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Supply chain management tools to keep your warehouse working efficiently

Supply Chain Management. Flexible Solutions and Powerful SCM Software Tools to Help Manage All Aspects of the Supply Chain Management Process.

The world of supply chain management is a complex place requiring careful organization, structuring, and monitoring. Businesses in need of inventory management often find that maintaining inventory control is one of the most difficult tasks of warehouse and supply management. Inventory loss accounts for billions of lost dollars in the supply chain industry every year. With most companies operating on slim profit margins and rising shipping and transportation costs, inventory loss can become a critical problem for supply chain management companies.

Additionally, many companies now require more access to data and supply chain analytics in order to improve their decision-making. In the past, shipping data and commerce trends could be reviewed after the fact to help monitor and alter critical decision-making. Today, however, the speed of business requires that businesses have real-time solutions for logistics and supply chain management.
How can supply chain companies keep up with the times and ensure that they are making the correct decisions to grow and expand their operations? The right SCM software can go a long way to helping make your inventory management a more efficient and accurate process. HighJump logistics and supply chain management software provides flexible solutions and powerful tools to help you manage your warehouse and all aspects of the supply chain process. Whether you are operating a third-party logistics shipping company or are looking to expand your retail operation into warehousing to meet consumer demand, HighJump can help.

Expanding hybrid retailers need inventory management assistance

One newly growing facet in the supply chain market has been brought about by the advent of omni-channel commerce. Omni-channel commerce allows consumers to shop in multiple way outside of the brick and mortar store. Orders can be placed online and picked up or shipped. Orders are still also traditionally placed in physical stores just as a traditional purchase might be. What has changed with omni-channel commerce is the level of consumer interaction with the purchasing experience.

Customers now expect a customer-centered shopping experience with numerous shipping options and buying options. Consumers are also now making more informed and more detailed shopping choices. In order to keep up with this shopping mentality shift, many retailers are expanding their operations to include warehousing options to keep popular goods in stock and available to both online and brick and mortar consumers. This change in logistics and supply chain management has rattled many retailers who are not prepared for the inventory management of such a shift.

What makes the retail-warehouse hybrid so different? With multiple order avenues, inventory in a hybrid company can move very differently than in a traditional brick and mortar. Keeping accurate inventory count and locations becomes more difficult. As a result, many retailers are finding that they need more controlled and accurate inventory management software to manage hybrid scenarios.

Third-party logistics and direct shippers have inventory and warehouse needs as well

Of course, retailers are not the only ones with warehouse and supply chain management needs. Third-party shippers and direct shippers play key and vital roles in the supply chain process, and are also in need of good SCM software to manage their warehouses and shipping processes. Third-party shippers face the unique challenge of managing the needs of multiple shipping clients. Each client may have its own shipping profile, packing requirements, and storage requirements for a wide variety of goods. As such, third-party shippers need third-party logistics that can help them manage these multifaceted needs.

Direct from manufacturer shippers face a separate challenge entirely. With products piling up, it is critical that direct shippers have a clear picture of the sales and product trends for their company. Otherwise, warehouses can become full of less popular items while needed inventory is behind in production and shipping. Supply chain analytics and inventory management are both critical components for the direct shipper.

Different companies, flexible solutions in SCM software

Obviously, different supply chain management operations require different tools to be successful. Further, every company has their own unique needs when it comes to inventory management. Unfortunately, many third-party logistics software suites are designed from the software developers’ point of view. Popular and powerful tools may be included but, ultimately, this software is not customized to the needs of the individual company. While this solution works for some businesses, many others find that they need additional support from their software to succeed.

With HighJump, you get a customized software fit that meets your needs. Whether you are a hybrid retailer in need of supply chain analytics or a third-party shipper in need of accurate and fast inventory management, HighJump can be structured to meet your needs. Our consultants work with you to determine what areas of your warehouse and shipping process you need assistance in. From there, we suggest ready-to-go software solutions to target your areas of critical need. You can choose to start with the bare minimum of needed tools or expand your software selection from there. With HighJump, there is no question of does your software do what you need for logistics and supply chain management. Your software is built specifically to meet your requirements, regardless of the type of your supply chain business.

Detailed supply chain analytics keep you in the decision making loop

One of the largest challenges with supply chain management is gaining and using appropriate data to make critical decisions for the shipping and supply chain process. Traditionally, data on incoming and outgoing goods could be collated, printed, and reviewed for later use to tweak the logistics and supply chain management process. However, with internet commerce on the rise and customers demanding more targeted commerce solutions, supply chain analytics need to be updated to meet this more immediate need. HighJump offers detailed analytic reports so you can see the big picture of inventory logistics and supply chain management in your warehouse. With real-time reports that show inventory movement, storage capacity, loss reports, and even reports on which items move when and where, you can make real-time decisions that help support your business growth. Now, instead of being reactionary, businesses can proactively target problems as they arise with HighJump SCM software.

Fully EDI enabled for convenience and efficiency

HighJump supply chain management software is fully EDI enabled. What is EDI? EDI, or electronic data interchange, is a method of computer communication that allows computers to speak directly to one another and process tasks without the intervention of a human employee. For example, a scanned and received shipment in an EDI enabled system can automatically generate a specific code which instantly transmits an invoice to the shipping client. From there, a separate code automatically generates and sends payment. EDI is popular as it allows for extremely efficient processing of orders with less impact on employee hours and time. EDI is particularly popular with third-party logistics shippers as processing paperwork for multiple clients can be a very time-consuming task for employees.

Complete inventory control with your supply chain analytics software

As noted, inventory loss is a major concern for all supply chain management businesses. Inventory loss can occur from improperly tracked or misplaced inventory or, in some cases, because goods are improperly stored, packed, or shipped. In order to maintain profit margins, supply chain businesses must find a way to maintain inventory control in their warehouse environment. Inventory loss is of special concern to third-party logistics companies whose client relations depend on the handling of goods accurately and safely.

HighJump SCM software can be a major benefit to companies trying to establish better inventory control and management. Barcode systems allow for fast scanning of goods for delivery of critical inventory information. This allows employees to quickly and accurately determine storage solutions and packing information for incoming and outgoing goods. HighJump SCM software also allows for tiered levels of access. Managers can view supply chain analytics and critical order information while dock workers get the necessary storage and packing information they need without compromising client privacy. HighJump supply chain management solutions users typically report an 80% to 85% reduction in inventory loss with an over 99% inventory accuracy rate.

Flexible fits for your installation and budget needs

With the powerful supply chain management tools that SCM software can provide, what keeps some businesses from utilizing this opportunity to their full potential? Many companies do not know where to start in the installation process or how to fit SCM software into their budget. With HighJump, you get a modular tool that allows you to save time and money by targeting areas of need first. You can expand your software tools later, allowing you to meet your growth plan, goals, and budget in one fell swoop. For businesses with a dedicated IT team and a large software improvement budget, direct site installation may be the supply chain analytics that they need. This option provides complete software control and faster processing power for companies that need speed and power.

Many companies, however, save time and money by choosing cloud-based installations. Cloud-based solutions allow employees to log into software tools remotely through the use of internet-enabled devices. These supply chain management solutions are less expensive to set up and less intensive to maintain. Outside technology means that you don’t need a dedicated IT crew or employee base to manage the software program. This money-saving option is popular with businesses just foraying into third-party logistics software. Cloud-based logistics and supply chain management are an excellent solution for businesses that want to save time and money on their third-party logistics software solutions.

Whether you are a hybrid retailer that needs accurate supply chain analytics or a third-party shipper looking for inventory logistics and supply chain management tools, HighJump software has the solutions you need. Flexible and powerful, you can choose your implementation plan and the tools that will help your supply chain management growth and thrive.