Supply Chain Solutions for Apparel and Footwear Retailers

Apparel Supply Chain & Footwear Supply Chain Solutions

Adaptable Supply Chain Solutions that Help You Stand Out in an Increasingly Competitive Marketplace

The apparel and footwear industry is no longer dominated by a select group of large retailers with hundreds of brick-and-mortar stores. As online shopping became popular, a number of smaller, specialty retailers entered the market. These newcomers typically specialize in a particular type of clothing or shoe, offer customers something unique or capitalize on a new model (i.e., clothing rental or a subscription service).

The only way to thrive in such a competitive environment is to differentiate. You must offer customers something they cannot find elsewhere, whether it be the product, price or experience. Everyone in this industry – whether an established, big-name retailer or a new and nimble eCommerce shop – must find creative ways to make first-time customers returning customers.

HighJump’s highly adaptable warehouse management system (WMS) gives apparel and footwear businesses the freedom to evolve and differentiate. It empowers you to better serve clients and break into new selling and distribution channels that increase the top and bottom line.

Boot Barn Logo“After opening our state-of-the-art facility last year, we sought a WMS that was just as innovative as our new distribution center. We required a highly flexible solution because, like any apparel retailer, our product and product lines are dynamic so we need flexibility in how we operate throughout the supply chain.”
Donald Petersen, Vice President of Supply Chain and Logistics, Boot Barn

Adaptability You Need to Compete

Configure your WMS to meet changing business requirements

Sticking with the status quo is not enough to succeed. Apparel and footwear retailers need to keep prices low while providing excellent customer service, so they must find ways to cut down the price of fulfilling each order. That may include changing business processes, and HighJump WMS does not require custom code to execute those adjustments – your team can take care of it.

Our WMS is future-proof because you can continuously adapt it to meet shifting requirements. You can counter shrinking margins with new, more efficient workflows that positively impact your operating costs and ensure that you hit your customer service commitments.

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Learn More About HighJump WMS

Learn More About HighJump WMS

How does HighJump WMS stack up against the competition? Learn about the functionality of our solution and why this is the last WMS you will ever buy.

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Built for Any and All Order Types

Fulfill wholesale, eCommerce and drop-ship orders seamlessly

Apparel and footwear companies today must handle a variety of order types, each one bringing its own obstacles. Wholesale orders to large retailers bring detailed labeling and packaging requirements, with strict shipping windows that must be met to avoid dreaded vendor chargebacks and damaged relationships. ECommerce shoppers can now place orders anytime and anywhere with the promise of same-day shipping, mandating hyper-efficient picking, packaging and shipping processes. Drop-ship orders can come in through customer or partner websites but require the warehouse to pack and ship the order as if it had been fulfilled from the originating company. Even traditional fulfillment by retailers to their brick-and-mortar stores has evolved as ship-to-store programs have grown more popular.

HighJump WMS allows you to configure your processes and order flow differently for each order type. Suddenly, managing all these orders from one distribution center seems reasonable.

Ready to Handle Fluctuating Order Volumes

Create different processes to accommodate peaks and valleys in orders

The number of orders your warehouse will process on any given day is more unpredictable than ever before. Day-to-day and even hour-to-hour spikes are now the norm. If you run a big online or in-store sale, the number of shipments leaving the warehouse will probably shoot up. HighJump WMS has the scalability to keep up with frequent peaks and valleys.

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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Supply Chain Network?

The warehouse remains an invaluable part of the supply chain, but suppliers and brick-and-mortar stores should be leveraged to better execute omnichannel retail fulfillment.

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Are You Taking Full Advantage of Your Supply Chain Network?

Satisfy Ever-Rising Customer Expectations

Deliver products as quickly as possible, streamline returns

Footwear and apparel pose unique challenges. For example, it’s common for consumers to buy the same shoe in multiple sizes, try them all on and send back the sizes that don’t fit. The same goes for clothing – the home has become the new fitting room. Additionally, customers may purchase a product online but expect to be able to return it at a store, or vice versa.

Processing a growing number of returns requires a streamlined process. HighJump WMS will handle these reverse logistics so you always have up-to-date inventory information and can provide customers what they want.

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Download our WMS Brochure

Download our WMS Brochure

Learn how our WMS adapts to your unique business needs, provides rapid warehouse optimization and seamlessly integrates with your ERP and eCommerce platforms.

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Turn Stores into Fulfillment Centers

Leverage your brick-and-mortar assets to save on shipping

What if your retail stores served as an extension of your DCs? HighJump’s in-store fulfillment solution will do just that. The system captures detailed information at the item level at each store for better inventory visibility. It guides store associates through the picking process, including possible substitutions, reducing the errors common in apparel and footwear due to countless sizes and styles. That also optimizes your employees’ time to minimize labor costs and ensure the item is ready when the customer arrives to pick it up.

Fulfilling from a store may be cheaper and is often more convenient for the customer. Ultimately, it helps you provide the exceptional customer service necessary to excel.

One Unified Supply Chain Platform

Grow with a flexible, integrated supply chain execution suite

WMS is only one (critical) piece of the equation for an apparel or footwear retailer reconstructing its supply chain for this evolving, super-competitive climate. HighJump is a partner who provides a complete supply chain execution platform that positions your company for success with the expertise to assemble complementary solutions (i.e., parcel execution, yard and labor management) in a way that will drive a quick return on investment. HighJump develops solutions for the modern marketplace with a constant eye to the future.

Success Story: Quiksilver

Success Story: Quiksilver

Apparel retailer leans on flexibility of HighJump WMS to design processes that resolve business challenges, sees big efficiency gains.

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Success Story: Moosejaw

Success Story: Moosejaw

Omnichannel apparel and outdoor retailer delivers better customer service, saves on labor after implementing HighJump WMS in the Cloud.

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