Supply Chain Management Solutions for Food and Beverage Distributors

The Best Supply Chain Management Solutions for Food and Beverage Distributors

HighJump’s supply chain management software effectively helps food and beverage distributors prioritize accuracy and efficiency, with our specialized software.

Despite the uniqueness of their product, food and beverage manufacturers still face supply chain management needs and improvements. In fact, this industry more than many others is in need of inventory management solutions to help keep inventory controlled and shipments moving in a timely manner. Without careful warehouse management and inventory control, food and beverage distributors risk spoilage, contamination, or damaged products that can put consumers at risk and open their business to liability and violation of stringent food safety laws.

Logistics and supply chain management are a critical concern in this sector. Furthermore, these types of companies are under specific monitoring by governmental bodies to make sure that they do not pose any kind of health or food safety risk; often exposing these businesses to large amounts of fines when goods are not handled properly or timely. With software management tools, you’ll never have to worry about risking fees simply because someone wrote the date incorrectly.

Additionally, food and beverage distributors face the same challenges in supply chain analytics that are greeting numerous supply chain companies today. Omni-channel retailing has created new purchasing avenues. Consumer-centric shopping is in demand. Retailers are consistently requiring more customization, more efficiency, and more transparency than ever before. Rising commerce costs remain a concern while diminishing returns mean that profit margins remain narrow.

Inventory loss in this situation becomes not only a safety concern but a budgetary one as well. Despite all of this, many companies are still operating with outdated supply chain management systems and out of date or underpowered SCM software. How can you gain control over your inventory management to keep food distribution safe and efficient and your clients happy? How can you handle crippling budget concerns will still getting the supply chain analytics you need?

Look to HighJump logistics and supply chain management solutions to take your food and beverage distribution to the next level. HighJump third-party logistics and warehouse solutions help businesses achieve powerful tools in line with their business goals. With decades of experience in the supply chain management market, we understand what it takes to keep your food and beverage distribution moving and growing. Further, HighJump remains an industry leader for distribution software innovation, providing SCM software solutions for a variety of major food and beverage distributors.

Keep Your Budget Intact While Looking Toward SCM Software Improvements

Whether you are a food and beverage distributor working with third-party logistics or need in-store distribution solutions, your budget is one of your top concerns. Companies that outstrip their budget when creating goals fail to thrive and may even fail. This can be a complicated problem when trying to expand or update your inventory management solutions for better growth and profit. Even basic SCM software costs money and technology requires upkeep. Fortunately, HighJump’s supply chain management systems have the solution for your business growth plan.

Many companies offer inventory management solutions that are one-size-fits-all. You purchase a suite of warehouse software or trucking software and it comes with often requested tools and systems for addressing common needs in those areas. While this process may be streamlined, it rarely meets the full needs of highly individualized food and beverage distributors and supply chain contributors. This method also seriously restricts smaller companies that are looking for growth solutions. Large-scale supply chain analytics programs may simply be outside of their means.

HighJump third-party logistics software resolves this by being modular in design. While our software is ready to go from the start, companies have a great deal of control over the choice of what goes into the software suite to start. Instead of offering a total package inventory management solution, our consultants will work with you to determine your business plan, your growth plan, your needs, and your budget. From there, you can determine what areas of your supply chain management process need critical attention and target your logistics and supply chain management solutions accordingly.

Future Growth Remains in the Plan with Our Third-Party Logistics Software

HighJump’s modular design allows you to start with areas of greatest importance and expand your software needs later on to spare your budget while you still grow your business. While your initial concerns are on solving critical current problems in the inventory management process, we know that you’ll have concerns and growth in the future. HighJump focuses on a three-part strategy to work with food and beverage distributors to meet their current and future goals. We identify and understand your business strategy. We identify the operational needs to support that strategy. Then we help you understand the technology needs to support and drive your plan. With HighJump, your growth and goals are what we fit the SCM software to – not the other way around.

Logistics And Supply Chain Management Software Installations for any Growth Plan

Further, HighJump offers cloud-based third-party logistics software installations to further lighten the budgetary load. Traditional on-site server installations are still available with HighJump SCM software. This remains an excellent choice for established companies that have dedicated technology staff and equipment, as on-site installations provide tremendous power, speed, and complete control over relevant supply chain analytics. For companies without these resources, however, cloud-based solutions remain a flexible, budget-saving option.

Cloud-based supply chain management solutions from HighJump offer the same powerful tools and computing power without the need to have your own servers and data management solutions. Data and the bulk of software processing are stored off-site and accessed remotely by internet-enabled devices. This style of inventory management is particularly convenient for food and beverage distributors as remote employees making deliveries or checking the supply chain can still have automatic and easy access to supply chain analytics and tools.

Inventory Management That Keeps Your Product Safe and Moving Efficiently

One of the primary concerns in any food and beverage distribution company is the safety and quality control over product. Unlike concrete manufactured goods that don’t require special storage, refrigeration, or condensed and finite shipping timelines, inventory management in the food and beverage sector is critical to sales and safety. HighJump SCM software allows for streamlined and efficient processing of goods in a warehouse and shipping scenario. Integrated barcode scanning lets employees quickly and accurately identify carton contents and move those cartons to proper storage. Single-point data entry inventory management systems minimize clerical errors so that your workers don’t get conflicting information on each scan.

When it’s time to ship or deliver product, the same integrated system allows for packing and processing directions as well as clearly delineated picking procedures. With HighJump supply chain management tools, your inventory gets moved more quickly and more accurately. For food and beverage distributors, this also means that your inventory gets moved more safely and with less loss due to spoilage or mishandling. The logistics and supply chain management of your warehouse has never been more in control.

Big Data and Real-Time Decisions with Supply Chain Analytics

While efficiency is critical to the actual movement of inventory in the food and beverage market, logistics and supply chain management also require careful analysis of supply chain analytics. Data is increasingly critical to the supply chain management process, not only to fulfill orders and view inventory levels, but also to fulfill client and consumer needs. The days of inventory totals on the shelf being the be-all and end-all of third-party logistics management are over.

Now, businesses need to be able to see what product is moving, how quickly it’s moving, and where it’s going. The results of sales and deliveries are no longer enough. Businesses need to be able to analyze the causes behind changes and they need to be able to use data to predict changes and make decisions. While inventory and supply chain analytics data has always been available, typically it came in the form of after-action reports weeks or even months later. With HighJump SCM software, you can integrate your software into your existing ERPs to provide a complete, connected overview of the entire logistics and supply chain management process. Instead of problem-solving old issues, use our third-party logistics solutions to provide proactive changes and resolve issues before they occur.

EDI-Enabled for Efficient Processing of Third-Party Logistics and Shipping Paperwork

EDI, or electronic data interchange, is increasingly a demand in the food and beverage distribution world. Clients and retailers alike prefer the fast processing that EDI provides – and the automatic paper trail that it generates. But what is EDI and how can it specifically help food and beverage distributors? EDI is the use of special codes in the software program. These codes are scanned or triggered through various actions, enabling the computer to automatically communicate with another computer and complete a task.

For example, when a shipment of perishable goods comes into your warehouse, an EDI-enabled barcode scan might accomplish several tasks. First, your system might contact the source distributor’s computer to generate receivables paperwork or automatically pay a generated invoice. Secondly, safety logs might be created recording the arrival date and time of the delivery for regulatory purposes. With EDI as part of your supply chain management software, these actions are done entirely through the use of a computer. No employee needs to be involved and paperwork and records are automatically updated from the codes programmed into the SCM software.

This automation not only speeds up the processing of deliveries and shipments, but it also creates a higher level of accuracy. Since logistics and supply chain management data is pulled directly from shipments, clerical errors are minimized. Further, employee hours are not spent entering information, processing paperwork, or updating records. HighJump SCM software accomplishes these tasks for them. For food and beverage distributors who rely on accurate tracking of goods for safety and regulatory purposes in the logistics and supply chain management process, this component is critical for success.

From Start to Finish, the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Solutions That You Need

Whether you are an established food and beverage distributor or one starting out and branching into new markets, HighJump supply chain management solutions can help you streamline your operations for safety and efficiency. In a world where retailers and consumers are often demanding faster shipments and more variety, third-party logistics solutions are necessary to keep up with the pace of commerce. Additionally, food and beverage distributors require supply chain analytics and tools to help track and document shipments to ensure that all items are stored and transported with food safety in mind.

Add to this the needs of any regular shipping operation – from warehouse operations to load preparation – and food and beverage distributors need the help of solid third-party logistics software. For those solutions, HighJump supply chain analytics software remains the industry expert. For all of your food and beverage supply chain management needs, contact HighJump today. Imagine the benefit that could be present for your business with a simple, no risk, and no hassle phone call. Our agents and consultants are ready to find the right HighJump product for your specific business model in order to get you the specific services you need in order to be successful and innovative in today’s ever changing market.

After all, one of the best ways to stay ahead in business is to make sure that the technological infrastructure of your company is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology and software in order to remain competitive. When it comes to helping you maintain that edge, the choice is simple – HighJump.

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