What Is Direct Store Delivery? What Are DSD Software Solutions?

What is direct store delivery? Control and management over your product

What is direct store delivery? Direct store delivery is a way for manufacturers to maintain consistent control over the state and quality of their products.

What is direct store delivery? Direct store delivery is a way for manufacturers to maintain consistent control over the state and quality of their products. This type of delivery allows for a manufacturer to keep quality control over each step of their products creation, storage, shipping, and delivery. Because this minimizes inventory loss – which costs businesses billions each year – direct store distribution is becoming increasingly popular. When asking what is direct store delivery, businesses can find solutions to save costs, minimize loss, and maintain important quality control in a customer-centric market. But how? Switching from a manufacturing-only operation can be difficult. Shipping and storage that were once handled by third-party shippers and separate facilities can suddenly become the responsibility of the production plant. This shift requires big changes from your employee base and even bigger changes in your organizational system. Fortunately, distribution software can not only ease this transition but can also make your direct store distribution goals possible. With HighJump you gain access to powerful delivery management software and warehouse control that is scaled to your needs.

Setting your direct store distribution goals

Before you transition into a direct store delivery format, you must understand: what is direct store delivery? For manufacturers, direct store delivery is the process of creating goods, storing goods, and delivering them to retailers without the use of a third-party or intermediary shipper. Traditionally, many manufacturers eschewed this process, instead relying on a separate shipping company to pick up, transport, and deliver completed products. However, changes in today’s markets have changed how manufacturing and distribution work. With the use of direct store delivery software, companies can now take charge of their own supply chain line to improve overall quality assurance. When asking what is direct store delivery, you must ensure that your company has the necessary pieces in place to accomplish this new model of supply chain distribution. You will need warehouse space, delivery vehicles, and delivery management software to help keep track of the movement of goods and client needs. Before ever taking the steps to transition, establish what your goals are for direct store delivery. Do you want faster turn-around of products? More control over your inventory? A better client relationship? This pre-planning step is critical to determining what you will need to set up your direct store delivery system.

Establishing your delivery management software needs

Once you have determined what your goals are for your direct store delivery transition, you will need to establish your current warehousing plan versus your needs to meet those goals. Many manufacturers already have some warehousing features in existence to store completed goods before shipper distribution. This warehousing establishment may be enough or you may need to consider expansion. Most likely, your existing warehouse space can serve you well if you choose the right wholesale distribution software to help you organize operations. You may already have some delivery options in trucking available to you as well. Again, however, distribution software can help maintain and improve these operations. Many manufacturers, however, do not have an existing set up to see real-time data of product distribution and client specifications. Unlike straight manufacturing, this piece is critical when asking what is direct store delivery? Why? Because successful supply chain management in the modern world relies on a steady stream of information that allows you to track the flow of products and your client satisfaction. Without this step, your customers are left out of the loop and out of the process – a critical business mistake in this technological error. The analysis step from “where you are” to “goals” is critical to establishing what steps you will need to take to successfully deliver product to your clients with direct store distribution.

Powerful tools to keep product moving with wholesale distribution software

With HighJump delivery management software, you gain access to powerful tools to help manage product both in the warehouse and in the delivery process. Your warehouse will need strong organization and accurate methods of sorting and storing product. HighJump distribution software allows you to barcode items for quick retrieval of information. This allows employees to quickly scan and correctly store product as it comes off the production line. Since poorly stored goods are a major source of inventory loss, this step remains critical for successful warehousing implementation. Even if you are dealing with multiple layers of product storage specifications, HighJump direct store delivery software can assist. Multiple client or product profiles allow for different information and settings, ensuring that each carton and pallet are correctly handled and stored every time. With tiered settings, your warehouse workers can see pertinent storage and shipping details. Meanwhile, your managers can have full access to manage loads and see the detailed – and sometimes confidential – information they need to manage the flow of the warehouse.

More than just warehouse tools with direct store delivery software

HighJump’s powerful tools extend out of the warehouse as well. Delivery management software allows for easy management of truck loads, tracking of shipments, and even fleet management. With HighJump wholesale distribution software your goods can be tracked from the time they leave the production line to the time they reach your client’s door. Load management becomes simpler and easier, with clients kept in the loop on delivery status. Our cloud-based web interface simplifies the “what is direct store delivery?” question by allowing clients to see where goods are in transit and in the shipping process. Instead of wasting numerous employee hours sorting and tracking the flow of goods, let HighJump wholesale distribution software assist instead.

When asking “what is direct store delivery?” keep it customer-centered

Technological advances and the rise of omni-channel purchasing has changed the way that all commerce works. This is equally true of direct store distribution and supply chain management. Consumers, now used to being able to make purchases at any hour and at previously unknown speeds, are now demanding a more customer-centered experience for their shopping. Shipping options, delivery options, and customization are the new gold standards. Many consumers want a shopping experience that is tailored to their needs and work with companies who can provide this type of service. Brand loyalty and customer loyalty to a given name are now largely based on how well a company can provide this level of customized service. Because of this, when asking “what is direct store delivery?” part of your answer must be “customer-centered.”

To keep your manufacturing – and now delivery – process customer-centered, however, requires the right tools. HighJump delivery management software can assist with this in several ways. First, customer interface allows your buyers to keep track of their goods and shipments, providing – should you choose – numerous delivery options and ways to interact with information on shipments. This real-time interface allows for better client and consumer communication and more client satisfaction.

Secondly, HighJump direct store delivery software allows you to see data of your entire process to keep track of trends and shipping and manufacturing needs. While data analysis was always possible in the supply chain industry, the advent of distribution software has made data analysis timelier and more important than ever. With real-time images of how goods are being stored, what inventory is moving, and what inventory is simply taking up space, you can make more informed decisions about your supply chain process. With HighJump wholesale distribution software, your entire supply chain and inventory process becomes transparent. Popular goods become readily visible, letting you keep up with production and shipping. Meanwhile, less popular products can be phased out to make room for new innovations for your consumer base. Look at the data with HighJump direct store delivery software and make real-time decisions that can not only improve your efficiency, but also increase your consumer base.

Wholesale distribution software designed to fit your plans

One element of expansion that sometimes keeps manufacturers from extending production into direct store distribution is the cost of transitioning to a new business model and setting up new software. Many companies offer distribution software for manufacturers who are asking what is direct store delivery? However, most companies offer a prescribed solution to what they view as a consistent set of goals and builds. With HighJump wholesale distribution software, we take a different approach. First, you establish your goals and areas of critical need in setting up your direct store distribution process. From there, our consultants work with you to establish what is direct store delivery vision? Then, examine HighJump’s line of software solutions for the tools that will work for you.

Our delivery management software is modular and ready to go out-of-the-box, but you get to choose where you want to start and what areas of your warehouse are in the most critical need. This scalable system lets you get started on your supply chain transition immediately, without overloading your company, your goals, your employees, or your budget. You can choose direct store delivery software solutions that meet your areas of critical need now, all while planning to expand and improve your software solutions later as your business grows. With HighJump direct store delivery software your budget and goals remain paramount instead of prioritizing the plans of the software engineer.

Multiple methods of installation for more flexibility in direct store distribution

A critical part of asking “what is direct store delivery?” is determining how your supply chain solutions will work in your existing structure. HighJump delivery management software offers two main ways to update your supply chain process from straight manufacturing to a direct delivery system. For companies with more base capital and a larger growth plan, direct install server options are popular. This option allows your HighJump wholesale distribution software to be directly installed at your location on your own servers and with your own computing power. This option provides a great deal of expansion and growth potential for your business. However, direct installations can take more time, require more setup, and are typically more costly. However, they do provide the ultimate in distribution software computing power for companies concerned with long-term expansion and analytics power.

For companies who want a more flexible, cost-effective start for their direct delivery changeover, cloud-based solutions make an ideal direct store delivery software choice. With cloud-based solutions, your employees can gain access to the same powerful software tools on a remote server. Simply have employees log in to the cloud HighJump interface to access information with any internet-enabled device. Data remains safely and securely stored and your computers don’t have the burden of running another program. What cloud services lack in direct computing and analysis power, they make up for in flexibility and cost. Without maintaining your own IT team or servers, cloud solutions offer you access to HighJump’s powerful tools anywhere and anytime. Many companies choose to make the manufacturing to direct delivery transition using cloud-based solutions.

Regardless of which installation option you choose, HighJump remains able to be integrated with your existing computers and even most popular accounting software. This flexibility allows you to maintain your budget and growth plan, all without sacrificing the critical areas of growth you need. If you have been considering taking on more quality control for your product lines, it may be time to stop letting third-party shippers handle your goods. Instead, use HighJump to keep track of product, analyze data, and answer the question: what is direct store delivery and how can it help my business grow?

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