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Inventory Management the Easy Way

With inventory tracking software and a revolutionary inventory control system, you will be able to use your EDI systems to its most efficient capabilities.

In any company, it is important to have a solid understanding of inventory management and the computer systems which handle the traffic, handling, and data storage it entails. HighJump offers a wide variety of inventory software which can absolutely revolutionize the way your company handles supply chain logistics, warehouse management, and analytics. Imagine having the flexibility and tools to be able to make changes to your inventory control in real-time, as opposed to waiting weeks or months for the paperwork to be filed from distributors or your warehouse managers, and you’ll have an idea what HighJump can do for your company. With inventory tracking software and a revolutionary inventory control system, you will be able to use your EDI systems to its most efficient capabilities. Simply put, HighJump can help your company go to that next level of efficiency and profitability through the use of our powerful tools and systems.

Life before EDI: Original Inventory Management

Before the technological ability to have cloud inventory management software, all inventory processes had to be done by paper. This often meant waiting for paperwork to be filed from the distributor to your warehouse, then waiting for your front line stores to submit paperwork to your warehouse requesting a given product. The warehouse would then have to find and ship the product, requiring more paperwork, and the front line store had to keep track of how much of the product they have presently in-house and how much more they might need. In terms of inventory control, this is a tedious challenge. While it certainly works, and has for many years, the problems inherent in this kind of system are numerous and extensive.

To start, one of the inherent issues with this kind of inventory control system is the fact that there is no real-time data, and thus, no flexibility to make changes. By the time you’ve reviewed the paperwork to analyze data, the data may be months old or worse. Furthermore, without any kind of inventory tracking software, the chance of goods and products going missing is significantly larger as well. This results in a loss in profits because of spending money on goods or products that are then misplaced and not able to be sold; additionally, the longer you have goods sitting in a warehouse or being tied up in shipping, the less money you are making overall. With HighJump's cloud inventory management software, you can engage in real-time analysis of your company’s productivity and fulfillment times in order to increase both your customer’s satisfaction as well as your return on investment.

The Benefits of a Cloud-based Inventory Management System

With HighJump, you have the unparalleled flexibility of a cloud-based inventory tracking software program. What this means is that the data is stored, digitally and securely, in the ‘cloud’ and is able to be accessed from anywhere. Cloud-based data has a number of significant advantages over more traditional hard copy storage solutions, be they in the form of a paper order form or even a digital one stored on a local computer. With cloud data, and indeed an entire cloud inventory management system, you can access the information from anywhere and everywhere. This allows all the various parts of your company to be using the same inventory software all at the same time.

Instead of the store, the shipping, and the warehouse all having their own tools and systems, HighJump allows each part of your inventory control system to be accessed centrally and by everyone. This allows for a real-time warehouse management system that lets your increase your ROI because of an increased sense of accuracy. If all the parts of your logistics and supply chain management groups are accessing the same files with the same information, there is a minimal chance of conflicting data being present.

Furthermore, with our inventory control tools, you will be able to eliminate or reduce the amount of human error in your shipping process because of the HighJump WMS automated picking and receiving functions. Not only does this increase the level of accuracy with which your orders are held to, these processes can allow you to handle more orders overall. Clearly, the more orders you can handle, the greater your turn around time on orders are and the less carry time you have with your inventory sitting unsold in a warehouse.

Solutions to Fit Your Inventory Management Needs

One of the benefits of the HighJump product is the opportunity to pick the size of the tools that you need. Different sizes of businesses require different flexibility and a varied toolset in order to provide the right solutions that meet your specific needs. First, the Collect Edition is best for those companies looking to take their ‘paper and pencil’ order processing and transition to a computer-based inventory control program with our cloud inventory management software. Especially for a small business, having cloud-based data and inventory software is important because of being able to avoid the overhead involved in running a large data chain. As a small company, you may not have an in-house technical service, but with HighJump, you don’t need one. A single computer terminal and an internet connection gets you access to the flexibility needed to optimize your company.

Next, the Manage Edition is great for companies that start out small but know they will eventually need to advance their inventory control system to a larger level over the course of time. If your company is planning to expand into a new region or line of business, this is the best option for you. The Manage Edition is specifically designed to allow you to take your inventory tracking software and scale the tools to the level of your business while still allowing you to remain flexible in the case of later expansion.

Finally, the Fulfill Edition is designed for companies and situations where you need all the various robust inventory control system tools at your fingertips. These programs allow you to interface all your various inventory software, such as Dynamics, SAP, and other various EDI programs into one place. HighJump connects all these various programs into one place, and when combined with the Supply Chain Suite, can give you the powerful tools needed to make the best decisions for your company.

HighJump Pulse: A Desktop Inventory Control System in a Browser

HighJump Pulse is one of the best tools for managers and owners to gain an enterprise-level view of their inventory control system. In the past, business leaders had to rely on paper printed inventory management reports; HighJump Pulse allows you to gain the benefit of an analytical desktop program from any computer with an internet connection. This is important because it allows you to access and control your data in real-time, from anywhere and from any device. As a SCI, or Supply Chain Intelligence, tool, HighJump Pulse allows you to look for key indicators of performance in order to make the right decisions about your inventory control and shipment processes. In addition to our other cloud inventory management software options, you can access your data whether you are in the boardroom of your company or the back room of the warehouse.

HighJump Appointment Scheduling: An Overlooked Part of an Inventory Control System

Many studies and analysis show that while managers and owners tend to consider their carry time and return on investment when looking at cloud inventory management software, they often neglect to consider the impact of efficient scheduling for their shipments. Companies spend an average of twenty minutes scheduling inbound or outbound appointments and many drivers can tell you that they spend the largest amount of their time waiting to gain access to a loading door, as opposed to actually loading or unloading. With an inventory control system, you can make sure that each truck has a specific appointment and schedule in order to keep your goods moving at a reasonable pace and without any unneeded delays because of a back-up of trucks. Furthermore, our inventory tracking software makes sure that no part of your shipment gets lost, no matter which truck it may be on or where it may be headed.

An added benefit of using HighJump Schedule is the centralized and customizable tools for each location, and in fact, each loaded dock and door. You can almost immediately save labor costs by centralizing your cloud inventory management software to HighJump because with a quick, easy, and intuitive control process, you can set up rules and time tables for each warehouse location of your business. Those rules, schedules, and appointment options can then be connected to by your various internal departments and even external clients who many need to ship products to you, such as in the case of a manufacturer needing to interface with your inventory control system. With such a powerful tool for inventory management in your hands, scheduling issues can be a thing of the past.

Furthermore, with the entire HighJump Supply Chain Suite, which can interface with the warehouse systems, you can effortlessly import all your inventory management tools so that every purchase or sales order from the warehouse system can be sorted and assigned to specific dock doors and times in order to make sure that the most important orders get the access to the loading docks that they need.

Cloud Inventory Management Software Benefits

Beyond the costs associated with maintaining your own data storage, networking, and IT issues, using HighJump cloud-based inventory control systems allows you to have an infinite amount of storage space which can be easily and immediately accessed from literally anywhere in the world with an internet connection. All of the various HighJump suites, whether in terms of warehouse loading or inventory tracking software, can be routed through the cloud managed suite of programs. Also, because your IT staff won’t be working on solving inventory control system issues, they can focus on bringing new technology to bear for your company and integrating it into your existing lines of business. As a result, what may have started as simply an inventory management tool can have a chain effect on your overall business efficiency and production because of freeing up your other IT resources.

An additional benefit of using the HighJump cloud-based packages is the fact that you will never have to worry about getting the latest update to your inventory control system because of the release and periodic upgrade process which occurs as part of our cloud-based platform. HighJump goes far beyond the common bounds of “just” being inventory software and enters the realm of being vital and business central programs, software, and applications that help you get all the jobs done that you need.

Inventory Management and a Return on Investment

One of the largest benefits of any kind of inventory software, or any kind of inventory control program, is what it can do for your company’s profits. With a fully realized and modular design, with inventory management controls that can connect to various SAP and EDI models, you can have a complete sense of your warehouse and state of business. These visibility tools and analytics allow you to track labor, efficiency, and accuracy across every level of your company. By minimizing the small losses and delays through inventory tracking software and inventory management, you can create a series of small improvements which increase your ROI. Those small changes, however, add up to a larger return on investment because you’re no longer carrying un-needed stock for additional time and can instead move, and supply, more products at will.

Inventory software, and indeed inventory control itself, are vital to running any kind of inventory tracking software. Today, it is important to remember that the company with the flexibility to make real-time changes to their inventory management programs is the company that can use its inventory software to the best extent as the landscape of your business changes on a daily basis. With HighJump at your side, inventory management is made significantly easier.