EDI Integration

Business System Plug-Ins™

Through the TrueCommerce Business System Plug-Ins™ our Transaction Manager EDI translation software can be integrated with virtually any accounting or business system. Our Business Systems Plug-In™ provides mapping of your EDI transactions so they seamlessly transfer to and from your accounting or business system. You will have one specific plug-in for whatever business system you are operating. If you replace your business system, we will simply swap out your plug-in and the rest of your EDI solution remains intact!

Select Your Business System

Benefits of Integrating EDI with Your Business or Accounting System

  • Reduces or eliminates the need to manually re-key information, eliminating costly charge-backs
  • Streamlines transaction processing
  • Increases productivity without increasing staff
  • Allows you to change or upgrade business systems or accounting software without disrupting your whole EDI solution

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