Worldwide Warehouse Management System (WMS) Sales Grow

Warehouse workers and labor managementA recent report by ARC Advisory Group found that the worldwide market for warehouse management systems (WMS) increased 10 percent from 2010-2011. This is mainly due to the sale of add-on modules – such as a labor management system or analytics – that help users further increase productivity. As industries expand to meet new consumer demands and changing regulations, the demand of additional WMS functionalities will only continue to grow.

This certainly reflects the needs we’re hearing from our customers and the solutions we are offering to address current demands and anticipate future ones. For example, with our highly regulated food and beverage traceability, many food and beverage companies are looking for robust track-and-trace solutions that help them operate as efficiently as possible. Granular, configurable lot/batch/expiration date management, recall management, web-based collaboration and global inventory visibility are just a few of the features that a Tier 1 WMS provider must have to keep customers’ operations optimized and their own sales going strong.

David Smith

As an Account Manager at HighJump, I am responsible for helping our customers find cost-effective solutions for their supply chain needs. This position gives me a somewhat unique perspective on trends in the industry through the questions and comments I hear everyday.

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