Direct Store Delivery Requires Strong Inventory Management

Hybrid Retail Operations and Direct Store Delivery Require Strong Inventory Management

Minimize inventory loss, improve data analysis, and enjoy easy inventory management with HighJump’s inventory and warehousing software.

Regardless of what type of supply chain business you operate, inventory management is a necessary element to a successful warehouse or shipping operation. Inventory loss costs American companies billions every year. In the supply chain world, this loss often comes in the form of mishandled or mismanaged inventory. Cartons that are improperly stored or damaged can, obviously, cause inventory loss. However, particularly in large warehouses or warehouses with fast turnover, inventory loss can simply occur from cartons being placed incorrectly or inconsistent picking and packing directives.

With profit margins often slim in the logistics and supply chain management industry, it is particularly critical that companies develop a strong inventory management plan. Some companies are still relying on outdated software or manual methods of tracking – a critical error in today’s fast paced supply chain world. White boards, duplicate forms, and single-metric inventory tracking simply can’t keep up with the fast pace of internet-enabled commerce.

So, how can you develop third-party logistics or a warehouse management plan that works to minimize and eliminate inventory loss? Inventory software can help alleviate not only inventory loss concerns but can also help streamline your logistics and supply chain management operations. The right software will allow you to integrate inventory management operations in your warehouse with existing ERPs. Combine this with real-time supply chain analytics to really see how your supply chain operations are functioning. From inventory control to system integration across the supply chain operation, SCM software can help streamline and modernize your warehouse system. With HighJump inventory software, you get the ability to dig into your supply chain processes and prevent critical loss from affecting your bottom line.

Finding Your Fit for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Regardless of the type of warehousing, shipping, or supply chain company you work with, you need inventory software that will meet your needs. But can one program really fit the bill for all types of warehousing and inventory operations? Manufacturers working direct store delivery and third-party logistics operators both need warehousing solutions that work for multiple clients. Retailers working in a hybrid situation need strong inventory management and control options to manage high inventory turnover. Retailer warehouses need to be able to manage supply chain analytics for numerous locations. These businesses are all vital parts of the supply chain process but all have vastly different organizational needs. Even within these sectors, a small business may have warehousing problems that a larger company has already solved.

HighJump SCM software meets the needs of numerous retailers by offering a flexible, modular construction that integrates various features to meet your business specifications. Unlike one-size-fits-all software, we provide a collaborative suite of products that allows you to target your areas of critical need. Our software engineers not only specialize in great inventory software but also in logistics and supply chain management needs with decades of supply chain experience. As a result, with HighJump you get to control what your software brings to the board. Determine your business goals, your growth plan, and your areas of critical need and work with our consultants to determine what software solutions will work for your needs.

Just because our software is ready to go doesn’t mean you don’t get control over what you install. If you want warehouse tools, HighJump can meet your needs. If you need tools to help monitor employee tasks, HighJump can assist. Best of all, this modular design lets your SCM software solutions grow with you. Start with what you need to improve to regain functionality or tackle a major problem. You can add tools and streamline your warehouse and shipping processes with future software development. Whether you’re a third-party logistics provider or a retailer in need of clear and visible supply chain analytics, HighJump inventory software can help.

Budget-Friendly Solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

With operational costs always rising, many supply chain and inventory management companies are looking for budget-friendly solutions to common logistics and supply chain management concerns. With inventory control and streamlined processing necessary in today’s supply chain world, finding a budget-friendly solution is a must. HighJump inventory software provides for convenient, modular installation that allows you to focus on critical areas without spending excess money on tools that could be installed later on. You have the freedom to target your own goals and growth plan rather than relying on pre-packaged solutions. This freedom lets even small but growing companies gain access to powerful tools to improve operations – even if they lack the big budget of large warehousing corporations.

HighJump SCM software also provides several installation options to allow for more budget-friendly use. On-site server installation is popular with larger companies who may already have an IT and technology budget. On-site server installation allows for inventory management tools and data to be installed on your computers and servers, giving you complete control over your own software use and data. This is particularly valuable to companies dealing with tremendous amounts of client and inventory data who need the faster and more powerful processing that on-site servers provide. The downside to on-site installation is that an IT team and your own equipment are needed to manage your logistics and supply chain management.

For companies seeking more budget-conscious third-party logistics solutions, cloud-based server installations are an excellent time and budget saver. Cloud-based installations keep the primary computing power and, often, data storage of a company on outside, third-party computers. Inventory software and information are accessed through internet-ready devices to perform tasks. This system allows for a flexible, remote installation to occur without the need to budget for major technology changes. Another benefit to cloud-based SCM software is mobility. For companies whose workers are frequently afield, cloud-based supply chain analytics can be easily accessed remotely for up-to-the-minute business decisions even while remote. This makes cloud-based logistics and supply chain management a great choice for a company trying to keep the budget in mind while still offering expansive inventory and warehousing solutions.

The Inventory Tracking You Need for Third-Party Logistics Order Management

Third-party shippers have an unusual role in the supply chain world. Managing the needs of multiple clients – and often, numerous types of cargo – offers special considerations for inventory management processes. HighJump SCM software offers solutions to help third-party shippers specifically take care of their supply chain and inventory needs. HighJump third-party logistics solutions allow for easy tracking of multiple client needs, allowing your clients access to real-time shipping and order information to support customer satisfaction. Our single-point data entry system allows for client profiles to be set once and disseminated to all needed employees to avoid critical data errors.

Tiered level access even allows your dock workers and warehouse workers to access important shipping information while your managers retain secure access to more confidential information. Combine powerful data dissemination with a simple barcoding system for third-party logistics that also allow you to handle inventory and multiple loads with ease. A simple scan reveals critical packing, storage, and load information. Even if your multi-shipment loads are constantly shifting, your employees can stay on one page. Particularly for logistics and supply chain management that requires specific and detailed inventory requirements, HighJump SCM software is a must.

The Challenges of Hybrid Retailers Can be Helped with Inventory Software

Omni channel sales and customer-centered retail philosophies have pushed many retailers into creating hybrid stores. These stores either offer their own warehousing, typically geared toward popular, high turnover products, or work in conjunction with other retail locations as a connected unit to fulfill consumer requests. While this method allows retailers to provide more products and better consumer satisfaction, inventory management can be difficult in this situation. This is particularly true as many retailers are not familiar with the needs of logistics and supply chain management.

HighJump SCM software can help combat complications that arise when running complex inventory situations such as a hybrid retail and warehouse scenario. In the case of hybrid retailers, supply chain analytics and accurate inventory data are critical for success. When inventory is moving from multiple locations, either to be stocked on the shelf, to fulfill an order, or to ship, careful tracking and data management is critical to preventing inventory loss. HighJump third-party logistics and inventory programs allow you to manage all the various facets of inventory your business may encounter.

Big Data and Supply Chain Analytics Allow You to Make Real-Time Decisions

One of the major benefits of using HighJump SCM software is the integration into your existing ERPs and systems. While many standard inventory programs allow for “in stock” counts, your company may require more powerful data in order to achieve success and complete inventory control. Supply chain analytics play an important role in the decision-making process of your business. With HighJump inventory management tools integrated into your existing accounting and data stream, you can begin to see not only the end numbers of your inventory, but also how your entire supply chain is functioning. See when and how orders are being processed, how quickly they are moving, and what inventory is actually moving out the door.

For manufacturers and hybrid retailers, this allows a complete picture of the consumer trends and market trends that you need to be successful. For third-party logistics providers, use supply chain analytics to help your clients determine shipping schedules and delivery needs. This big data picture opens up the inventory, warehousing, and shipping process to give you an idea of what has happened and why it has happened. Numerous businesses are finding that this is a critical step in becoming successful in modern commerce. Why?

Simply put, today’s consumers and clients want customer-centered experiences. Shipping profiles now need to meet many needs. Product and inventory choice fluctuate wildly. Today’s consumers are more savvy than ever, often researching not only the product they are purchasing but also the company that it comes from. All of this has had an impact upon the supply chain itself, changing inventory flow, manufacturing flow, and the speed with which all of this is coordinated. Today, products and shipments need to be consistently accurate and consistently efficient. Supply chain analytics can help a business meet these changing and rapid demands. With HighJump integrated supply chain analytics, you can start understanding the supply chain flow and make active decisions rather than conducting reactive problem-solving.

Inventory Management Made Easy

Whether you are an established shipper and warehousing operation or a retailer breaking into the shipping and supply chain market, inventory management is a challenge that you must meet and conquer. Supply chains are consistently moving faster, demanding more efficiency, and demanding more accuracy to meet consumer needs. In order to minimize inventory loss and increase productivity, outdated tracking and organizational methods must be abandoned. Instead, businesses are finding that inventory software is the key to efficient and streamlined warehouse management.

Whatever your business type, from third-party analytics to retailer to manufacturer, HighJump SCM software will let you take control of your supply chain process and organize even the most complex of shipping scenarios. With powerful, integrated analytics and a budget-friendly design, HighJump offers inventory software that can meet all of your needs now – and in the future when you need to expand. For the best in inventory management tools to keep your business successful, contact HighJump today.

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