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Automotive And Aerospace. Learn To Achieve A Lean Environment In The Aerospace And Automotive Industries.

Achieve a Lean Environment in the Aerospace and Automotive Industries

In highly regulated industries such as aerospace and automotive, attention to detail is critical to help ensure stringent requirements for product quality and deadlines are met. Your ability to achieve a lean environment in which you have visibility to and control over these details is where competitive advantage often resides. We partner with leading aerospace and automotive companies to improve efficiency and cost-reduction efforts, such as:

  • Support of lean manufacturing initiatives by including inventory management capabilities within manufacturing
  • Initiating supplier re-orders based on demand signals
  • Compliance with industry requirements for quality, product tracking, safety, and recall management
  • Integrated RFID, including asset tracking
  • Quality assurance and inspection
  • Electronic Kanban
  • Managing a large product catalog / SKU proliferation
  • Customer OEM parts packaging
  • Core stratification and remanufacturing
  • Wave planning and small order pick optimization to reduce picker travel
  • Serialized inventory tracking
  • EDI / ASN integration
  • eCommerce and EDI - moving from catalog and retail business to mobile and eCommerce
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