Warehousing

Fundamentals of 3PL Warehousing

This white paper will shine the spotlight on what are the fundamental components of a 3PL warehousing technology solution, such as: Inventory allocation engine, Shipping and receiving, Cycle counts, Catch weights, Space optimization, Directed put away, Appointment management, Documents/reporting/EDI

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