Supply Chain Management | The Changing Landscape

The Changing Landscape of Supply Chain Management

HighJump distribution management software gives you access to flexible, powerful warehouse and shipping tools that help convert you to a full distribution center.

In an ever-changing economic climate, companies are required to respond to the growing demands of consumers with speed, agility and more importantly, accuracy. For those in the sector of third party logistics, it is a relentless quest to streamline efficiency in three major categories: Inventory Management, Labor Optimization, and Revenue Assurance.

As a result, supply chain analytics has grown into the important science of examining raw data to help draw conclusions about supply chain management. In Georgia Tech’s annual study, they analyze the perception in the supply chain between customers and their third party logistics partners. What they have consistently found is that while these partners are under the impression that they have excellent capabilities in supply chain management, their customers hold a different opinion. The challenge then became to manage that perception. After much study conducted by supply chain analytics experts, it became clear that this would be achieved through the implementation of an accelerated and adaptable SCM software system.

Given the recent economic impacts such as rising fuel costs, the global recession and supplier bases that have shrunk or moved off-shore, it has become more vital to eliminate waste in the supply chain industry. The more classic and traditional supply chain management solutions have proven to be no longer as productive as market competition accelerated the speed in which goods are shipped while garnering a higher profitably. Unlike traditional systems that are inherently single-client, The HighJump software is adaptable for client-specific workflows which streamline efficiency through inventory control, reduced labor costs and value added services which directly impacts revenue assurance.

What is HighJump?

In essence, HighJump is a supply chain management software which acts as the hub of your warehouse management system. Created by HighJump as a leading supply chain management execution software provider, HighJump is designed to assist third party logistics partners with logistics and supply chain management solutions for small and medium sized business. Built upon a unifying technology architecture platform, HighJump’s SCM software enables distributors to modernize their operations through increased sales, detailed reporting, reduced processing time, and the elimination of errors through real-time data access. Based on Microsoft technology, the HighJump platform was designed to be scalable and simple to maintain for small businesses with a modest IT staff, regardless of their current logistics and supply chain management system.

Our next-generation suite of supply chain management applications currently services many wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers of the food and beverage industries including Anheuser-Busch InBev, MillerCoors, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Red Bull. One of our exciting business ventures in the area of logistics and supply chain management is the advancement of placing the HighJump software with third party logistics partners who service distributors within the Wine and Spirits industry.

Inventory Management

Every business, in one way or another, depends on a supply chain. Management of that supply chain through efficient logistics services is complex, particularly when it entails serving multiple customers. A third party logistics partner is responsible for the management of the client’s most valuable asset, which is their inventory. Many supply chain analytics experts have found that a faulty monitoring system directly impacts inventory integrity which results in missed sales and shrinkage for the clients. When looking at the data supplied by supply chain analytics, it became clear that the third party logistics providers were being limited in real time information available to them on any given business day.

In essence, without accurate information of what is available in their warehouses, many third party providers were hindered from fully servicing their clients in an expeditious manner. The problem was further exacerbated by the hundreds of hours in labor costs needed to compensate staff members who are required to perform the necessary reconciliation activities and problem resolution. In order to rectify the problem, HighJump used the data from supply chain analytics to develop a SCM software designed to streamline inventory management that accelerated the logistics component of warehouse management. In addition, the HighJump SCM software offers more accurate accountability in the flow of goods and services, which is the backbone of supply chain management.

Unlike traditional systems that are inherently single-client, HighJump enable each of its users to create concurrent client-specific workflows for inbound, outbound, inventory control and value added services. This offers greater inventory management and accountability to partners. Employing purpose-built software that is designed to meet this challenge ensures that inventory management and integrity are sound. This efficiency has a direct impact for the client, enabling them to reduce their inventory levels through the reduction of safety stock. HighJump offers the client accountability that is comprehensive in the tracking of the movement and storage of raw materials, warehouse inventory processes, and the point of origin to point of consumption trajectory. Greater accountability directly translates to efficiency and accuracy in effective inventory management.

Gain Smoother Operations with the Right Software

For third party logistics providers, their warehouse space is not only an important component in inventory management, but a premium selling point for potential clients. The bottom line in inventory management is that efficient use of space equals higher profits while wasted space translates to lost revenue. Efficient concurrent logistics enables the co-existence of multi-client products. If the space is not utilized efficiently, and the supply chain management system breaks down or runs into consistent meltdowns, then a provider’s warehouse faces the potential compartmentalizing into client designated areas. While on the surface this may seem like a solution geared toward optimizing efficiency, compartmentalization can wreak havoc upon a provider’s logistics and supply chain management. Due to the volume changes in client inventory, space allocation for each client will have to have to be accommodated in order to avoid unused space.

Unfortunately, this places the inventory management team in the difficult position of restocking client inventory in non-revenue generating product movement to accomplish this task. This eats up valuable staff hours thus contributing to the increase of labor costs. The ability to seamlessly execute the myriad of client requirements is arguably the greatest challenge a provider faces. Having a purpose-built SCM software system designed specifically for the industry can ensure that inventory management is handled automatically and accurately. HighJump’s HighJump software enables the provider to create and modify workflows within the framework of the system based on the specific need of their customers. It is its speed and adaptability that assures the logistics and supply chain management workflow will be consistently fluid and efficient, thus eliminating redundant workflow and reducing labor costs.

At its core, supply chain management is the efficient flow of goods and services while maintaining inventory integrity and minimal labor costs. It is a challenge to over emphasize the importance of logistics and supply chain management in the profitability of third party logistics partners.

Below are some of the average key benefits in using HighJump’s HighJump SCM software:

  • More efficient use of warehouse space
  • 35% more orders/picker/day
  • 30-50% faster order fulfillment
  • 98% inventory accuracy
  • Immediate customer order updates

Third Party Logistics and Labor Optimization

For third party operators, the cost of labor can account for as much as 70% of the overall cost of operations. Therefore a significant factor in efficient supply chain management is the effective deployment and accountability its labor resources. Effective warehouse logistics and supply chain management requires the advancement of integrated site and labor management solutions. HighJump’s SCM software has streamlined complex staffing operations such as scheduling employees, timing breaks, expediting orders, invoicing, and forecasting. More importantly, the increase of accuracy in labor competency has had a direct impact on supply chain management.

Supply chain analytics experts claim that one of the more significant advantages of a best-of-breed third party logistics labor management resource is that its standards are of a practical and “real world” nature, and are therefore controllable. However, the control of labor costs is easier said than done. For decades, providers were reliant on cross-training, ongoing monitoring, pay per piece and other labor saving management practices to minimize costs and optimize productivity within the supply chain. The analytics of a different business model were used to increase labor productivity, however proved inadequate due to the lack of automation.

When third party logistics partners implemented the HighJump SCM software they were able to meet their most important key performance indicators (KPIs) and achieve best-in-class performance. They were also able to manage labor more effectively. As a result, some of our more successful warehouses reported labor cost increases less than a 0.25 percent year over year.

Here is a sample of some of the on-average labor saving benefits our clients experienced in using HighJump’s supply chain management software:

  • 30% reduction in inventory labor hours, on average
  • 30-50% faster order fulfillment
  • 50% reduction in paperwork
  • The elimination of shipping errors
  • Staggering low level manual entry errors

It is important to note that for many of our clients, the accuracy rates for orders increased above the 90 percentile. This improvement in the logistics and supply chain management resulted in an impressive boot in employee productivity which had a significant impact on Revenue Assurance.

SCM Software Guarantees Revenue Assurance

The third party logistics warehousing market is highly a completive one. A weak link in the supply chain can cause real time information to be inaccurate, causing the analytics’ side of inventory management to operate in error, thus impeding effective workflow and billing implementation. Therefore, it is vital to the success rate of a client’s supply chain management to have a system that can support the ever changing needs of each client’s requirements. What is of equal importance is the ability to effectively and automatically bill for every chargeable activity for those clients. HighJump’s software system provides these partners with a stable, user-friendly, fully integrated real time billing system.

Designed with its billing engine woven into the framework of the application, the system enforces the work activities required for each client, then calculates the charges and accrues them in real time. The result is that the billing system is a by-product of use, rather than a labor intensive task. This automation has improved accuracy and efficiency of both billing and invoicing, which are available online automatically for customer viewing. Billing can be automated or manually administered, allowing the company to configure the billing process as necessary.

Profiles can be generated from various attributes including product code, customer account, shipper, carrier, consignee and type of load. HighJump’s SCM software also permits billing by user configurable units of measurement such as roll, case and hundred weight options. This highly adaptable automated process is intuitive and simple, giving our clients the ability to track revenue in real time thus enabling a complete logistics and supply chain management system from point of inbound receiving through to the process of outbound shipping.

HighJump Understands the Business of Supply Chain Analytics

Staying competitive in today’s dynamic third party logistics market requires remaining agile and aware of the constant demands of customer requirements. HighJump maintains a relentless focus on delivering supply chain management solutions that increase profitability while streamlining logistics and inventory management. Our innovative SCM software HighJump is built to reduce cost of ownership, plus our flexible deployment options enable fast implementation and rapid ROI attainment. HighJump’s SCM software offers a more responsive, better performing supply chain management that empowers the client to go above and beyond typical business processes.