Third-party logistics operations know their software needs are different

Third-party logistics operations know that their software needs are different

Our third-party logistics solutions streamline inventory movement and placement by providing detailed analytics and overviews of your transportation management systems.

If you own or manage a third-party logistics warehouse and shipping operation, you know that your organizational needs just aren’t the same as other shipping companies. Manufacturers may work with multiple clients but ultimately, have a fairly limited range of inventory and stock specific to their production type. Retailers have tremendous amounts of inventory but they don’t need to send those goods back out in bulk again. Only third-party logistics providers have to deal with large amounts of varying types of inventory while also managing to bring in and send out these goods in an efficient and accurate manner. As transportation management systems go, this is no small task.

It can be a challenge to keep track of all these facets, while managing employees at various levels of experience. On top of that, trying to keep clients happy can seem like climbing a mountain. Add to this, traditional methods of 3pl WMS systems aren’t equal to the task and are slow, complicated, inaccurate, or a combination of all three problems. Paper systems are no better, with numerous forms required and hours upon hours of lost time. What’s the solution? If you are looking for 3pl solutions, you need a computerized software solution that helps provide accuracy and clarity to your processes, lets you accurately track inventory, and provides a reliable way to keep up with ever-changing client demands. Even traditional cloud WMS systems won’t work because you need a solution specifically suited to third-party logistics.

Enter HighJump 3pl software. HighJump offers a flexible fit for warehouse management that can be tailored to provide not only the solutions that a third-party operator needs, but the solutions that you specifically need for your company. Whether you want to improve order accuracy, keep better security of information, or simply open up your client interface, HighJump transportation management systems have tools that you can use to streamline and improve your entire supply chain process.

Flexible fit lets your 3pl software meet your needs

Many companies hesitate to upgrade their third-party logistics software because not all software is created equal. Software engineers are responsible for condensing frequently requested tools and modules into a software package that works for most shipping operations. For some companies – particularly large corporations – this system works well as they have the ability to have input into these designs and the money to get what they need from the software program. Medium-sized and smaller companies, however, may be left in a lurch by these “big box” transportation management systems. Simply put, you need powerful tools but you may not need everything a larger company requires or need them at the same capacity. Meanwhile, other tools might be more important to maintain your profit margin, where a large corporation does not require as much oversight.

To solve this disjoint, you need 3pl solutions that can be fit to your company’s vision, growth plan, needs, and budget. At HighJump, we don’t assume that our software designers know more about your company than you do. We build solid, usable software that can be customized to fit your specific cloud WMS software needs. This doesn’t mean that you need to spend hours designing your own program. Simply work with our consultants to discuss your current operations and identify your areas of weakness and your strengths. From there, we’ll suggest a software package or modules that will meet your 3pl software needs. Choose your installation options and fit everything in your budget and you are ready to go. Our software is so easy to use and install that many companies install it and get rolling on their own.

Install HighJump on-site or use cloud WMS options

Third-party logistics operations have two main options for installation with HighJump 3pl software. The first option is an on-site installation that provides you with maximum computing power and maximum flexibility. With an on-site system, you maintain your own software and servers, typically with the use of your own IT team. Data is stored in-house, providing you with the maximum in computing efficiency for when you need serious analysis of your transportation management systems. Cloud-based solutions, however, are another popular option for your HighJump install. With a cloud WMS, you still have access to the same powerful HighJump tools and the same data processing, however maintenance of the program and storage of data is completed off site with a server hosting provider. This installation option has the added benefit of not needing your own IT team to maintain – a money saving option for many 3pl solutions companies. Computing with a cloud WMS may be marginally less powerful, however the flexibility of this solution makes it a popular choice with many third-party shippers. Why?

With cloud- or remote-based 3pl WMS solutions, your employees can log in anywhere at any time. All they need is an internet capable device and they can access warehouse operations, inventory data, and logistics data from the warehouse or remotely. While this is efficient for in-warehouse use, cloud features shine in the third-party logistics setting. Employees consulting with clients remotely or on travel can access the same analytics and information that they could reach while in the office. Imagine your shipping representative being able to tell a client where his cartons are from a personal meeting at a conference. Cloud-based solutions can make your transportation management systems efficient and globally mobile as well as cost-effective.

Get the tools you need to make your operations work with 3pl software

With flexible installation options and customizable software, there is little need to hold back from upgrading your transportation management systems for better performance. Before you do, however, consider what tools you need. Third-party logistics operators most commonly need hefty inventory solutions and client management solutions for their warehouses. Combatting inventory loss is another primary concern because inventory loss is one of the leading causes of dented profits in the supply chain field. With billions of dollars lost each year – primarily due to misplaced and poorly stored items – it is critical that any 3pl software assist in reducing inventory loss. Many HighJump users report a reduction in inventory loss of up to 85% with an over 99% inventory accuracy rate. How?

HighJump’s barcoding systems allow you to clarify and clearly label the goods coming into and going out of your warehouse system. With a single-point data entry system, clerical errors and mislabeling are vastly reduced. Barcode scanning then delivers the same, consistent information to all employees so that cartons get placed correctly and stored correctly by manufacturer specifications. Particularly for food distribution, this is a critical step that ensures all inventory is kept at the right temperature, humidity, and location. Additionally, this 3pl software system lets employees keep better track of where inventory cartons are located within the overall warehouse structure for better picking and more efficient processing of orders. Warehouses utilizing cloud WMS systems gain an added benefit by being able to access this information throughout the warehouse on portable devices instead of being tied to one central station.

Barcoding also serves your client’s needs, keeping your warehouse functionality client-centered in a consumer world where service and real-time tracking have become the gold standard. Scanned goods can be easily tracked through an online interface by your clientele, keeping both manufacturers and recipients in the loop and ready to send or receive goods. HighJump 3pl solutions help maintain order integrity and client demands, ensuring that all of your employees get the pertinent information for each order, load shift, and packing restriction. You can even set tiered levels of access. Dock workers can receive the critical packing information they need while your warehouse managers get a full few of the transportation management systems in play.

HighJump 3pl solutions further streamlines your inventory movement and placement by providing you detailed analytics and overviews of your entire transportation management systems. You can see which areas of your storage facilities and processes are working well and which are delaying shipments, to target areas of improvement. With powerful third-party logistics data readily available in real-time, your decision-making process can become proactive instead of reactive. While shipping data has always been part of the 3pl WMS process, analysis has often come after the fact, leaving critical slowdowns and problems to fester and clutter the system. With HighJump cloud WMS you can proactively view problems and resolve them in process, all while modifying systems and actions for future benefit.

EDI-enabled 3pl WMS software is a must have for third-party shipping

Third-party logistics clients often require the presence of EDI, or electronic data interchange, to conduct business with a shipper today. While not always the case, electronic data interchange as part of your 3pl software can help streamline processes, improve efficiency, and raise the speed of order processing to improve your bottom line. What is EDI? EDI is the process by which two computers, through the use of specified codes, complete specified tasks or transactions without the intermediary of an employee. For example, an EDI-enabled code is scanned when a shipment leaves your warehouse. An invoice can be automatically generated by the computer and sent to your client, whose computer receives the invoice, processes the invoice for updated inventory, and then automatically pays the invoice. Your computer receives and then processes the payment. This example includes the use of several EDI codes embedded into your 3pl WMS system. EDI improves accuracy as clerical errors are virtually eliminated. Most importantly, however, EDI improves efficiency and processing time for routine paperwork tasks that used to take numerous employees hours. With EDI-enabled 3pl solutions orders are processed fully and more efficiently than ever before.

What good is a client interface in your 3pl WMS?

While keeping clients in the loop on when their order ships might seem part of the general process of the warehouse now, it is a critical component in today’s shipping world. Customer-centered services often make or break brand loyalty and shipper loyalty. If your third-party logistics operation can’t keep customers and clients informed, another business will certainly try. That’s why HighJump 3pl WMS systems focus on complete integration with your existing software and provide useful tools for keeping your clientele and manufactures apprised of every step of the warehouse process. With remote access cloud WMS interfaces, your clients can log in anytime and anywhere and see how their order is progressing. This improves knowledge on their end and efficiency on your end. Your employees no longer have to spend countless hours updating recipients on their shipment status. Your trucks no longer have to wait for dock crews that didn’t know they were arriving. Your manufacturers can see their goods moving throughout the supply chain system. HighJump 3pl solutions provide both efficiency and complete transparency.

Even for users looking for non-3pl solutions, HighJump provides the shipping and inventory management tools that you need to run a warehouse operation efficiently and cost-effectively. Particularly for operations that need 3pl WMS, however, HighJump is the key to taking your third-party operations to the next level. Easy inventory management, client interface, and accuracy statistics through the roof are just a few of the reasons that HighJump’ flexible applications are valuable to the third-party shipper. For third-party logistics solutions that you can trust, contact HighJump today.