Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Inventory Management

What if your staff could spend less time moving paper and more time shipping orders? HighJump technology provides a highly accurate picture of inventory and increased visibility to your warehouse operations and helps reduce the amount of time employees spend figuring out what tasks they need to perform next.

HighJump Inventory Management is DSD warehouse management software designed to serve the growing complexity and needs of today’s beverage distributor. The proliferation of SKUs and suppliers continues to spread with no signs of abating. HighJump Inventory Management for direct store delivery provides you with real time access to your on-hand quantities, and the ability to track balances down to the exact bin location. Visibility is key, and not limited to within the four walls.  Consolidation of inventory across multiple locations, or even locating what balances are out for delivery on your trucks is merely a point and click away.

Whether for compliance or operational benefit, lot and code date tracking is a challenge for many. HighJump Inventory Management makes this data collection as simple as a scan with your RF handheld device, and that data is instantly recorded and available for your staff to access. With this information you can now see your days on-hand by code date and adjust your sales calculations to account for changes in seasonal volume to immediately reduce write-offs.

With all of these suppliers providing different pallet configurations and carrying increased SKUs, simplifying your process is crucial. Simple pallet configuration lets you account for as many (or as few) combinations as desired. By removing the “math” you can trust your users are able to move through their receipt, transfer, adjustment or cycle count as rapidly as possible. Should a variance be encountered user drill down capabilities ensure visibility to any related transactions on screen – without the need for time- and paper-consuming reports!

Key Features of HighJump Inventory Management:

  • Real time inventory
  • RF scanning for all transactions
  • Inventory tracked for warehouse and on-truck (with individual bin locations or not)
  • Ability to receive against inbound ASN / POs
  • Lot & code date tracking
  • Cycle count generation
  • Easy drill down variance investigation
  • Customizable reports

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