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Powering the food industry from supplier to the customer’s doorstep

Food distributors lacking precise and seamless traceability, lot control, and recall management capabilities jeopardize food safety and put their businesses at risk of compliance failure and legal liability. In addition, they haven’t been isolated from today’s emerging consumer demands for omni-channel commerce, specialized food products, and more convenient delivery options.

Many of today’s best-known food brands trust us for supply chain management and visibility. Why? Because our uniquely adaptable software solutions help food companies like you stay on top of this fast-changing market.

Proven Food Distribution Expertise

From the most successful grocery home delivery services to leading cold-storage 3PL companies, we enable the entire supply chain for the food industry.

We power one of the nation’s most successful grocery home delivery services, including the complete process of fulfilling complex, multi-temperature home delivery orders. We’re also helping emerging online food retailers distribute a wide range of specialty organic products through traditional eCommerce fulfillment models.
As the market leader in warehouse management (WMS) for cold-storage, third-party-logistics companies that play a critical role in food distribution, we bridge inventory and distribution between some of the world’s largest producers and their customers. We also enable the click-and-collect programs at many grocery chains and help ensure end-to-end product traceability for numerous food producers.

Some of our clients include:

Warehouse Management

Get a foundation of best practices plus adaptability tools to build industry-leading business processes.

From food service to specialty distribution and manufacturing, we recognize that each segment has unique shipping, and storage processes. At the very core of it all are lot traceability, FEFO date rotation, and fast turns management. We enable inventory acceleration through the food distribution supply chain for companies within grocery, food service distribution, dairy, bakery, specialty, and more.

We understand the problems such as:

  • High-velocity environments with plenty of aisle congestion
  • Traceability and recall management
  • FEFO rotation and number of days to expiry management
  • Pallet layering / palletization
  • Pick path optimization based on attributes such as weight and dimension
  • Up to the second inventory visibility across the supply chain
  • Route-based wave planning and picking
  • Cold and Dry Storage rules
  • Quality inspection for shipments including truck temperature and spoilage
  • Flexible order validation either interactive or at shipment staging
  • Retail compliance for confection and specialty food distribution
  • Waving orders / picks based on combo or reefer truck loading
  • Integrated freight management for small parcel, LTL, Consolidation for FTL spot rates
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Warehouse Management

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In-Store Fulfillment

Optimize in-store fulfillment processes to meet customer demands while increasing profitability.

The current multi-channel environment poses opportunity as well as challenges for food retailers. Our in-store fulfillment capabilities address the shift to a multi-channel marketplace and enable you to effectively fulfill and ship e-commerce orders from your store.

Key benefits include:

  • Enable brick-and-mortar retail stores as an extension of your warehouse
  • Click-and-collect enabling omni-channel for grocery and convenience stores
  • Manage and sequence complex fulfillment staging across pick zones, including temperature-sensitive control to maintain freshness
  • Manage the efficient and accurate hand-off to customers for in-store pick-up environments
  • Provide real-time store inventory information with integration to order management, store replenishment, supply chain planning, POS, planogram, and ERP systems for quality customer service and supply chain efficiency
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In-Store Fulfillment

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