Inventory Software to Maximize Your Warehouse Management

Inventory Software for Maximizing Your Warehouse Management

While all our inventory software is ready to go out-of-the-box, our consultants work with you to provide the best software options for your areas of need.

Whether you are a direct delivery shipper or a third party shipper, the right inventory software is a critical part of warehouse and supply chain management. But what makes supply chains work? How can inventory control help? Managing a supply chain is a complex system that requires warehouse organization, transportation organization, and client communication. In today’s world, modern internet commerce has made supply chain management even more complex with the advent of customer-centric services. These services, now in high demand, have changed the way that companies move products. Third party logistics become even more complicated as supply and shipping companies struggle to manage the specific demands of numerous clients. If you are an active part of today’s supply chain, your company may require inventory software to keep up.

If you are struggling to revamp your shipping processes for more efficiency, more accuracy, and better budget impact, consider inventory tracking software from HighJump. With HighJump, you gain access to powerful inventory tools, warehouse management modules, and inventory control that gives you and your clients a precise, clear picture of the supply chain.
But what makes the best inventory management? How can you keep your supply chain management working smoothly to improve your bottom line? The key factors for a successful warehousing and distribution process are flexibility, power, efficiency, and accuracy. HighJump offers all of these features and more.

Third Party Logistics or Direct Shippers, HighJump is Flexible

Flexibility is a key factor when choosing inventory software for your warehousing and shipping operations. With so many variables, software needs to be able to keep up with your needs and change as client expectations change. HighJump is not only flexible in growth, but flexible in installation. While many inventory control programs offer features you need to manage and track inventory, not all programs are designed to fit your business type. Third party logistics companies have very different requirements than direct shippers or intermediary warehouses. Whatever inventory management software you choose needs to fit your business type. HighJump does it all. This flexibility is due to modular design and customization options that keep HighJump open to what you need. While all our inventory software is ready to go out-of-the-box, our consultants work with you to provide the best software options for your areas of need.

From supply chain management analysis to inventory control, you choose the tools you need and the format you need them in. Our consultants can recommend software suites and tools for your use and discuss installation support and options. HighJump is also completely customizable in installation. While some companies prefer inventory software that is server-based and installed on site, many companies are now choosing cloud-based options. What is the cloud? The cloud is the term used for servers and computers stored in locations other than your own, physical business site. Users can log into the cloud remotely via an internet connection or smartphone. They can then access data, tools, or other needed elements of your inventory management system.

Cloud-based computing is becoming more and more popular as it provides easy access and another layer of safety and security. Data loss is minimized and reduced as cloud computing has several back-up options. Additionally, many businesses like not having to maintain their own IT staff and technology staff for maintenance. Lastly, cloud computing is less expensive as it does not involve upgrading hardware or large installation projects. Using cloud computing to access your third party logistics or your warehouse inventory tracking software is the ultimate in flexible convenience.
Finally, HighJump provides flexible payment because you choose what you install and when you install it. Working with our consultants, you can identify the areas of warehouse management that you need to target to improve your supply chain flow.

From there, choose the modules and tools you need. Instead of spending a tremendous amount on outlay of programs you don’t need, you can customize your installation experience to target only the critical areas you need first. Since HighJump can be integrated into a variety of existing accounting programs, there’s no need to overhaul your whole system. There’s no need to purchase tools you won’t use. In the future, with growth and expansion, you can simply add on to your existing program structure to add more power and more efficiency to your software suite. With HighJump, you control the tools your software provides.

Powerful Analytics for Inventory Control

One of the updates in modern inventory management that many companies enjoy is the ability to more accurately and readily analyze data from sales and goods movement. This process, known as supply chain analytics, is fully supported with HighJump software. Using software to analyze data from sales is not new, in fact it has been a part of retail and commerce for years. Today, however, technology is making that analysis easier than ever before.

With HighJump and HighJump Pulse, you gain access to two pieces of inventory software that ultimately allow you to make powerful choices to improve your business model and operations. Real-time analytics allow you to see the supply chain in motion, to manage your inventory, and to make more informed decisions. In the past, inventory management was largely relegated to making decisions off of data accumulated from months of research and data collection. These hard copy files took a great deal of time to compile, were difficult to read, and often out-of-date by the time they were generated.

Today however, computers can instantly provide real-time analytics for inventory control, more accurate data, and faster access. Extended supply chain analytics give managers and owners a clear picture of how goods are moving, where problems are, and how specific goods are behaving on the market. This process of analysis allows companies to make decisions using inventory tracking software in real-time. Defunct or less popular products can be removed faster while more popular ones can take priority in your warehouse. You can even see changes in customer requests and upswings in products to be sure you have the most popular items ready to roll out the door. This facet has become more and more critical as consumers demand multi-channel access to goods. Now, instead of having to react to problems or difficulties, companies can take a proactive stance to address problems before they arise.

Good Supply Chain Management Takes Efficiency Both In and Outside of the Warehouse

Whether we analyze the actual delivery of items or the warehouse process, good inventory management requires efficiency to be a successful part of your growth. Efficiency can be found both inside the warehouse and distribution center and outside. For third party logistics operators, using a strong in-warehouse system and client communication tool is vital. Even for direct shippers, these tools are a must-have.

First, inventory tracking software can help you keep your warehouse working efficiently. Primarily, this is accomplished with the use of barcoding and inventory modules that track where goods should be stored, how they should be stored, and how they should be packed. Barcode scanning is a popular
inventory software module for this. HighJump can integrate existing product barcodes to minimize labeling hassles and use your manufacturers existing barcode system. A simple scan of a shipment, carton, or item provides workers with vital information. Particularly for third party logistics, the speed and efficiency of this process is critical to minimizing inventory loss.

Inventory loss costs many supply chain management companies millions of dollars each year. Barcode scanning and inventory control in the warehouse setting minimizes this loss and improves efficiency. Scanned items can be identified quickly, along with their pertinent storage information. Workers can then accurately and efficiently place items, find items that they need to pick for shipment, and find packing instructions for each type of good or client in your warehouse. Because scanning keeps this process fast and simple, overall efficiency is improved.

Outside of the warehouse, inventory tracking software can help improve efficiency as well. Clients appreciate HighJump’s ability to disseminate shipping information in real time. Clients and recipients of shipments can check cloud-based information databases to track shipments, be notified of load changes, and ensure that when products arrive, docks and workers are ready. Digitizing the tracking process allows all parties to see real-time updates and make the most of limited loading and unloading time. Even for third party logistics and multiple clients, HighJump provides delivery information efficiency.

Lastly, HighJump’s efficiency is enabled by the presence of electronic data interchange, or EDI, technology. EDI technology allows computers to speak and communicate directly to one another to accomplish a specific process. Unlike email or electronic faxing – which still requires a human intermediary – EDI uses specific, special codes to automatically process routine paperwork. This frees up your employee resources for other tasks. For example, your inventory tracking software may register an outgoing shipment and automatically send an invoice to the recipient. The recipient’s computer recognizes the invoice and, when the load is delivered, automatically generates and sends payment. EDI is particularly useful for supply chain management because many of the items of paperwork generated by the supply chain are simple to process by computer. Automating these processes improves overall processing time and allows shipments and deliveries to be made more efficiently.

Accuracy Is Critical to Inventory Management Success

Without accuracy, inventory loss is a serious risk that many supply chain management companies face. In addition to inventory loss contributing to loss of reputation and credibility, inventory loss affects financial viability. United States businesses lose millions of dollars every year to lost and damaged goods. For the thin profit margins of many inventory management companies, it is critical to reduce this amount. The right inventory tracking software can reduce this concern exponentially. Inventory tracking in the warehouse with barcoding systems allows workers to manage goods efficiently and accurately. Items can be stored according to manufacturer specifics. This is particularly important for third party logistics and in food distribution. Improper storage or handling can spoil goods and damage goods beyond use.

Additionally, this accurate system allows for correct storage and placement of goods. Your workers can even gain different levels of access to inventory software. While managers can view all important details for load management and company specifics, your workers get the picking and packing information they need. This tiered system of inventory management allows everyone the access they need to gain pertinent details without risking privacy concerns for your clients.

Lastly, accuracy is achievable with inventory software for your client’s benefit as well. Barcoded scanning and tracking provides accurate, real-time information for your customers and clients. Shipments can be more easily managed and timed for the most expedient delivery. Additionally, all workers can be read to send and receive shipments as they are ready, eliminating delays in shipping and receiving. This level of organized inventory control is only achievable with powerful, customizable inventory tracking software tools. For the best inventory software available, contact HighJump today to get your extended supply chain working to your advantage.