Automating and Digitizing Direct Store Delivery Operations

Automating and Digitizing Your Direct Store Delivery Operations

Flexibly constructed with several installation options to fit your needs and your budget, HighJump is the optimal solution for your direct store delivery needs

You might be wondering, what is direct store delivery? A new way of looking at shipping, direct store delivery is an ideal supply chain choice for companies trying to keep up with the high demand and high turnover of modern commerce. Previously, manufacturers would often ship goods to a distribution center or third party warehouse for distribution to retail outlets. Today, however, consumer demand for a faster supply chain has many companies moving to a direct delivery system. But what is direct store delivery? How can you make this method of goods transport work for you? Are certain industries better suited to this supply chain than others? How can you make direct store delivery work for your company?

All of these questions have varied answers but, in the end, you have a major asset in taking your company to this method of product distribution. Distribution management software is the key to making any warehouse scenario function effectively, but particularly when it comes delivering your goods directly to retailers. Distribution software allows your company to make transactions and deliveries more efficient, more accurate, and more transparent, providing you with the speed and precision you need while your clients get the transparency and deliveries their customers demand.

Direct delivery processes are becoming more popular as manufacturers realize that it gives them more control over the supply chain process. Dealing directly with clients and managing your own goods doesn’t place your product or quality control at risk. For this reason, many manufacturing companies are starting to investigate direct delivery processes, eliminating intermediaries, and reducing shipping times on popular goods. In the past, warehouses could be easily run by multiple paper copies of invoices, whiteboards, and phones; but today’s fast-paced supply chain market is anything but forgiving of these antiquated methods. Upgrading your warehouse to integrated delivery software allows you to keep better track of your current processes. Stop waiting for papers to be shuffled and start making decisions on your supply chain in real-time. What’s the perfect wholesale distribution software when trying to answer “What is direct store delivery?”

HighJump DSD solutions lets you digitize and control every part of your warehouse and supply chain, from product placement and shipping to supply chain analytics. Flexibly constructed with several installation options to fit your needs and your budget, HighJump is the optimal distribution software for your direct delivery needs.

The Benefits of the Digitized Supply Chain

As many companies ask questions about what direct store delivery is, and try to decide how to make it work for their products, digitization of processes and records becomes more and more critical to everyday operations. Formerly, manual order tracking could reasonably keep up with supply and demand of product movement. Today however, the pace at which consumers conduct business often requires supply chain and warehouse operations to operate more efficiently and with the use of distribution software. In warehouse, distribution management software has the benefit of improving accuracy and efficiency of order processing. One of the main benefits, however, of digitization is the extension of analytics and data outside the direct warehouse setting. Known as the extended supply chain model, this type of analysis is increasingly important to supply chain management.

What is the extended supply chain? For many years, a simple pipeline model of manufacturing has worked well for most companies. Goods are produced, sent to distribution, and distributed to retailers. Popular products were re-ordered in a timely manner but the pace of commerce was slow enough that most manufacturers could readily keep up with demand and supply requests. The internet, however, has changed this model and made the use of wholesale distribution software a necessity.

In this new extended supply chain world, consumers want faster deliveries, more delivery options, and an array of products available to them that has been previously unparalleled. In short, consumers can access a fully customer-centered service experience and now demand this for all of their transactions. In order to keep up with this, manufacturers must now be able to stock and deliver goods more efficiently. They must also be able to determine popular products and be able to restock and distribute those specific goods quickly.

When asking what direct store delivery is, part of the answer must then be extended supply chain analytics. With the use of HighJump software, you can gain access to HighJump Business Intelligence tool, Pulse, giving you detailed information about supply, demand, and sales analytics in real-time. This critical component of delivery software helps companies see how goods are moving and being distributed to stores and consumers, providing an up-to-date image of sales. In the past, this sales analysis would be a hard, paper copy that was printed at regular intervals. However, this data was typically dated and difficult to analyze for trends, causing manufacturers to be more reactionary and resolve problems long after the problem had occurred. With wholesale distribution software, businesses can now see this data in real-time and make proactive decisions to improve sales, product availability and other facets of supply chain direct store delivery.

Outside and inside the warehouse, distribution management software is useful in-warehouse as well.
What is direct store delivery when it is not backed by strong organization? At best, it is inefficient and at worst, it is chaotic. Even if you have cut out the distributor in your supply chain model and are working directly with retailers, you still need clear product organization. The ability to move orders quickly and accurately is vital to direct store delivery. How can HighJump help improve your warehouse and shipping operations with delivery software?

Our modules offer complete control over every aspect of your warehouse, from storage to picking to packing and shipment. Barcode scanning integrates easily with your existing system and provides accurate and fast information to your warehouse workers. With a quick scan, workers know what goods needs special care, refrigeration, or other particular storage needs. Information is entered into a single point data-entry system and efficiently disseminated to all workers through the use of scans and computer terminals. This helps eliminate errors, slow processing time, and clerical difficulties that can harm product or simply slow the warehouse down.

This use of wholesale distribution software also helps when distributing and shipping goods. The same scanning system that allows for inventory accuracy and correct storage can help process orders quickly. Packing workers get detailed information for shipping goods, ensuring accurate order fulfillment. Meanwhile, your warehouse managers can be set to a more secure access level, giving them the details they need to manage multiple loads and more sensitive information with the use of distribution management software.

This in-warehouse tracking ability greatly improves efficiency due to speed of information transfer. Using distribution software to improve your direct store delivery process also improves inventory and order accuracy. With inventory loss costing supply chain companies millions every year, it is critical that your company minimize this aspect of the warehouse and distribution chain. Incorrectly packed items can be damaged or spoiled in transit, causing loss. Improperly managed loads cost money and damage goods. Lack of careful tracking causes inventory damage and loss in the warehouse itself. Distribution management software helps curtail all of these problems by providing easily accessible information for your warehouse and direct store delivery process. Save your bottom line and improve your warehouse performance with HIghJump distribution software.

Improve Client Satisfaction and Communication with Delivery Software

Keeping in touch with your retailers when you work in direct store delivery is a critical portion of a successful operation. Unexpected load deliveries make retailers upset and cost you valuable time. When asking what direct store delivery is, part of the answer must also be “communicative.” HighJump users gain access to valuable modules and tools in delivery software, allowing for clearer and more efficient communication with retailers. Automatic shipping updates let companies know when loads will be arriving and the contents of that load so no one loses time when the truck arrives at the loading dock. Clients can even access online, real-time order tracking to follow orders from the distribution warehouse straight until they are received in store storage. Increasing shipper to client communication with distribution software is a critical part of making direct store delivery work while maintaining client satisfaction.

A Flexible Wholesale Distribution Software That Fits Your Needs

While many software companies offer pre-packaged solutions for your warehouse and supply chain needs, HighJump’s route is a customized and result-targeted solution to your distribution software problems. While our delivery software is ready to go out-of-the-box, you can also get complete customization of features and modules to target the areas you need in your shipping process. Need to get picking and packing more accurate and efficient? No problem. Want to focus on client communication or electronic data interchange solutions to speed up paperwork? HighJump can accommodate.

Our consultants work with you to examine your shipping process, determine areas of critical need, and provide direct store delivery solutions that work. You can even choose the installation options that work for you. Hefty, server-based and on-site installs give you power and complete control. For a faster start-up and plenty of flexibility, choose wholesale distribution software that is cloud-based and accessible by internet connection. Whichever option you choose, we offer full installation and technical support for your choices – even though many of our customers choose to install their distribution management software themselves! All of our wholesale distribution software options are scalable so you can start small and expand later. Even if you start with one or two critical areas for improvement, you can expand your operation in the future. With HighJump, your distribution management software grows with your company.

Delivery Software Flexibility Gives You the Ultimate Budgeting Tool

If the reason your supply chain processes haven’t gone digital yet is money, HighJump solutions put software-based direct store delivery solutions within your reach. Choosing cloud-based installation saves you time and money on set up and still allows for later expansion of your distribution software. Further, reduce technology needs on-site and eliminate the need to hire a large technology staff by keeping your wholesale distribution software managed and maintained remotely. HighJump’s modular and expansive software design lets you target critical areas to improve without overloading your computers, your employees, or your budget. Not only is this efficient for training and installation purposes, but this expandable selection path allows you to keep your budget firmly in grasp while still getting the upgrades you need.

When asking “what is direct store delivery?” you may have a process and answer in mind to improve your current distribution. Getting away from intermediary distributors ensures better quality control, faster delivery of goods, and numerous other advantages. This change comes with its own hassles, however. Often, companies fail to realize that they will have to support this change with data and processes that streamline the supply chain process. Warehouse organization will become even more crucial. Communication with clients will be even more important. In short, to reach success with direct delivery, it will require the right delivery software. Transitioning to this method of goods delivery requires precision, efficiency, and good communication. Using HighJump’s DSD software as your distribution management software is a smart choice for powerful direct store delivery processes.