Internet retailer Nasty Gal increases supply chain visibility, warehouse productivity with HighJump WMS


Just a few decades ago, retail was a tough market to break into. That all changed – and quickly – with the birth and remarkable rise of eCommerce.

Small online stores began popping up everywhere not long after the internet gained traction, and some have since turned into major success stories. One such success story is Nasty Gal, which Sophia Amoruso started as an eBay store in 2006, running the operation out of an apartment.

The retailer’s line of unique vintage clothing soon built a loyal following, opening its first warehouse in 2009. It absolutely took off from there – revenue tripled between 2012 and 2015, according to Forbes. This year, Nasty Gal landed at No. 1 in Internet Retailer’s Top 500 guide, a crowning achievement in its stunning climb.

That rapid growth led the Los Angeles-based retailer to start a search for a warehouse management system (WMS). Amoruso’s business eventually selected HighJump’s WMS, running a put-to-light system alongside it. Nasty Gal made this investment with the goal of increasing visibility and overall productivity – both typical results for first-time WMS users – while keeping fill rates north of 99 percent.

Scalability was a key consideration for the company given its exponential growth and future plans. Its distribution model could shift in the years to come and the etailer wanted to be ready to adapt on the fly. Nasty Gal has already opened two brick-and-mortar stores in Southern California since 2014, so its distribution center now must handle retail replenishment in addition to its direct-to-consumer orders.


HighJump’s implementation team, with the help of a partner, built the WMS to optimize the business processes that work best for an eCommerce retailer that ships most of its items straight to the customer with a small subset going to stores. The adaptable nature of the software allows for this type of personalization, which will surely help the company down the road, as well.

The eCommerce giant began seeing major gains in no time. Picking efficiency and fill rates both shot up, even as order volume climbed. The initial goal of this product was realized in no time.

Read the full Nasty Gal case study to learn more about why the clothier selected HighJump and the initial results. The business is poised to become an even bigger, more popular retailer with the help of this robust warehouse technology.

Ian McCue

Writing, editing and managing all types of content at HighJump.

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