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Supply Chain Technology Tip of the Day

Choosing an EDI vendor - especially one that integrates its EDI solution with your ERP system - is not simply a matter of choosing a commodity product on the basis of initial cost and perhaps feature sets, in order to meet a retailer's EDI mandate.Haitham Ghadiry

Route Accounting Systems

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Enhance the Efficiency of Your Supply Chain Processes with EDI

Expanding the Capabilities of Your ERP System In an environment of fluctuating consumer demand and competitive pressure, you need every advantage possible if your business participates in the retail and manufacturing supply chain. Companies are focused on improving efficiency, and that trend is...
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Scalable, Integrated EDI Helps Drive Global Business Growth at Schoenhut Piano

For many small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the supply chain marketplace, that first “big break” opportunity to stock products in the stores of a major retailer is a dream come true! But with an increase in orders comes new demands on the order fulfillment system—often including a mandate to...
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Sparkling Wines are Bubbling Up

Our taste for sparkling wine is growing – and fast! Technomic’s Trends in Adult Beverage series reports that 2012 saw more than a six percent increase in imported volume and continued growth is expected this year. Italian and Spanish sparkling wines are leading the charge and outpacing domestic...
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Study: Transportation Logistics Companies May See Big Savings with Mobile Technology

A recent study found that transportation and logistics firms could save nearly a half-million dollars each year by using mobile technologies and implementing process re-engineering initiatives. About 60 percent of managers who responded to the Intermec study (Intermec is a strategic partner of...
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Flexible and Adaptable…just like a Twinkie

Hostess announced that the Twinkie is back and will be rolled out to Wal-Mart stores this month, followed by more retailers throughout the U.S. Ho Hos, Suzy Qs and Sno-balls will also soon make their way to store shelves. Health foodies may lament its return, but I think the Twinkie is a good...
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A Helping Software Hand

As consumers’ demand for same-day delivery speeds up, so too does the industry’s willingness to comply and seek faster and faster ways to deliver the goods. Mitch Mac Donald of DC Velocity predicts that same-day delivery will soon become the standard offering, as a study underwritten by Intermec...
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Pepsi New Haven Selects HighJump Software Route Accounting System

HighJump Software, a global provider of supply chain management software, announced today that customer Pepsi New Haven has chosen the HighJump OASIS 5.0 route accounting system (RAS) to manage its daily operations. Pepsi New Haven, a shareholder in the Wis-Pak Co-op group, distributes more than 300...
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JRS Distribution LLC Selects HighJump Software Route Accounting Solution for DSD Operations

HighJump Software, a global provider of supply chain management software, announced today that JRS Distribution LLC, a Tennessee-based snack distributor, has chosen the HighJump Route Administrator route accounting system, HighJump Route Assistant and HighJump Advantage Link to help grow its...
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Adaptable Supply Chain Software Growing in Importance for Retailers

The fast-changing demands and whims of consumers are perhaps most apparent in the retail industry: One week, an item may be in style or trending – and then what seems like just days later, sales fall and consumers have moved on to something new. To keep up, retailers need a supply chain that helps...
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Cutting costs for growth, not survival

Deloitte just released the results of a cost survey of Fortune 100 companies. It found that although businesses are continuing to cut costs in any way they can, the strategy for cost-cutting has shifting away from mere survival to one of driving growth. Interestingly, the survey found growing...
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