Supply Chain Management | Manufacturing To Third-Party Operators

Supply chain management from manufacturing to third-party operators

HighJump specializes in offering scalable, customizable logistics and supply chain management solutions for a number of different business models.

The challenges of supply chain management are highly dependent upon the type of supply chain business and operation you run. Manufacturers and direct distributors face issues of product quality control and maximizing warehouse space for popular sellers. Meanwhile, third-party shippers must consider the needs and inventory management for multiple clients and multiple load deliveries. For some businesses, retail is the primary operation but branching into warehousing is a cost-effective and savvy business move to keep customers happy with selection and purchasing options. Whichever model of business you fall under, efficient and accurate supply chain management is a necessary part of your day-to-day operations if you deal with tangible product.

How do you keep up with the pace of commerce today, though? Internet commerce and changing market trends have put a consumer-centered philosophy forward, even in the discrete product manufacturing world. Keeping up with these demands with traditional paper-based or outdated logistics and supply chain management methods is no longer feasible if you expect your company to keep up and to grow. If you are managing any form of warehouse operation, you need quality and efficient SCM software to help keep your operations working efficiently. HighJump specializes in offering scalable, customizable third-party logistics and warehousing solutions for a number of different business models. Ditch that old outdated system and upgrade to software that helps you maximize efficiency and increases your return on investment.

The best SCM software offers flexible installation options

Regardless of your business model, you cannot afford to shut down for weeks to install and implement new software programs. Similarly, you don’t need to purchase inventory management software that doesn’t fit your needs. HighJump solves both of these problems with a variety of installation options and scalable solutions that can be chosen to meet your areas of critical need.

We offer modular and customizable software that is ready to go out-of-the-box. Our consultants work with you to determine your logistics and supply chain management requirements. You identify the areas of your system that you want to upgrade or improve, and we offer solutions. From inventory tracking to supply chain analytics, we offer a variety of warehousing and shipping solutions to help streamline your existing operations flow. All of this is done under the umbrella of your business goals and business model. There’s no push to incorporate supply chain management solutions that you don’t need or that won’t work for your business type. HighJump is one of the most experienced warehousing software providers in the world and we know that your customized solutions need to fit your business. You can even start small and grow your software offerings later as budget and needs demand. Our inventory management solutions are scalable so you can start with what you need and build on as you grow.

Installation the way you want for your supply chain analytics software

HighJump logistics and supply chain management solutions knows that you can’t just shut down operations. Whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or third-party logistics operator, downtime is lost money and lost client satisfaction. Ready to go out-of-the-box, HighJump is easy to install and to operate, requiring minimal downtime. Many companies also install their own SCM software solutions, and even a complete overhaul of your systems generally won’t require you to close your doors with our professional installation assistance.

To help combat downtime and installation concerns, HighJump offers two key forms of installation options. The first, server-based on-site installation, offers you direct access to your own servers and system for data storage and software use. This option works best for larger companies that already have an existing IT team to upkeep servers, computers, and software. On-site installations offer powerful growth capacity, faster computing capacity, and unprecedented growth options for logistics and supply chain management. That doesn’t mean that smaller companies are left in the lurch, however. If you can’t afford to hire your own IT team or simply do not need all that processing power for supply chain analytics, a cloud-based installation may be your best option.

The second option is cloud-based installation. HighJump can also be accessed and installed as a cloud-based system – meaning the bulk of your data and software resides on outside servers that you don’t need to own or maintain. Employees can access the same powerful third-party logistics with HighJump cloud computing, without the hassle of needing to maintain and upkeep complex computer systems. Access is simple with any internet-enabled device. Cloud installations are also popular with companies that need modular and mobile access. If your employees are globe-trotters and sealing deals with clients around the world, accessing the same supply chain analytics as your warehouse employees can be critical to operations and functionality.

Warehouse tools that improve your inventory management and accuracy

With all of these flexible installation options, you may wonder what HighJump has to offer in terms of supply chain management tools. After all, all of the installation options in the world won’t help if your software doesn’t actually improve operational bottom lines. Fortunately, HighJump SCM software is one of the most experienced and leading providers of warehouse software around. Whether you need precise inventory tracking or want heavy duty data on how your operations are working, HighJump can provide what you need.

First, HighJump gets your inventory management under control. Inventory loss routinely costs American businesses billions of dollars each year. While a fraction of this is due to theft, most inventory is lost through damage, improper storage, miscounting, or simply misplacement in vast storage facilities. With often slim profit margins, this loss is something that warehouse managers and distributors simply cannot afford. HighJump allows you to integrate your barcoding system into the process. Single-point data entry ensures that client and product information are accurately stored and a simple scan can keep everyone in the loop. This system improves inventory counts and clarifies the picking, packing, and storage process.

Many HighJump users report an 80% to 85% reduction in inventory loss, simply because employees now have clear directions and efficient systems for supply chain management. You can even determine and set different access levels. Your work crew can scan and receive valuable information for managing cartons correctly while your warehouse managers and administrative team can see a full run of critical supply chain analytics.

Real-time data, real-time decision making

HighJump can help make your logistics and supply chain management more visible as well. Today’s consumer trends have clients, businesses, and consumers alike focused on a customer-centered experience. Whether it’s an individual purchasing an item or a company placing an order for several pallets of goods, service and customer-centered experiences are now the gold standard of supply chain management. Companies increasingly need a variety of shipping options, delivery options, storage options, and need to meet rapidly changing demands in a world where consumers are increasingly savvy and educated about their purchases. HighJump offers a full range of supply chain analytics in its software to help give you the big picture of how your warehouse system is working. For manufacturers, this critical information can tell you what goods are moving and which ones are stagnant, allowing for better production and storage choices. For third-party logistics, you need to be able to see client information quickly and easily, including product and shipping trends. For the hybrid retailer, keeping track of inventory numbers is critical. With HighJump, you no longer have to wait for generated reports weeks after the fact. HighJump allows you to see real-time supply chain analytics to support your processes. Now, instead of trying to repair problems after they’ve occurred, you can proactively take part in supply chain management decisions. With faster, more informed decision making, your company can excel.

Hybrid retailers need inventory management solutions too

HighJump supply chain management solutions understands that different businesses require different solutions to succeed. A relative newcomer to the commercial market, hybrid retailers have found themselves desperately in need of SCM software solutions despite having vast experience in the commercial market. Why? Simply put, retailers trying to expand services into warehousing are doing so to help meet a consumer-driven and consumer-centered market. Customers now want a variety of ordering options and a variety of shopping options that traditional brick and mortar stores simply don’t fulfill. The solution – opening a warehouse format to house items specifically for online orders or to provide a greater selection – may seem like a wonderful solution to a retailer’s logistics and supply chain management problem.

Most retailers, however, are unprepared for the realities of bulk inventory management. Inventory counts now mean more than just a number of goods on a shelf. Data must be monitored to determine best sellers and weaker items. Orders must be tracked in multiple ways and multiple locations to provide accurate data for inventory and new orders. Managing a hybrid retail and warehouse outfit takes as much business savvy and understanding as a third-party logistics operation might. All of this has to be considered and solved within the bounds of a retailer’s knowledge.

SCM software is the solution for this problem. With supply chain management software like HighJump, retailers can gain a full grasp of their inventory picture, both in store and in warehouse. Even if the warehouse is located remotely or is serving multiple brick and mortar locations, inventory management can become simpler, automated, more accurate, and more efficient. With a logistics and supply chain management system like HighJump, you can see numbers of inventory no matter where the goods are stored. Further, HighJump provides accurate supply chain analytics so you can determine what goods need restocking while clearing out the slow sellers to preserve valuable warehouse space.

Maximum efficiency with EDI-enabled SCM software

EDI, or electronic data interchange, is an element that is so efficient that many larger distributors and manufacturers now require its use. EDI allows for more efficient supply chain management through the use of automated codes that allow computers to speak directly to one another and to process simple paperwork tasks that would otherwise consume employee time. EDI is particularly useful in the third-party logistics setting, as it allows faster and more accurate paperwork processing for numerous clients. EDI works by using specific, preset codes to trigger a process within the computer system. For example, when a shipment arrives and is scanned, an EDI code may electronically and automatically generate a payment, bill of receipt, or other confirmation to the shipper. Invoices can be automatically generated, payments automatically sent, and shipments automatically tracked. Electronic data interchange makes logistics and supply chain management far faster and more efficient as it generates these tasks automatically and without the interface from an employee who can spend time elsewhere. Invoices and payments are generally sent and paid quickly and, due to its electronic nature, these actions are easily tracked. HighJump third-party logistics software is EDI-enabled and can be preset with a variety of codes for common actions or codes, specific to the clients you work with.

Whether you are a manufacturer looking to improve your warehousing to ship direct, a hybrid retailer trying to organize the chaos of your warehouse, or a third-party logistics operator who needs to improve client satisfaction, HighJump has the solutions you need. From inventory management to client interfaces that improve communication and visibility, we work to make your warehouse and storage as efficient and transparent as possible. With modular, flexible logistics and supply chain management software, we have the fit you require to tackle your toughest problems and to grow with your company over time. Work with our consultants to find the best fit and supply chain management solutions for your company today.