Beverage Industry Supply Chain Management Solutions

​Supplier to Store Shelf Traceability for the Beverage Industry

HighJump Software offers advances solutions and capabilities to clients in the beverage industry, delivering real-time visibility of critical information.

What path do the components in your food and beverage products travel before ending up on the store shelf? Do you know exactly where every pallet of tomatoes, every sack of flour and every can of beer or soda came from and where it is now? Could you trace the exact path of a product in the event of a recall?

Beverage distributors lacking precise and seamless beverage traceability, lot control and recall management capabilities jeopardize safety and put their businesses at risk of compliance failure and legal liability.
Many of today’s best-known food and beverage brands trust HighJump for supply chain management and visibility. Why? Because HighJump supports the requirements of the food and beverage industry with advanced inventory management capabilities and real-time visibility to critical information from the supplier to the store shelf, and all locations in-between. This level of material and inventory control allows our customers to focus energies on expanding their businesses and building new efficiencies into their processes.

Key Features for the Beverage Industry

  • Granular, configurable lot/batch/expiration date management
  • Traceability and recall management
  • Web-based collaboration and global inventory visibility
  • Ease of collaboration with suppliers, co-packers and distributors
  • Mobile delivery solutions
  • Support for changing compliance requirements
  • Integrated RFID capabilities
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