Manufacturing Shop Floor Touch Screen

Capture Real-time Data and Display Documentation Through a Web Browser

Keeping track of work-in-progress with paper-based work order "packets" or "travelers" isn't easy. Additionally, many manufacturers are using a complicated software system that requires extensive maintenance on numerous PCs. More than likely, that complex software is also difficult for your shop floor operators to learn.

What if you could eliminate paper documentation and put up-to-the-minute work instructions at the fingertips of your shop floor workers? What if you could minimize employee training time with an intuitive, easily deployable, Web-based manufacturing execution system (MES)?

HighJump’s manufacturing execution system allows you to leverage shop floor touch screens running a Web browser to streamline the flow of critical information and simplify the reporting and viewing of information in real time. HighJump Software’s single, all-inclusive Web user interface electronically links documentation and work orders directly to the shop floor. Our shop floor employees have immediate access to drawings, quality control documents and process preparation guides. Because of its simplicity and intuitive design, the shop floor touch screen enables rapid learning and lowers employee training costs—not to mention quick and easy upgrades for the IT team.

Benefits of Using The Shop Floor Touch Screen

  • Gain real-time visibility on the shop floor
  • Reduce inventory, labor and regulatory costs
  • Achieve lean production
  • Shorten cycle times
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Enhance product quality

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