Health And Wellness Industry Supply Chain Solutions

Health & Wellness

Supply Chain Solutions for the Health and Wellness Industry

The health and wellness industry covers a lot of territory. You could be in the business of eye drops, vitamins, or MRI machines. Or, maybe you are selling to pharmacies, hospitals, convenience stores, direct-to-consumer (DTC), or all of them. No matter what, your distribution model, customers, and product catalog pose a unique set of problems for your supply chain. We have teamed up with our customers within pharmaceutical, supplement and vitamin, and medical device distribution to solve your unique supply chain challenges:

  • Overseas and domestic supplier integration
  • Process manufacturing integration for receiving finished goods into inventory
  • Complete traceability from cradle-to grave for pharmaceuticals (DSCSA compliance)
  • Serializing high-dollar items and heritage tracking of component parts for medical device distribution
  • LTL shipping, or small-parcel to your inventory and order management
  • Shortening direct-to-consumer shipping windows and providing tracking information to ERP / order management
  • Materials handling and automation integration such as carousels, pick-to-light, RFID, conveyors
  • Rules-based picking direction for expiry management, FIFO/FEFO, and quarantining
  • Itemized reports for expiration to enable effective pricing in accordance with shelf-life
  • Compliance with big-box retail
  • eCommerce / web storefront integration
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