A Modern Route Accounting System: The Heart of Your Direct Store Delivery Business

Sell, track and deliver your products and services in the timeliest manner

Are you finding it difficult to drive your direct store delivery (DSD) businesses forward while operating route accounting systems that are outdated, slow and cumbersome to operate and maintain? Perhaps the processing of invoices and orders has become time-consuming and error-prone?

HighJump Software understands your industry and your challenges and is dedicated to providing modern, effective and streamlined DSD software solutions. The HighJump route accounting system (RAS) creates the backbone of your business operations. This modern solution manages your routes, hand-held computing devices, customers and driver schedules. It also integrates nicely with your back-end accounting, ERP or warehouse management system.

With the HighJump route accounting system, you are able to drive costs down while increasing sales volume and revenue across a variety of perishable and non-perishable products, including beer, soft drink, baked goods, wine and spirits, candy and tobacco and dairy. This powerful RAS provides sales order management, inventory management, route planning, delivery, driver reconciliation and financial accounting for the efficient execution of your front and back office operations.

HighJump Route Accounting System Benefits

  • Lower operating costs and improve customer service
  • Adjust delivery schedules to meet the needs of your customers
  • Access customer and product information quickly
  • Reduce errors in order processing
  • Reduce paper and improve collections
  • Easily manage complex pricing
  • Enable targeted selling for your sales team
  • Respond quickly to customer requests
  • Help ensure the safety of delivery vehicles
  • Easily determine asset location and performance
  • Understand your customers and competition

Choose on-demand deployment for your HighJump RAS

HighJump Software now offers a hosted version of its modern route accounting system, eliminating much of the cost and administration time necessitated by installed software.

  • No hardware/server upgrade purchases = less cost and less conversion time
  • Instantly reduce on-premise software costs
  • Upgrades and maintenance performed for you by HighJump experts
  • One simple payment for your IT needs. HighJump experts administer and maintain your system

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HighJump OmniTech Delivery provides accurate, real-time data on a tablet
HighJump OmniTech Delivery gives drivers the key tools they need for fast and efficient deliveries, combined with the ease and convenience of a tablet. Designed to run on the iOS, Android and Windows platform, this application helps ensure that your mobile delivery force will know where to go and which products to deliver, as well as have the invoicing and collections tools needed to maximize the delivery and customer experience. Faster, more accurate delivers. No rigid device access requirements. It’s a complete delivery solution, right at your fingertips. 

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