Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for Discrete Manufacturers

Low Total Cost of Ownership for Your Shop Floor and Warehouse

You want to devote all your time and attention to responding to customer demands for new and higher-quality products. But how do you find time to do your best for customers when it’s all you can do to manage rising costs of raw materials and the complexity of your supply chain? How do you improve your throughput when you aren’t even sure what’s happening on the shop floor at any given time?

HighJump Software understands the concerns and challenges discrete manufacturers face. We designed our manufacturing execution system (MES) to help you improve quality, lower costs and enhance responsiveness to customer demands.

Why Choose HighJump Manufacturing Execution Software?

  • MES designed for discrete manufacturers: Our manufacturing execution system (MES) is built to meet the challenges of discrete, multi-step operations in both work order & demand driven manufacturing environments.
  • MES software with warehouse management system capabilities: HighJump’s MES bridges the disconnect between the traditional MES and warehouse management system (WMS), enabling optimal inventory flow throughout the shop floor.
  • Personalize the MES software to fit your business: Our manufacturing execution system provides a flexible and adaptable system architecture, resulting in low total cost of ownership.
  • Add more supply chain software solutions as your business grows and changes: HighJump Software offers a complete suite of supply chain software, including warehouse management systems (WMS), labor management system (LMS) and supplier enablement, which allow you to track all of your products throughout the supply chain.
  • Experienced ERP integration team: Help ensure a successful implementation and strong ROI with HighJump Software's experienced shop floor and ERP integration teams.

HighJump MES Benefits

  • Gain real-time visibility on the shop floor
  • Reduce inventory, labor and regulatory costs
  • Achieve lean production
  • Shorten cycle times
  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Enhance product quality
  • Directs shop floor operators and warehouse material handlers through their job
  • Enables timely movement of inventory throughout the manufacturing process
  • Built on an adaptable, flexible technology platform
  • Delivers low total cost of ownership

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