Direct Store Delivery Software, Keeping the Supply Chain Connected

Direct Store Delivery Software Keeps Manufacturers, Clients, and Consumers Connected

The right software can help you move your direct store delivery process in the right direction to improve your bottom line.

Direct store delivery, or DSD, is taking off in popularity for many product types. Meanwhile, the right distribution software can help your business take advantage of the popularity, efficiency, and market control that DSD provides. Why has DSD taken off today though? What makes this delivery option so popular with manufacturers? And how can delivery software really help you gain insight and control over the delivery process? If you are a manufacturer considering moving into the DSD market, all of these questions may be relevant to your current needs as you establish new growth and new business goals. DSD operations, in the end, can save you money and reduce operating costs, provide you more control over your product quality and placement, and help connect you with consumers. However, to accomplish this you need distribution management software that can help you stay organized.

With HighJump wholesale distribution software, you gain access to complete control over the direct store delivery process, from inventory control to shipment schedules to in-depth data analysis that allows you to make real-time business decisions. HighJump distribution software is also expandable. You can start with areas of critical need and later move into various tracking and organizational models that help keep your operations moving. Taking the DSD route without the right delivery software can be risky but there are several factors to keep in mind before you buy.

Seek Distribution Management Software with Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

In the world of warehousing and supply chains, there is no “one-size fits all” model. Many distribution accounting software packages are designed by very proficient distribution software engineers. HighJump wholesale distribution software, however, is also designed with decades of supply chain management experience in mind. We understand that there is no “one solution” that fits your direct store delivery needs. Different size businesses require different solutions and different goals require different tools. Some companies address this by packing as much as possible into their delivery software suite, but this simply creates a cluttered system that complicates your operations rather than streamlining them.

You need distribution management software that will address what you want it to address. At HighJump, we offer a wholesale distribution software solution that is customizable to your goals, growth plan, and budget. First, work with our consultants to determine your critical areas of development and need, and then we will work with you to find a solution. From warehouse management to DSD solutions to transportation organization, HighJump distribution accounting software can integrate every aspect of supply chain management into your distribution software solution.

This distribution accounting software flexibility doesn’t mean that you need to build your own distribution management software suite either. HighJump distribution accounting software is ready to go after a simple installation process – one that many of our clients complete on their own. Simply put, our modular wholesale distribution software design lets you make the choices you need to target the areas you want – without cluttering your system or your budget with tools you may not be ready for.

Integrate with Your Existing Distribution Accounting Software System to Save Your Budget

With HighJump distribution accounting software, you gain access to software that doesn’t throw the proverbial baby out with the bathwater. If your existing accounting systems and labor systems are working for you, keep them! HighJump delivery software integrates with numerous popular ERPs and accounting systems to keep your transition smooth. Employees don’t need to learn an entirely new distribution accounting software system at every turn and your operations are updated more quickly.

Keep Your DSD Operation Moving with Multiple Installation Options

As part of HighJump distribution software and its commitment to flexibility, you have multiple installation options to meet your direct store delivery operation’s needs. On-site installations may be favored by larger companies or companies with fast growth potential. On-site installation involves the setup of servers to store both delivery software and inventory and manufacturing data. This option gives you immediate and powerful access to your supply chain process – a useful feature that helps speed up procedures for companies with large-scale operations. This installation option is most useful for companies that already have an IT team or that can budget for an IT team. Speed and power – as well as expansion capability – are the hallmarks of on-site delivery software installation.

HighJump distribution management software also features cloud-based direct store delivery software options. Increasingly, cloud-based operations are becoming popular as they do not require extensive overhaul of existing computer systems or a dedicated IT team to maintain those systems. Additionally, cloud-based distribution software usage is flexible and portable. Companies that often send employees to other locations may find that logging into a remote cloud-based system is simpler, faster, and allows for quicker access of critical information. Cloud-based systems also require less set-up time. Security, data banks, and system functionality are all maintained remotely. Employees simply need access to a web-accessible device to log in. Regardless of which wholesale distribution software installation option you choose, HighJump distribution accounting software offers the best in flexibility and fast startup to keep your operation disruptions to a minimum.

What Makes DSD Different From Other Forms of Supply Chain Management?

DSD, or direct store delivery, strives to cut out extraneous steps from the delivery process. With DSD, manufacturers deliver goods directly to the retail store, rather than to a retail store distribution center or to a third-party shipper. This type of supply chain operation offers several benefits to retailers, consumers, and manufacturers. For the manufacturer, expenses are saved by reducing the number of middlemen or stops that goods make on the way to the retail store. Direct delivery allows for goods to be more efficiently processed and reduces overall shipping and storage costs.

In an industry where profit margins are often narrow, this cost reduction is vital to maintaining profits. Cutting costs, however, is not the only reason that DSD and distribution software is valuable to the manufacturer. With DSD, manufacturers often also gain product placement control and product display control. This allows businesses to market and place their product for optimal sales and optimal marketing impact. Further, particularly in the food and beverage industry, efficient use of distribution management software to manage DSD allows better quality control for products in shipping and for arrival in the store. Manufacturers can be certain that freshness, proper storage, and proper display are implemented for each delivered product rather than trusting an unspecified middleman.

Retailers and consumers also benefit from direct store delivery operations. For retailers, manufacturer delivery often relieves loads on their own employees and eliminates critical marketing and product placement questions. Products delivered through DSD are typically high yield and high turnover, allowing retailers to reap full benefits of having a direct and speedy delivery. This benefits consumers as well, developing a reciprocal relationship between consumers that want convenient access to high demand products and the retailers and manufacturers that supply them.

Data Benefits From Delivery Software That Enables DSD

One of the primary reasons that manufacturers enjoy the benefits of direct store delivery is the direct relationship between manufacturer, retailer, and consumer. However, to make full sense of this relationship, data and information is needed. Distribution software can be a major benefit in analyzing this relationship. How can distribution management software help though? With HighJump, manufacturers can see not only “on shelf” inventory numbers but how inventory moves through the plant and warehousing to the retailer. This data integration lets manufacturers see what consumers are really purchasing – a critical step in today’s modern retail environment.

Consumer connectivity and experience are now the hallmark of profitable retail. HighJump delivery software allows for that data overview and integration. Instead of waiting for weekly or monthly reports to pinpoint problems and sales trends after the fact, manufacturers can use wholesale distribution software to make real-time business decisions. HighJump distribution accounting software integrates readily with numerous existing ERPs to provide a full, big-picture image of the supply chain process.

Minimize Inventory Loss with the Right Wholesale Distribution Software

Another major benefit to using distribution software for warehouse and supply chain operations is the resultant control over inventory. For manufacturers and storage warehouses alike, inventory loss is a major concern. Billions of dollars in inventory is lost annually, often due to misplaced goods, mishandled cartons, or improperly stored items. Particularly in the food and beverage industry, improper storage of goods can lead to inventory loss and even dangerous spoilage of product. HighJump delivery software helps prevent inventory loss in a number of ways.

First, HighJump distribution management software allows for expedient and quick barcoding, often integrating with existing company barcodes. This scanning system allows for quick retrieval of storage and handling information. Incoming and outgoing goods can be identified quickly, put in the correct type of storage, and easily retrieved for later picking, packing, and shipment. Barcode scanning also allows for instant retrieval of critical information related to the product and, potentially, to the client.

With tiered access systems, your dock workers and floor workers can get the information required to accurately store and move inventory. Meanwhile, managers and other high-level employees can see critical client information. With HighJump delivery software, even your clients and retail recipients can access and retrieve critical shipping and inventory information. Instant remote log in and tracking services even ensure that recipients can be at the dock for incoming deliveries. This increased communication and wholesale distribution software tracking ability further increases client satisfaction.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency with EDI Enablement

Particularly for Direct Store Delivery Services, EDI – or electronic data interchange – is a critical component of keeping costs low and shipments moving efficiently. EDI involves computer enabled and processed paperwork, often taking on some of the most intense and direct jobs that your accounting, shipping, and receiving departments would handle. EDI is so efficient, in fact, that many manufacturers and retailers now rely on its use to process orders. How does EDI work in distribution accounting software? EDI is the coding of specific codes into the distribution management software system. When tasks are performed, these codes are triggered, enabling a digital response that allows two computers to communicate directly without the interference of an employee.

For example, when a carton of soda is sent from your warehouse, the enabled EDI code may directly send an invoice to the receiving retailer’s computer system. From there, the computer receives the invoice, readies payment, and sends payment when the shipment is received. All of this is accomplished instantaneously and without employee intervention and man hours. EDI is not only fast and efficient, but also eliminates costly clerical errors. Information is keyed in once and, when accessed, simply transferred to various tasks as needed. This single point data entry helps ensure that fewer inventory and accounting mistakes are made within the wholesale distribution software system.

The Best Distribution Software to Fit Your Specific Needs

Whether you are an established mover and shaker in the direct store delivery world, or just starting out on this new manufacturing adventure, HighJump distribution management software can help. From warehouse control to inventory management, our wholesale distribution software seamlessly integrates into your existing systems to bring a new level of control, organization, and data management to your operations. Growing businesses can use our modular design to address critical areas of need without breaking the budget. Meanwhile, well-established companies will find that HighJump’s powerful tools will help streamline the DSD and warehouse management process. For the best in direct store delivery software, contact HighJump today.

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