The Importance Of Inventory Management Software Solutions

The importance of inventory management in your business model

Good inventory software can help improve your inventory management, providing clarity and efficiency to a complicated and complex system.

No matter what type of discrete product you work with or transport, inventory management is a critical portion of any supply chain management system. For manufacturers, keeping control of inventory is critical to making profit and not wasting storage space on unpopular items or losing inventory to incorrect storage. For third party shippers, inventory control provides a critical manner of maintaining client satisfaction while juggling the needs and demands of numerous clients. Beyond these two business types, hybrid retailers combine the best of sales and warehousing but still require an inventory control system – a concept that may be unfamiliar coming from a strict retail background. Whether you are an old hat at the supply chain management game or a newcomer branching into expanded retail options, having an inventory management system that works for you is critical to success in the discrete goods sector.

Fortunately, good inventory software can help improve your inventory management, providing clarity and efficiency to a complicated and complex system. Whether you are a smaller business trying to grow or a larger company with new concerns raised in your warehouse system due to recent expansion, inventory control software is one of the key ways to help manage your storage and shipping solutions. Software can add efficiency, accuracy, and clarified data and history to your processes. HighJump offers the best in flexible inventory tracking software to suit any business size. With modular construction and customizable tools, HighJump inventory control system works with your needs and your budget. Instead of trying a one size fits all inventory software model, consider HighJump, designed to meet the specifications of your warehouse and supply chain management needs. Regardless of your business type, we offer necessary solutions to your warehousing problems.

Critical storage and shipping concerns require inventory software

For some companies, proper storage and shipping of items is of absolute importance. Inventory loss costs discrete product companies billions of dollars each year and much of this loss comes from misplaced or improperly stored and shipped product. Nowhere is this truer than in the food and beverage industry, where careful packing, temperature, and moisture control are musts for produce, dry goods, and numerous other food-based items. One mislabeled carton or pallet and you may start losing thousands in spoiled produce or carbonated beverages that exploded in too much heat. In these situations, inventory tracking software can become even more critical a part of your supply chain process.

Before making your inventory management software purchasing decisions, evaluate what your business needs are. Aligning your purchase and solutions to your goals will be beneficial in the long run. For food and beverage distributors, keeping careful track of shipping and storage requirements for all of your inventory is likely a crucial need, for example. For some companies, however, easy access to inventory counts and analytics may be a priority. Regardless of what your identified areas of need are, HighJump can assist with cloud inventory management software to help.

The inventory control tools you need to keep your warehouse moving

HighJump inventory control system makes accurate inventory management simple and easy. Integrated barcoding systems allow for quick item scanning and improved information distribution throughout the entire warehouse and shipping process. With one quick scan, your employees can see packing, storage, and picking information for any carton or pallet. This is particularly critical in food distribution when speedy and accurate refrigeration can be a major concern to avoid spoilage. Incoming cartons are scanned, storage information is retrieved, and cartons are placed correctly. When shipments are being prepared, the process works in reverse, with scanning providing the correct picking location for workers. For third-party shippers, this can be particularly valuable as your clients may all have individual requirements for packing and shipping. HighJump inventory tracking software system increases the efficiency and accuracy with which goods are moved through your warehouse and supply chain. Many HighJump users report an inventory accuracy of over 99% after integration of HighJump inventory software. This dramatically reduced rate of inventory loss makes your return on investment a sure thing.

Analytics with the power to change your inventory control operation

HighJump inventory management tools also provide you with the analytics you need to make better business decisions. With easily generated reports and big picture views that show the entire warehousing process, you can see exactly how goods move, flow, enter, and leave the warehouse. For users who extend inventory software offerings into dispatch, your trucks can become part of the picture too. This clear and concise ability to see all of your inventory movement allows you to make better, more informed decisions. Best of all, these critical reports aren’t done after the fact. Traditional inventory management strategies often examined numbers and movement long after the fact. With HighJump inventory software, you get up-to-the-minute views that let you proactively solve problems and access data in real-time. Instead of waiting to solve a problem weeks after it occurs, make your supply chain an interactive and up-to-date process with real-time analytics and problem-solving inventory tracking software.

Cloud inventory management software that’s great for the retailer too

For some companies, a foray into inventory management and warehousing and shipping are completely new experiences. With the advent of consumer-centered shopping, the entire face of commerce has changed. Customers are now educated about the products they wish to purchase and, moreover, want an experience that is tailored to their needs and desires. Brand loyalty is now based on service and an attachment to the culture of a company rather than just a fair price. Because of this, many retailers are finding that they need to expand into warehousing options to provide more purchasing solutions for customers who want items shipped or who order online. This can be done on an individual store basis or, for small chains, several retail stores may draw from a central hub to mail orders or supply other stores in the chain with needed goods. As retailers expand in this way, they are more often in need of inventory tracking software, as simple “on the shelf” counts no longer suffice for accurate order fulfillment.

Without a good inventory control system, this hybrid warehouse and retailer company may struggle significantly. A standard retail model is no longer enough to fulfill the needs of this type of business but tracking multiple layers of inventory movement and storage can be overwhelming. HighJump inventory management software can help by offering overall pictures of inventory counts, client tracking information, and even interfaces for clients to view shipping and selection details. With HighJump inventory software, retail hybrid models can move beyond the face of “what’s on the shelf” with their customers.

EDI enabled cloud inventory management software that meets your needs

For many warehouse and shipping companies, EDI, or electronic data interchange, is becoming a requirement to conduct business. Fortunately, HighJump cloud inventory management software is completely EDI enabled, allowing you to integrate this valuable feature into your existing warehousing system. EDI works with the use of special codes, built into common paperwork tasks that are typically routed through computers. The code triggers a direct communication and action from computer to computer, allowing for immediate processing of the given task. For example, a shipment that is being sent out may send an EDI code to the receiving client’s computer with a generated invoice. The receiving computer could then, with another code, automatically pay that invoice. All of this process occurs with the use of cloud inventory management software and does not require the intervention of an employee. This makes EDI unlike electronic mail or electronically sent invoices which still need to be processed by workers. EDI is extremely fast, and automates and speeds up many of the routine billing paperwork pieces used in inventory control. This system is efficient and also increases accuracy as clerical errors are reduced with computer communication. Because of its efficiency and speed, electronic data interchange is becoming a required service that many large manufacturing clients look for in their warehousing and shipping process.

Flexible inventory control with powerful solutions

With all this flexibility and application to numerous business types, how does HighJump inventory management software meet all of your individual needs? Unlike pre-packaged software suites that offer a generic set of tools designed to meet the needs of numerous types of supply chain and inventory control companies, HighJump inventory control system can be designed to meet your needs. Our modular construction allows you to work with our consultants to determine your areas of critical need in your inventory control system. From there, we suggest software tools that address those areas. There’s no need to buy a big box program that has extra pieces you’ll never use or that don’t fit your business model. Instead, you get what you need, when you need it. This modular construction also allows HighJump inventory software to be expanded at a later time. In short, you take our ready-to- go software and pick the pieces that will work for you. In this way, the retailer hybrid business gets the same level of service and inventory tracking software quality as the food distributor – even though their needs may be vastly different.

Cloud inventory management software or site-based installation, you pick

With flexible design comes flexible installation. HighJump inventory control system knows that you can’t have your business down for weeks or even days. In supply chain management and inventory control, lost time is lost money. Our installation process is so simple many of our clients install their inventory tracking software themselves. HighJump offers two main options for software installation. The first is a powerful, in-house option using your own computers and servers to maintain and store data. This option is best for companies with large growth potential and an existing strong technology infrastructure. If your company has an IT team already, on-site installations may be a wonderful option for your management software solutions.

For most small-sized companies, however, employee costs are a lynchpin of budget control, and affording a new computer infrastructure and a full IT team is out of the budget. For companies that still need inventory tracking software, HighJump cloud inventory management software is the ideal solution. With cloud-based installation, you get the same access to powerful inventory control system tools but without the hassle and maintenance of needing to maintain and upkeep your own servers, computers, and software. With HighJump cloud inventory management software, your employees log into your established system, stored on outside computers, and access the data and tools that they need. Cloud-based solutions are excellent for smaller companies because they save money on internal resources and on installation. Cloud inventory management software is also an ideal solution for companies that have employees that travel but still need to access the software system remotely. All that is required is an internet-enabled device, and your staff is set to see how the warehouse is working from afar.

Whatever your business type or your critical inventory control needs, HighJump has the solutions you want to make your supply chain more automated and efficient. From inventory analytics for the manufacturer to streamlined item tracking for the third-party shipper, HighJump fits numerous business models without breaking your budget. As a leader in the warehouse management software industry, trust us to present the solutions you need to prevent stagnation and being left behind in this modern world of electronic commerce. If you are looking to improve your bottom line and reduce inventory loss, contact HighJump about inventory management systems today.