Capture Marketing Intelligence on the Front Lines Through Mobile Survey Software

Winning the battle on the shelf begins with better competitive intelligence

For direct store delivery (DSD) businesses and others servicing the retail sector, capturing, analyzing and leveraging market intelligence from the field can give you a competitive edge. A structured approach to determining what information to collect and simplifying the data collection process is critical to the success of your market intelligence initiatives. Analysis of the feedback you collect helps you set clear objectives for your team and more effectively manage individual job performance.

Deploy Surveys Alongside Mobile Presales Activities

HighJump offers a flexible, Web-based interface that simplifies the creation, deployment, execution and measurement of surveys. This solution integrates with your route accounting system and HighJump mobile software. You can develop delivery workflow compliance, coach your sales team, align sales process with objectives and collect in-depth market intelligence and "voice of customer" feedback. Easily build and deploy surveys wirelessly, and get results within the same day.

HighJump Survey Management Benefits

  • Empower managers to understand which objectives are achieving desired results
  • Measure the impact of marketing programs and promotion
  • Stay abreast of the competition through formalized tracking in the field
  • Improve employee satisfaction by analyzing performance on key objectives
  • Collect confidential customer feedback
  • Add new functionality to your mobile presales and delivery tools

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