How a Labor Management System (LMS) Can Lower Costs and Enable a Self-Directed Workforce

Warehouse management systems (WMS) and other supply chain management software technologies help businesses to do more work in less time. But many businesses fail to gain visibility to the work their employees carry out on a daily basis. Labor management has truly become the next logical step for businesses in search of new efficiencies. A labor management system (LMS) can enable businesses to better use labor resources, maintain profit margin expectations and gain a competitive edge. 

Labor management systems have been proven to drastically improve productivity and reduce labor costs. They can also help foster a proactive coaching and mentoring environment, resulting in improved employee satisfaction and reduced turnover.  However, while a labor management software system is an important component, it is only one piece of the labor management puzzle.  These initiatives can be a total cultural change.

Anything impacting employee pay and how employee performance is measured requires a high degree of sensitivity during implementation for the potential gains to be achieved. Not everyone will embrace job accountability. That is why it is important to combine process improvements with best practices and change management training.

The HighJump LMS allows you to track, measure, report and plan labor activities within your organization to increase efficiency and objectively measure employee performance and identify those whose performance consistently exceeds the standard, as well as employees who need assistance. Benefits from labor management software:

  • Reduce labor costs and increase efficiency
  • Improve associate morale
  • Leverage strong management tools and metrics
  • Reduce dependence upon temporary labor
  • Appropriately plan your workload
  • Enable a self-directed work force

Integrating labor management with your warehouse management system provides you with a comprehensive labor management and planning solution that can help you foster a continuous improvement culture within your company.

Sport Chalet was growing and had reached capacity at its distribution center.  Watch this Sport Chalet customer video to learn how the company turned to HighJump™ Labor Advantage to help its labor force become more efficient and productive.

Chuck Fuerst

Chuck Fuerst is the director of product strategy at HighJump Software. He has more than 15 years of experience in the technology market, working for supply chain and ERP software companies to deliver innovative solutions. Chuck is responsible for monitoring supply chain industry and technology trends and identifying ways to enhance the value of products for HighJump’s customers. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing management and innovation from Concordia University.

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