Changes in Direct Store Delivery for Walmart ASN

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6 Responses

  1. Tim Moon says:

    This process in theory is a helpful program, however the reality from our experience with the receivers at the back door, their main concern is shrinkage, and the best way to control that from a delivery standpoint is to verify each case being brought into the store. Here at Brown, both Ty Walls (Hand Held Manager) and myself have ridden with our delivery drivers on separate occasions, and out of our 20 active Wal-Mart stores only 2 currently use the ASN while the others tear it off the pallets and manually count in each piece upon delivery. This leads us to believe that even they don’t believe in this program and they are the ones that requested it.

  2. Anna Ashmore says:

    Nice Reading…thanks

  3. Derek Curtis says:

    Thanks for the comment Tim. Unfortunately the inconsistent utilization of their own process by Walmart does definitely undermine the benefits. Although individual Walmart sites may not care to implement receiving processes in line with the overall intention of the project, in many cases compliance is still a necessary evil. Given this requirement (properly utilized or not) my intention here was to point out some peripheral benefits of implementing this solution. If you can’t get the receivers to "honor" their end of the ASN agreement I hope that you at least get some of the operational benefits I listed above.