Inventory software to assist your warehouse management

Inventory software to assist in your warehouse management

With HighJump inventory software, simple barcoding and information dissemination systems allow for accurate placement, tracking, and management of inventory.

For third-party supply chain companies, inventory software can help manage the chaos of multiple clients, numerous loads, and complicated warehousing situations. Third-party logistics providers require a completely different set of software tools than other shipping companies. Frequently, they must manage the needs of warehousing and shipment, balance inventory tracking, and interface with clients who want a customized and customer-centric experience. Traditionally, paper and white board systems were the major tool used for supply chain management. Particularly for third-party shippers, this system was complex and often inefficient, requiring numerous employee hours and a talent for organization. Today, however, inventory software can help manage the needs of third-party logistics providers.

HighJump provides inventory control assistance for the toughest warehouse and shipping organizational tasks. With a modular, customizable design that can be built to suit your needs and budget, HighJump inventory tracking software lets you take control of all aspects of supply chain management, from precise inventory control to powerful analytics. Designed specifically to suit the needs of a variety of warehouse and shipping operations, HighJump inventory control software allows you to meet your needs as a third-party logistics provider.

The powerful inventory management third-party providers need

Third-party logistics providers need to be especially concerned with inventory management. Inventory loss in the United States counts for billions of dollars in lost profit for shippers. Loss can be incurred by theft, but more commonly goods are simply misplaced, miscounted, or damaged. Over time, these cartons add up to a major dent in profits. For the third-party shipper, keeping track of inventory management is critical to maintaining both financial success and client satisfaction. To do this, you need inventory that supplies easy sorting and information tracking for your inventory items. With HighJump inventory software, simple barcoding and information dissemination systems allow for accurate placement, tracking, and management of inventory. By scanning incoming inventory, employees get accurate placement and storage information. Particularly for food service distribution or clients that require particular requirements for their products, this information is invaluable to accurate inventory control. Even for third-party shippers with multiple clients and multiple storage requirements, this form of tracking can assist.

Barcoding also allows for single-point data entry to consolidate information and improve consistency. Information on clients, orders, or inventory can be coded in by a single individual to reduce clerical errors. From there, a simple scan allows inventory tracking software to provide pertinent details to warehouse and shipping staff for ease of storage and order preparation. Even with multiple clients, HighJump inventory software provides multiple data entries to accommodate even varied client and product requirements. Best of all, you can even tier your information access. For your floor workers, allow access to pertinent information for picking, packing, and storage. For your warehouse managers, allow access to critical order and client details that may not need to be disseminated to every employee. With inventory tracking software from HighJump you can increase the flow of needed information while decreasing inventory loss. With HighJump, many users report an 80 to 85% reduction in inventory loss and an over 99% order accuracy level.

Powerful analytics let you maintain inventory management in real-time

One of the benefits of using inventory software is the benefit of real-time decision making. Information on stored goods, deliveries, and orders is readily and clearly visible. You can see the precise pattern of goods moving in and out of your warehouse system, whether you manage your own product line or are carrying goods for others. This is particularly critical for third-party logistics as managing the needs of multiple clients often takes strong decision making backed by shipping data. With HighJump supply chain management, you can view shipping and inventory data for your entire operation. Identify what items are going out, how fast orders are processed, and what trouble spots are cropping up. While data analysis has always been an important part of supply chain management, data was typically analyzed after the fact with paper spreadsheets and shipping manifests. With inventory tracking software, however, you can view shipping and storage information immediately with consolidated reports, flexible data analysis, and real-time reports. This allows you to pinpoint problems in the warehousing and shipping process and address them immediately. Instead of waiting for weeks or months to view reports of what happened in the past, immediate data access improves your reaction time and solutions.

Improve your relationship with clients with supply chain management

Real-time data analysis also helps improve your relationships with clients. Solving problems as they occur keeps inventory moving and allows you to better manage your resources to maintain client satisfaction. HighJump inventory software can ensure that you stay on top of client demands and needs quickly and efficiently. Further, HighJump inventory tracking software allows you to keep clients in the loop. Updated shipping information becomes accessible via cloud applications that allow for client access. From product arrival in your warehouse to load management and shipment, your clientele can see real-time information for their orders and goods. In a commercial market where customer-centric service is becoming a priority for many consumers, this keeps your clients squarely at the center of your business. With the ability to store and manage multiple client profiles, you can tailor service and offerings to each client with ease – and while keeping all of your employees in the loop on client demands. HighJump inventory software keeps your clients involved and up to date to save you and them time and money.

EDI-enabled third-party logistics

To make supply chain management even easier, HighJump inventory tracking software can be EDI-enabled. EDI, or electronic data interchange, is a popular option with many supply chain companies today. EDI allows computers to interface directly with one another to complete tasks. Unlike email, electronic invoices, or electronic faxes, no employee has to be involved in this process. This not only frees employee hours and time, but improves the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of order processes. For example, when you receive a shipment of goods from a client, scanning the cartons can automatically generate a shipping invoice for your client. This invoice can be automatically sent and, if your client is EDI-enabled, can be automatically paid on their end. Meanwhile, this information can be updated in your tracking system to provide clients, manufacturers, and employees with up-to-the-minute tracking for goods. In this manner, inventory control is made more efficient and more accurate. Today, many clients and manufacturers are requiring the integration of EDI into their warehousing and supply chain process. The days of triplicate forms, mailed invoices, and follow-up calls are disappearing. HighJump can easily incorporate EDI into your inventory management growth plan.

Flexible inventory tracking software options that fit your needs

Unlike pre-packaged software suites that try to fit the needs of every conceivable shipping business, HighJump knows that third-party logistics operators have different needs than direct shippers or manufacturers with a warehouse operation. While our software is ready to go from purchase, you can customize your modules, tools, and software options to meet your needs. Need just warehouse organization? No problem. Need to integrate dispatch more fully into your operation? HighJump inventory software can do that. Need to automate invoicing processes? We can manage it. Our consultants work with you to determine your areas of critical need and offer software solutions to suit. This allows you to choose tools that work for your business model and goals instead of the inventory management goals of a software designer you’ve never even met. Eliminate the inclusion of extraneous tools and focus on the areas you know you need to improve. HighJump also readily integrates into most major accounting software, letting you keep what is already working for your company. Your employees won’t need to learn entirely new accounting software or systems, simply integrate what HighJump offers into their toolkit and daily routines to improve overall supply chain management.

Inventory control options that save your budget

For many supply chain management operations, the outlay needed to upgrade software is a hindrance to further development and growth. For this reason, you may have considered inventory tracking software a luxury more than a necessity. With HighJump, however, we have a way to work with your budget. Because your software options and choices are customized to you, you can choose the inventory management options that are critical to upgrade while saving money by waiting on extra modules and tools. In the long run, targeting and fixing areas of critical need in your inventory control process will let you brow your business, save money on inventory loss, and increase profits over time. To get there, however, HighJump inventory software lets you choose only the options you need with the ability to expand later.

Third-party logistics in the cloud or at your site

Another way to save money on your inventory software upgrade is by considering your installation factors and options. If you already support a full IT team in-house, you may be able to afford and be able to support on-site installations. This option involves using servers at your site to install and manage data and your inventory control software. The benefits of on-site installation are mainly centered on growth and computing power. Private servers can maintain data securely and with a maximum of computing power, ideal if you need to process large amounts of information quickly and efficiently. Because no outside computer has to be accessed, data retrieval, organization, and analysis can typically be done at blazingly fast speeds. On-site installations are most beneficial for larger companies or companies that require complete control over their software experience. They do, however, have some drawbacks. If your business can’t afford servers, server maintenance, or does not want to devote employee resources to supporting an in-house IT team, an on-site server installation may not meet your needs.

HighJump inventory management tools are also available in a cloud-based installation. The cloud – internet terminology for accessible computers and servers that are not kept in your in-store location – is a wonderful way for businesses to grow their inventory software and computing power without needing the dedicated resources that an on-site installation requires. Cloud installations are convenient as they involve connecting to existing servers after a brief set-up personalized to your company needs. Your employees can connect to inventory and warehouse modules remotely, using any internet-enabled device. This allows for fast and simple set-up of your new software and is simple and easy to use. This cost-saving installation feature is also useful for companies with a lot of travel, where employees need to access the system remotely. Your company also gains the benefit of not needing to maintain computers, software, or an IT team. While large and detailed data analysis is still possible with the cloud-based system, it may be slower. Additionally, if remote servers have a problem, you may have to wait for them to be repaired. Cloud computing, however, offers the best budget savings and installation options with the lauded flexibility of the HighJump software system.

Whichever option you choose for installation, rest assured that HighJump’s consultants will work with you to determine your budget, your goals, and your needs. With optional training and installation assistance offered, our software is ready to go from the box. In fact, many companies complete their own installs and setups. For the best in flexible, powerful inventory software solutions, contact HighJump today.