Route management planning is critical for supply chain expansion

Route management planning is critical for your supply chain expansion

We have the flexibility to provide route management regardless of your company size. Identify your needs and let HighJump help you grow your business today.

Route management is only one of the many challenges faced by today’s supply chain companies. Whether you are a third-party shipper, a manufacturer moving into direct delivery, or a professional and dedicated shipping manager, the world of the supply chain has drastically changed in the last several years. To keep up, you need a routing program. With customers now demanding varied and customer-centered experiences, faster delivery times and delivery options, and a whole new realm of digitization opening up, moving goods is not the paper and pen based business it used to be. Companies who fail to digitize and take advantage of new route software tools will find that they are unable to keep up with this new customer-centered economy. In contrast, companies that embrace technology and that have good delivery route planning software will be able to meet the changing demands of the supply chain world.

HighJump has a routing program that can assist you in meeting the demands of this technology-heavy age. With powerful routing and scheduling tools, you can make your entire shipping and warehouse process faster and more efficient. Additionally, HighJump has the flexibility to provide you route management regardless of your current company size. Identify your critical needs and let HighJump help you grow your business today.

The importance of routing and scheduling in the digital commerce age

Although online shopping and online commerce have been part of supply chains for numerous years, it is only recently that a shift has occurred in the consumer consciousness that has completely changed how supply chains function. The use of the routing program is, in short, not new but the functionality of these programs has widely changed. With the advent of omni-channel shopping and platform-based companies, consumers began to expect a wide range of commerce and shipping options. This expectation has led to a need for fast shipping, numerous tracking options, and expedient order fulfillment. Whether your clients are individual, residential customers or are professional companies themselves, the same expectation of efficient and accurate order fulfillment applies. Additionally, consumers now often expect numerous shipping options, ordering options, and information updates. These high expectations of a customizable, customer-centered experience can be difficult to fill with traditional route management solutions.

Delivery route planning software can help alleviate this supply chain roadblock. Choosing the right software can provide powerful tools that allow for more efficient order processing. Clients can be kept in the loop. Importantly, route management software also allows you to constructively utilize data for more beneficial business decisions in a real-time atmosphere.

HighJump offers flexible options for routing program installations

Despite the need for many companies to make a transition to digital warehouse and supply chain management, the hurdles of implementing a new route management program might make companies hesitate. HighJump works to resolve your concerns and roadblocks to updating your warehouse and shipping systems. Many companies offer pre-made route management software solutions, designed to target what they view as critical areas of need in the supply chain industry. HighJump, however, knows that every shipping business has its own unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Instead of offering a prescribed solution, our consultants will work with you to determine a picture of how your supply chain is currently working. From there, we will find the critical areas of need in your routing and scheduling processes and suggest technology solutions to suit. We offer several suites of ready-to-go software and can easily customize your delivery route planning software solutions to fit your budget and needs. HighJump is even compatible with your existing systems. Instead of having to change all of your software, trust that we have already formatted our route management software to work with several popular accounting and database systems. Instead of needing to throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater, HighJump’s routing program slides into your existing software structure with ease. With HighJump, you pick the route software solutions that work for you instead of what a software engineer dreamed up.

Installation that fits your delivery route planning software transition goals

An additional prohibitive element to digitizing the supply chain process is downtime needed for installation. Starting a new route software program can shut your business down, slowing down the movement of goods and services and inconveniencing clients. Since time is absolutely money in the shipping and warehousing world, this complication prevents many companies from taking the digital leap. With HighJump, you can opt for a variety of installation options to choose one that works for the
route management program that your company needs. If you already have an established server system, Information Technology staff, and a lot of computing power at your disposal, opting for HighJump’ on-site route software installation may be the best option. On-site installations offer complete control over your systems and offer expansive power should you wish to expand your software tools in the future.

For some companies, however, an on-site installation for delivery route planning software is not feasible. Perhaps your company is still growing and you simply can’t budget that much for digital systems at this time. Perhaps your IT team is small and can’t handle the full oversight of route management software. Alternatively, perhaps you just want to ensure functionality without breaking your budget on computer upgrades. For companies in need of more flexibility, HighJump offers route management solutions that are cloud-based. Cloud solutions still allows you modular control and tool choice over your software. However, software and tools are accessed through internet-enabled devices and remotely through computers. This allows HighJump to set up your system off-site and then give your employees access to route management tools remotely. With cloud solutions, you experience minimal disruption and downtime, full tool access, and incredible digital power without the burden of self-maintenance of your systems.

Powerful tools make route software work

Flexibility isn’t enough to reach your route management goals, however. HighJump also offers you the powerful tools you need to reach your supply chain management goals. Whether you need to streamline warehouse operations, improve client communication, or manage your fleet more efficiently, HighJump can help. Routing and scheduling require powerful tools to keep track of. With digitization and HighJump software, you gain the ability to see the route for every truck in your fleet. Manage loads with ease, even for multi-load or multi-client shipments. You can even communicate with your fleet while they are in transit to better open up the lines of communication. HighJump allows you complete control over the shipping process. Get rid of white boards, multiple phone calls, and triplicate forms, and use a route management that brings efficiency to your dispatch and supply chain.

In the warehouse, HighJump excels at organizing goods and shipments before they ever leave the loading dock. Our delivery route planning software lets you manage goods as they come into and leave the warehouse environment. With barcode systems for easy item tracking, placement, picking, and shipping, you can monitor the entire workflow of the warehouse. This is a critical facet for any routing program regardless of company type. For third-party shippers, this feature lets you manage routing and scheduling for numerous clients and numerous good types. For the direct shipper manufacturer, HighJump gives you the transparency you need to monitor stock levels before distribution. Barcode scanning not only makes the entire warehouse process more efficient and faster, but also improves inventory accuracy. With inventory loss costing supply chain companies billions ever year, tight profit margins, and numerous process points for errors, keeping track of your inventory is critical. Barcode scanning allows for accurate placement, storage, and movement of goods. Best of all, HighJump route software lets you set levels of access. Your workers can find accurate inventory information while managers can view more critical but private information to better manage loads.

Outside of the warehouse, HighJump delivery route planning software keeps your fleet on the go. With truck dispatch modules that improve truck communication and tracking, you can see where each part of your fleet is. Routing and scheduling become a breeze with truck tracking and even mileage logging. Figure fuel usage – and fuel usage taxation – automatically for your entire fleet, track driver and truck compliance, and keep a maintenance record more easily than ever before. With HighJump route software, your trucks can spend more time on the road to get your loads delivered efficiently and safely. Even your clients can become involved. HighJump delivery route planning software allows for client log in to view exactly where shipments are at any given time. Save wasted time while everyone waits for the truck to show up at the dock. HighJump route management software lets you maintain client efficiency and overall satisfaction even while you improve your own routing and scheduling processes.

EDI, or electronic data interchange, is another popular and powerful tool that can be part of your HighJump experience. With automated paperwork processing that doesn’t even require employee data entry to process common forms, your trucks can get out the door and back on the road faster than ever before. EDI works by using special codes that allow computers to speak directly to one another and to complete routing processes and paperwork without employee time and intervention. An invoice generated by EDI may be automatically sent and paid, for example, upon the arrival of a load at the shipping dock.

The big picture with route software and big data

One of the most useful aspects of using route management software is the data analysis capable for both warehousing operations and your routing program. Providing a customer-centric experience for your clients requires deft managing of your goods and their delivery. This includes route management, but also inventory management, client communication, and consistent review of data. With HighJump, you can view sales trends, inventory trends, and shipping trends with up-to-the-minute data. Analyzing these trends in your route management software is a critical part of providing the level of customer service that today’s clients expect. If certain routes are not as functional or efficient, you need to change them. If specific goods sell well while another product line is lagging, it may be time to shift your manufacturing and storage plan. While this data has traditionally always been available for routing and scheduling use, digitization makes information access faster and more relevant. Using route management software allows you to make decisions in real-time. Now, you can solve problems before they happen, resolve a crisis before it is one, and make active, informed decisions to keep your routing program working efficiently. With digitization and organized data analysis, HighJump route management solutions lets you take control of your transportation future.