Ashley Furniture relies on flexibility of HighJump WMS to meet changing customer needs

No company is too big or complex for HighJump’s enterprise supply chain execution suite. Ashley Furniture Industries proves that.

Ashley is the largest furniture company in the United States and recorded more than $4 billion in revenue last year. Its intricate supply chain network includes six wholesale distribution centers and five retail distribution centers using HighJump WMS. Since the early-2000s, Ashley Furniture has relied on HighJump software – including HighJump’s warehouse management system, labor management solution, yard operations solution and slotting application – to organize and execute a tremendous number of orders.

What led Ashley to HighJump? The ability to tailor the software to the business’ exact needs. The furniture company has leveraged adaptability tools within the HighJump enterprise warehouse management system over the years to optimize every step of its supply chain. As a forward-thinking company constantly searching for ways to increase efficiency, it wanted to “take ownership” of the application, according to Director of Supply Chain Execution Dan Woychik.

Ashley is always trying to adjust its processes to satisfy new – and always shifting – customer needs, which have changed drastically with the rise of eCommerce. It needed a flexible solution that could change on the fly, making HighJump the ideal fit.

For more on why the world’s biggest manufacturer and retailer chose HighJump, watch the brief video below. Learn why Woychik believes the software has left Ashley Furniture with a “strategic advantage.”

Ian McCue

Writing, editing and managing all types of content at HighJump.

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