Inventory Management With Supply Chain Management Software

Inventory management can be a breeze with the right software

To overcome challenges in the logistics and supply chain management field, you need inventory management software to provide clarity and control of your goods.

Inventory management can be a difficult task for many businesses. With changing trends in marketing, commerce, and the advent of omni-channel shopping, inventory is no longer a simple system of keeping track of a handful of goods in a warehouse. Today, data must be carefully managed in both retail and the supply chain in order to provide a productive flow of goods for the consumer market. Logistics and supply chain management are no longer manageable by traditional systems that do not allow for real-time data analysis. Additionally, retail markets are now frequently breaking into warehousing and needing to at least partially manage their own supply chains. Whether you are managing your own warehouse from a retail chain, are a third-party shipper, or a manufacturer looking to ship direct, keepings tabs on your inventory management is a critical part of your business operation. To overcome challenges in the logistics and supply chain management field, you need inventory software to help provide clarity and control of your goods and their shipment. Not all SCM software, however, is created equal. So what should you look for?

Flexibility, powerful tools, and an inventory software suite that meets your fit and needs are critical considerations for purchasing any SCM software. Some companies may require precise inventory control to reduce loss. Others are looking for powerful data tools for supply chain analytics. Whichever your needed fit, you need software that will work with your current business model and future business goals. Fortunately, HighJump is here to fill your SCM software needs. With HighJump, you gain access to flexible, powerful inventory software tools that can be applied to the warehouse, to retailers managing new shipping motifs, or to manufacturers starting down the direct delivery path.

What is SCM software?

Supply chain management software, inventory software, or SCM suites are programs designed to automate and track the movement of goods and supplies through a warehousing system. This system can also involve managing the trucks and dispatch needed to move these goods. For many companies, using SCM software is also part of achieving accurate supply chain analytics so that accurate and beneficial business decisions can be made to improve the flow of inventory. The key functions of any inventory management program are the tracking of goods into storage, accurate placement and storage of those goods, and the tracking of items as they leave the storage system. While this may seem simple, not every company handles this process the same. Third-party logistics operations, for example, have very different tracking needs than a direct shipper or a retailer operating a retail-based warehouse. At the core, SCM software provides tracking and easily accessible storage information. The best programs also provide access to data and trends for better decision-making.

Flexibility is important in choosing inventory software

One of the key factors necessary when choosing a logistics and supply chain management program is the flexibility of that program. Supply chain businesses rarely operate in the same manner as one another. What works for one business may be completely extraneous to a second business or not meet the needs of a third at all. This is particularly true when comparing inventory management programs across shipper types. The multi-client tracking needs of third-party logistics are very different than the direct shipper needs of a manufacturer. Meanwhile, a retailer starting up a warehouse to meet customer inquiries has a completely separate set of needs and goals. To combat this, be certain to choose a logistics and supply chain management program that has the flexible tools you need to accomplish your goals. With HighJump, our software is ready to go out-of-the-box, but you can customize your software program and experience to suit your needs. With modular design, HighJump provides you the ability to identify areas of critical need in your operation. From there, work with our consultants to find the best software fit for you and your business type and goals. Whether you need precise inventory management to keep up with new omni-channel based customer orders in your retail operation or you need third-party logistics that cover the needs of multiple clients at one time, HighJump can match your needs. A proven industry leader in supply chain management, HighJump knows that your software has to sync up with your growth and development plan.

Flexible tools also means flexible installation

Not every business has a devoted IT team ready to maintain dozens – or hundreds – of software units and work stations. Not every business wants to, either. With HighJump, you get two main routes of installation for your SCM software. First, on-site installations offer you complete control and server power. This is the route to choose if you have an IT team or experienced computer staff ready to work with your new inventory management program. On-site installations typically take longer and require more set up time, however they provide more power and expansion options in the future and more control over the use of the software system itself. Cloud installations are the second options for your logistics and supply chain management program. What a cloud-based program lacks in complete control and technological heft, it makes up for in flexibility, easy access, and easy maintenance.

With cloud solutions, HighJump provides access to all of its modules, tools, and software suites via the internet. All your employees need is their log-in and an internet-enabled device. This allows your employees flexible access for travel or in the warehouse and quick and easy access to all of your needed inventory management information. Cloud access can be marginally slower than on-site server access so it is not the top choice for those looking for supply chain analytics that need instant big data access. However, cloud use of inventory software can provide your employees very flexible, powerful access to tools without needing a full IT team to maintain computers and servers. Whichever option suits your needs, HighJump offers a full range of software tools in both formats.

Keep your budget in mind for your third-party logistics solutions

Even a small- or medium-sized shipping business needs powerful inventory management tools. Unfortunately, you may also have a small- or medium-sized budget that needs to accommodate your growing needs. With HighJump, you get the flexibility you need to match your software needs to your growth plan and finances. Our modular design lets you start with critical tools that you need right away. You can expand your SCM software later as your business changes and grows. Cloud installations also provide a less expensive way of accessing powerful tools without needing to upgrade your entire technology base or hiring a new technology team. Lastly, all of our software integrates readily with existing software your company may already use, including financial services. This easy integration of HighJump third-party logistics software means you can keep the software that is already working for you in accounting while still overhauling the warehouse systems. Save money by keeping what works instead of needing a complete computer overhaul. You can even save on employee resources and training instead of having to offer new software training for the entire business.

Powerful tools keep your inventory in check

Inventory loss costs businesses billions of dollars in the United States every year. For a shipping and warehousing company – or a retailer branching into warehousing – this is an unacceptable outcome. Thin profit margins, high levels of risk, and complicated systems mean that losing any inventory can cut deeply into your profits. With inventory management tools from HighJump you can get your warehouse and shipping under control instead of wondering if you’re losing money at the loading dock. HighJump inventory software provides accurate tracking and information for handling all warehouse inventory. From arrival with a barcode scan, your workers can place and store each carton accurately. Outgoing goods are easily tracked, and loading and packing information critical to inventory safety can be relayed quickly and easily to all necessary employees. Trucking modules for logistics and supply chain management even allow for faster load management, shipment tracking, and client communication to keep your clients in the loop. With HighJump, many users report an over 80% decrease in inventory loss and an over 99% inventory accuracy rating. Simply put, most businesses need supply chain analytics programs like HighJump to maintain their profits.

Changing trends and data use in third-party logistics

The changing face of consumerism means big changes for logistics and supply chain management as well. Consumers and clients now expect customer-centered experiences whether they are buying for themselves or ordering for their company. Varied shipping options, client communication, and customer choice are now paramount in the commerce system. Further, clients are making more and more informed choices about not only their own purchases but what they will resell and carry in their own inventory management systems. Whether you are a retailer branching into warehousing to meet these needs or a third-party logistics shipper, keeping track of data and trends for your supply chain is now critical to making good business decisions.

HighJump offers detailed and accurate supply chain analytics to help you see the movement of your inventory. This is useful for third-party logistics shippers who need to keep on top of client demands. For retailers turned warehouse, these supply chain analytics are critical to stocking the right high-demand goods and reducing inventory on less desired products. Inventory management relies heavily on the use of good supply chain analytics to function well. Real-time data analysis of goods movement, arrival times, shipping tables, and inventory popularity allows businesses to see the big picture of how commerce is affecting their operations. With inventory software that provides this data in a real-time scenario, businesses can move from reactive crisis management to proactive decision-making. Using HighJump to view your supply chain analytics can lead to better, smarter decisions for your operations.

Whether you are a retailer expanding into a warehouse operation or a direct distributor of food goods, HighJump inventory software can help you manage your warehousing and goods transportation with ease. HighJump SCM software gives even complicated third-party shippers the logistics and supply chain management tools they need to organize their warehouse and shipping, keep tabs on inventory, and minimize inventory loss. For inventory management software that delivers organization and control to a complex process, look to HighJump today.