Direct Store Delivery Problems Solved with Right Software

Direct store delivery problems solved with the right software application

HighJump distribution management software gives you access to flexible, powerful warehouse and shipping tools that help convert you to a full distribution center.

Direct store delivery warehouses face a number of problems and operational needs that third party shippers and standard manufacturers simply never have to consider. For manufacturers who have taken on the distribution of their own goods, there are numerous new product storage and movement pieces to implement in the daily running of a warehouse. The amount of goods and type of goods in storage may have increased. Shipping specifications, particularly for food distributors, may be exacting and require careful planning. If your warehouse operation is switching to direct store delivery, you need powerful distribution management software that can assist in transitioning to this new business model. With HighJump distribution management software you gain access to flexible, powerful warehouse and shipping tools that can help convert your manufacturing operation to a fully operational distribution center.

What makes direct delivery different from simple manufacturing?

Direct store delivery poses several challenges that regular manufacturing or sole purpose warehouse operations don’t need to tackle. While a shipping-only operation has to consider client intake and multiple outgoing deliveries, a manufacturer-direct operation has to also consider the production of its own products. Synchronizing data from the manufacturing line to warehouse storage becomes a critical component of the operation. Additionally, many manufacturers are now extending into direct shipping, bringing new challenges in warehousing, storing, and shipping created product. Where once goods were simply made and passed off to a transport specialist, manufacturers now must coordinate with delivery software in order to move their own goods from warehouse to retailer. This challenge involves new coordination and new data. It also requires a different way of looking at production and shipping integration into existing business models.

How can digitization and wholesale distribution software assist?

Whether you are an established company or a growing, smaller business, digitization is here to stay and has become a mainstay of the supply chain world. Digitization involves the use of computers to organize information, coordinate supply movement, and to organize data for better decision making. Companies that do not utilize data and digital distribution software are finding that they cannot keep pace with the current speed of the supply chain market. Consumers, now with a host of new options in omni-channel purchasing and customer-centered experiences, want more selection of goods and more responsiveness from companies.

Speed is not enough, however. Companies moving into a direct store delivery model also need to consider how and when they use data. While supply chain data is certainly not a new part of shipping and manufacturing, how companies use that data is now changing. Once, warehouse manifestos, paperwork, and data reports were viewed after the fact. Today, digitization and the use of the right distribution management software allows companies to use data in real-time. Reports, information, and trends can all be easily viewed and organized to help companies make better decisions without waiting for a crisis or problem to arise. For manufacturers looking to move into direct store delivery, the inclusion of digitization and distribution accounting software is a critical component to successful growth and expansion.

How does it all work? With the right wholesale distribution software you gain a real-time picture of data. See what is in stock, what is moving quickly, and what consumers are demanding at a faster rate. With this information, in real-time, you can adjust your production and storage accordingly. Particularly as consumers move to omni-channel commerce, this becomes critical. Say, for example, that your customers are fond of a particular beverage that you distribute. A new flavor becomes incredibly popular but, without accurate data, you miss the sales trend and end up losing consumer interest because you lack a desired product. In the meantime, your warehouse is full of a second flavor that you produced and stored but that has not sold as well. By using wholesale distribution software to track product movement, you gain insight into a potential situation where you can meet consumer demands more readily. This model moves toward a customer-centric trend in the supply chain world – one that businesses need distribution software to meet.

Integrated platforms give you more impact for your dollar

Upgrading your distribution software can be a daunting proposition, but finding a platform that integrates into your existing system can help ease growing pains. HighJump readily integrates with a variety of existing computer tracking structures and financial programs. Users find that their standard accounting programs are compatible and can simply and quickly transfer data back and forth from their distribution accounting software to their delivery system. This integration is critical to a successful growth plan. Instead of overhauling what is already working in your system, HighJump allows you to take what you have and expand your distribution accounting software solutions. Employees do not have to learn a new system or program for familiar tasks. Further, your budget is extended by eliminating needless changes and upgrades as you shift to direct store delivery.

Powerful tools in distribution management software

HighJump’ real power lies in an array of powerful tools that allow you to operate any warehouse and shipping system with efficiency. Whether you are a third-party shipper or a manufacturer moving to direct store delivery, HighJump gives you the modules and tools you need. Warehouse tracking allows for varied levels of employee access; dock workers get the information they need to store and pack items while managers can see critical organizational details. Barcode systems allow for fast transmission of information for correct storage, packing, and picking. This is particularly critical in the food distribution industry where misplaced or incorrectly stored items can spoil and cause health violations. Single point data entry systems minimize clerical errors from repeated entry and streamline the warehousing process and inventory accuracy. With HighJump distribution management software, your workers can move inventory correctly all the time. Many HighJump users report over an 85% reduction in inventory loss with an overall inventory accuracy of over 99%. HighJump even allows your distribution software to help you organize loads, maximizing each and every shipment to get the most for every mile and every dollar.

EDI, or electronic data interchange, is another popular and powerful tool in distribution accounting software. EDI allows computers, through the use of pre-determined special codes, to process common actions and paperwork without the guidance of an employee. For example, an invoice may be automatically generated when a shipment is scanned for departure. The invoice can then be automatically sent, received, and paid by a receiving computer on the client’s end. Many users of wholesale distribution software find EDI to be a major time saver that can help free employee resources and make processing more efficient. HighJump is completely EDI enabled, giving you access to this important and powerful delivery software tool.

Another popular HighJump component is the client communication interface. With customer-centric experiences becoming the norm, clients routinely want better and more up-to-date information on their orders. As a manufacturer moving into distribution, it is critical that you provide timely communication to your buyers. HighJump’ easy-access web portals let your clients see where there shipments are each step of the way. Particularly in food and beverage delivery, this allows for minimal lost time and decreases risks to food safety.

Flexibility allows you to implement distribution management software your way

HighJump’s main advantage, however, is flexible installation options. While many distribution software companies offer pre-packaged solutions to warehouse needs, HighJump offers a modular, customized approach. Our delivery software is ready to go out-of-the-box, but you get to decide what fit works best for your direct store delivery operation. Choose modules and builds that fit your needs, from third-party warehousing to manufacturer-based shipping. Our consultants work with you to determine your needs, your critical areas of growth and improvement, and to offer solutions for those needs. This means your employees don’t waste time learning needless tools. Meanwhile, you don’t spend your budget on delivery software pieces you won’t use again. For companies looking to grow into direct store delivery, this solution also lets you expand gradually over time. Start small with distribution software that organizes warehouse loads, and then move into barcoding systems over time. Begin with inventory accuracy modules to improve storage options, and expand to automated information processing as you grow. With HighJump, you control the expansion of your business and your distribution accounting software.

Installation options to suit any need

Whether you want a full, powerful on-site installation of delivery software or are looking for less cost-intensive and technologically intensive wholesale distribution software options, HighJump has multiple installation frameworks. For businesses with existing IT departments, delivery software with on-site capability may be just the fit. This option allows your internal technology team complete control over the installation and software with only needed support from HighJump. This on-site installation option is ideal for companies seeking powerful distribution management software added to an already existing technological and warehouse framework. For growing businesses or companies that want a less intensive setup process, cloud solutions for distribution software may fit the bill instead.

Cloud-based distribution accounting software has several benefits over on-site installations. Firstly, cloud-based software is less expensive to set up. Installation of the software is already achieved and access is established through online and internet-enabled devices. This allows your employees to quickly and easily access your wholesale distribution software almost immediately with no setup time or laborious installs. Secondly, cloud-based delivery software maintains this easy access throughout its lifespan. Instead of needing to devote servers and dedicated computers to software, employees can access HighJump anytime, anywhere. This makes cloud solutions an excellent choice for direct store delivery where remote access is concerned.

Lastly, cloud installations are a budget saver. For companies without a dedicated IT team to manage their distribution accounting software, developing and training such a team can be both time and cost prohibitive. With cloud-based solutions, wholesale distribution software is maintained outside of the company’s physical space and without the need for increased employee resources. Cloud solutions for delivery software are also less expensive to purchase, set up, and install. For a manufacturer just starting to transition to direct delivery, cloud-based distribution accounting software can be the perfect solution.

The solutions you need in one wholesale distribution software package

If you are a manufacturer moving toward a direct delivery system to offer your clients streamlined shipping and delivery, then HighJump is the distribution software you need. From inventory management to shipping timetables, this powerful distribution management software gives you the ability to control every aspect of your warehouse and manufacturing process, from item storage to load management and client contact. Able to be integrated with your existing systems, HighJump offers a variety of powerful tools in the format that you choose. Whether you want to start small and expand over time or are ready to take the next step into the digital supply chain revolution, HighJump can meet your needs. For the best in direct store delivery software, contact HighJump today.