Take Control of Your Vending Operations

Lower annual spending by reducing current stocking levels, increasing inventory turns, identifying obsolete parts and tracking warranties

For beverage, candy and full-line distributors, vending machines continue to play an important role in the sales process. Although vending technology has advanced in recent years, many companies still use the same outdated management practices they have always used. This often results in a general lack of visibility into the overall management of these assets, including field service and cash accountability across the network of drivers servicing the machines.

HighJump helps you manage the assets in your vending operations from the time of acquisition until disposal. You’ll significantly reduce your annual budget for vending assets with cost of ownership and placement history at your fingertips. You can identify opportunities to redeploy assets between branches, retire assets that cost too much to service and replace inappropriately assigned assets. In addition, you can lower annual spending on spare parts by:

  • Reducing current stocking levels
  • Increasing inventory turns
  • Identifying obsolete parts
  • Tracking warranties on parts used

Optimize Deliveries With the Right Vending DEX Solution

It’s often a challenge ensuring the money submitted for a machine equals the amount you expect to receive. When a customer puts four quarters into a vending machine, these quarters might go into the coin box, they might go into the coin changer, and some might go missing. Over the course of a year, this translates into revenue lost in small increments, but these small losses can add-up to a substantial drag on the bottom line.

The DEX data collected in the HighJump route accounting system creates detailed cash accountability reports for vending machines and routes. It provides accountability on a per-service basis by using the information provided in the DEX audit stream to calculate the exact dollar amount that should be collected and compare it to what was actually collected.

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