Route Management Takes Deliveries to a New Level

Route Management That Takes Your Deliveries to a New Level with the Right Software

Modern transportation and shipping needs require the use of powerful software tools and HighJump’s route management software is your solution.

The right software implementation can take your route management to an entirely new level. Let’s face it. Even just a few years ago, your trucking operation was working great with paper forms, some emails, a diligent staff, and white boards for dispatch tracking. You radioed with your drivers. Your clients knew it would take some time to get their shipments. Transportation and route management were always tricky but you were on top of it. Fast forward to today’s modern, internet-driven world and the roadmap has changed a little.

Now, consumers and retailers want their goods faster than ever before. They want shipping options. Inventory viability and storage specifications are more stringent than ever. Add to this all the taxation, fuel fees, mileage tracking, and maintaining your fleet or even a single truck? All of it can add up to serious routing and scheduling headaches. For some businesses, the speed of supply chain management has even sunk their companies. So how can you stay ahead of the routing and scheduling curve, keep your customers happy, and maintain your profit margins?

Delivery route planning software holds the key to managing all your trucking and transportation needs. But not all route software is created equal. Some delivery route planning software suites simply don’t have the power or the tools you need. Others are filled with so many options that you can’t even focus on the trouble spots you know you need to improve first. Looking into route management software is a step in the right direction, but it has to be the right route software to work.

With HighJump route software, you get the route management tools you need, how you need them. You choose from flexible options to target critical areas. When you choose HighJump route management software, you get decades of supply chain and transportation experience melded with easy-to-use, powerful delivery route planning software design. What is the end result? Painless route management and improved business operations.

Online Commerce Has Changes Transportation’s Need for a Routing Program

When brick and mortar stores were the most prevalent forces in the retail world, shipping and transportation was very different. Customers were limited to what was available in stores. Retail outfits controlled visible and available inventory and all of this was, typically, built around the movement of trucking supply chains. Today, however, the internet has changed the way that routing and scheduling work in transportation. How?

Today’s consumers not only have access to brick and mortar retail outlets, but also have access to a wide array of internet-based retailers. This has opened large selections of goods – often larger selections than a single store could carry. Additionally, even consumers who prefer shopping at brick and mortar outlets often research and search online before purchasing. Retailers today are hard pressed to not only keep a wide variety of stock, but also to provide customized ordering and shipping options for out of stock or specialty items. Consumers seeking an experience-related and customer-centered shopping experience have changed the way that goods need to be delivered to stores. Now, product must be regularly delivered, must meet consumer demands, and must be traceable in order to provide instant clarity for consumer and retailer alike. To combat this need for efficient, visible, and highly effective shipping, many supply chain companies are turning to routing program and route management software solutions.

Flexible Routing Program Solutions That Let You Target Critical Needs

Unfortunately, many routing program software suites are designed by excellent computer engineers without the expertise in transportation and supply chain management that leads to a real understanding of trucking needs. This often leads to companies trying to find a route software solution and finding programs that are too expensive, too difficult to use, or that simply don’t meet the routing and scheduling needs of a growing transportation company. With HighJump route management software, you can find a software suite that was designed not only by excellent delivery route planning software designers, but by a company with decades of experience in the transportation industry. Because of this, HighJump designs and offers solutions with flexibility in mind.

First, our consultants will work with you to determine areas of critical need in your company. If you need fleet management tools first, we will focus on that. Is route management your priority to streamline deliveries? No problem. Perhaps you need to integrate your shipping with warehouse tracking and inventory modules. We can handle it. The key is that you decide what you need – not a route management software engineer. Once you’ve established areas of need, goals, growth plans, and budgets, we work to offer you the routing program solutions you require. Our route software is modular by design so you can start small and grow your solutions as your company grows.

On-Site Installations for Power or Cloud-Based For Flexibility

HighJump’s routing and scheduling solutions even offer a variety of installation options. On-site installations allow you to take complete control of your software solutions. Use your own servers, IT team, and data banks to power your routing program overhaul. This option works best for companies who have IT teams already or can budget for that style of growth. On-site installations give you the ultimate flexibility and power, letting you access information more quickly and more consistently.

Many companies, however, choose online-based cloud solutions for their delivery route planning software overhaul. With cloud-based solutions, data and major software components are stored in off-site servers. This information and the programs are accessed through any internet-capable device via employee log-in. For transportation companies that want their fleet and traveling employees to have immediate and fast access, cloud-based route management solutions are an excellent choice. Cloud-based solutions offer an excellent way to get new, powerful dispatch and transportation management tools without having to invest in entirely new computing equipment and staff. Whichever installation option you choose, HighJump route software offers the flexibility for you to tailor your new venture to your business structure.

Fleet Management or Owner-Operator, Our Routing Program Does It All

Different trucking setups require different tools but HighJump route management software does it all. Whether you are working with one truck or forty, our software is modular and can expand to fit your needs. Focus on the management or maintenance of your fleet if that’s your goal. Or, if you need seamless integration into warehouse logistics, HighJump delivery route planning software can provide solutions for warehouse needs as well. From inventory placement to item specifications for storage, packing, and picking, integrating your warehouse and transportation systems has never been easier.

Simple barcode scans and single-point data entry allows for fewer clerical errors and improved inventory accuracy. Even if your dispatch and load manager works with partial loads and mixed trucks, routing and scheduling becomes efficient and transparent. With a tiered access system, your drivers and dock workers see the details they need to correctly and easily prepare shipments. Meanwhile, your warehouse manager and dispatch can manage loads, change destinations, and optimize weight and distance to save you money. HighJump is not just a routing program – it is a full-service transportation and warehousing solution.

Eliminate Outdated Routing and Scheduling Routines and Streamline Your Fleet Tracking

Whether you are managing just a few trucks or a large fleet, traditional dispatch and route management simply won’t work the way they used to. Your clients want delivery of their goods quickly and efficiently. You don’t have time to rework routes, falter in communication, or not know where each truck and driver are every second of every delivery. Further, your clients want to be able to check in and be brought up to speed – a communication process that would take hundreds of employee hours traditionally. Delivery route planning software is the key to keeping your trucks rolling and in-touch at all times.

With HighJump routing program software, you gain access to powerful fleet tracking tools that keep your dispatch up-to-date on all truck locations and estimated delivery times. You can even see how long your drivers are spending on the road to ensure both driving safety compliance and delivery timetable compliance. Your clients can even log in remotely to see where a delivery is at any given moment. Now, no one is waiting at the loading dock for hours and communication is simplified. Online accessible modules allow for instant updates for both dispatch, trucker, and client. Integrate with online mapping features and communication tools to ensure that your drivers stay in the loop to keep routing and scheduling moving at pace.

Make Keeping Tabs of Fleet Management Easy with Route Management Software

Fleet and route management isn’t just a matter of sending a truck from point A to point B. Your fleet needs maintenance, route tracking, mileage tracking, and a great deal of paperwork to ensure that invoicing needs and regulations are all met. HighJump delivery route planning software can assist with this by providing automated tracking of numerous statistics needed in fleet management. Track mileage, mileage in a given location, time on the road, weigh-ins, and even maintenance records. HighJump route software even allows you to calculate fuel tax mileage per state.

With continued need to keep abreast of federal and state regulations and taxation, these operations are critical to the safe and legal operation of any dispatch and fleet. Simply allow the route management software to update the tax tables and the most recent table calculations can be applied. Whether you focus on in-state and local routes and deliveries or are sending trucks over long distances, HighJump routing program solutions allow you to keep accurate track of vital fleet information.

Integrated with Your Existing Route Management and Accounting Systems

HighJump route management software integrates into your existing systems with ease. Instead of trying to improve fleet operations and requiring your employees to learn all entirely new systems, you can keep what is already working for you. Is your warehouse program still functioning okay? Keep it. Is your accounting program working great? Keep that too. With HighJump route software, we offer easy integration into your existing ERPs and accounting programs because we know that wanting to improve doesn’t always mean throwing out everything you already built.

Our delivery route planning software engineers have held Gold Developer Status with Intuit since 2003, certifying that our route software will integrate seamlessly with one of the most popular and user-friendly accounting systems out there today. For more than a decade, Quickbooks users have returned the favor and rated HighJump route software as the top solution for routing and scheduling.

Flexible Solutions and Powerful Delivery Route Planning Software

Whether you operate a small fleet or are expanding into national and global markets, you need route management tools that work to keep your goods moving. From warehouse management to fleet tracking, HighJump route management software integrates all the aspects of your transportation operation for seamless, efficient operation. With modular structure, you focus on the critical areas of growth needed in your routing and scheduling operation to allow even the smallest business growth potential. With powerful tools to keep goods moving, clients in the mix, and even the fussiest consumers happy with your delivery schedule, HighJump offers the route management tools that you need.

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