Supply Chain Management Software Suite for Manufacturers

Create a Lean, Continuous Flow of Inventory and Information From Supplier to End Client

Being prepared is a good feeling. HighJump solutions for manufacturing include advanced traceability/genealogy and recall management tools give you peace of mind that you will be ready in the event of a recall. The HighJump supply chain management software suite, including manufacturing execution system (MES), warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS), links all aspects of supply chain optimization with manufacturing to create a lean, continuous flow of inventory and information from supplier to end client.

Your HighJump solution automatically creates a full genealogy of every product made, tying batch numbers, lot numbers or other data to the appropriate finished products, as well as back to the production order or demand signal. By driving production reporting and quality inspections, you can minimize the number of defective products making it through the production process.

The HighJump TrueCommerce EDI platform extends HighJump Software’s applications with the addition of comprehensive EDI solutions including translation and EDI mapping software for trading partner integration and a fully compliant EDI Trading Network.

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Supply Chain Management Features for Manufacturers

  • WIP tracking
  • Event notification
  • Electronic work dispatch
  • Genealogy and traceability
  • Production reporting
  • Inventory management
  • PO lifecycle management
  • Integrated transportation management

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