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Supply Chain Technology Tip of the Day

Choosing an EDI vendor - especially one that integrates its EDI solution with your ERP system - is not simply a matter of choosing a commodity product on the basis of initial cost and perhaps feature sets, in order to meet a retailer's EDI mandate.Haitham Ghadiry

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3PL Industry Growing Faster than GDP

According to a Tompkins International report, the 3PL industry is growing at a faster rate than the gross domestic product (GDP). And it’s not just because GDP growth has been relatively low: An article in Modern Materials Handling notes that Tompkins believes 3PL growth will be “three to four times...
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Follow the Box: The Vital Importance of EDI in Outsourcing to 3PLs

Businesses of all types tend to outsource non-core competencies to boost efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and squeeze costs out of their operations. For suppliers, the growing prevalence of leveraging third-party logistics (3PLs) companies for warehousing and transportation logistics is a...
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Not a Commodity: How a 3PL Can Set Itself Apart

Companies are increasingly turning to logistic services providers to run their manufacturing, warehousing and transportation operations more efficiently and at less cost than they can run it themselves. In the past few years, we have seen many companies outsource logistics to save on operations...
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Study: Transportation Logistics Companies May See Big Savings with Mobile Technology

A recent study found that transportation and logistics firms could save nearly a half-million dollars each year by using mobile technologies and implementing process re-engineering initiatives. About 60 percent of managers who responded to the Intermec study (Intermec is a strategic partner of...
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Are Drones in your Supply Chain Budget Yet?

I just read a fascinating article in Material Handling and Logistics News about the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) for business use. Although many of us think of drones as military or surveillance devices (and indeed they often are), some companies are using them for day-to-day business...
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HighJump Software Announces Strategic Partners in China

We are excited to announce three new strategic partners in China: Anchor Information Technology Ltd., Hentor and Hyrus. Each partner brings a set of strengths and networks to help HighJump Software’s solutions gain even greater momentum in China, and have deep experience designing, deploying and...
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Survey Finds Shippers Navigating Big Data Initiatives

If you’re paying any attention to the news or trends in the logistics industry (which you probably are if you’re reading this blog post), then you’ve heard of big data. Big data, put simply, is the collection and integration of massive amounts of information that can’t be processed using traditional...
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Transportation Innovations to Improve the Supply Chain

Transportation innovations in the next 10 years or so could have major impacts on the supply chain, according to the World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting Group’s report Connected World: Transforming Travel, Transportation, and Supply Chains. Here are three of the major areas of note: A traffic...
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A Helping Software Hand

As consumers’ demand for same-day delivery speeds up, so too does the industry’s willingness to comply and seek faster and faster ways to deliver the goods. Mitch Mac Donald of DC Velocity predicts that same-day delivery will soon become the standard offering, as a study underwritten by Intermec...
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Staying in Front of Growing Transportation Management Systems

The market for transportation management systems (TMS) increased in 2012 and is expected to continue strong throughout 2013. Logistics Management’s Annual Software Users Survey found that 37 percent of companies were using a TMS in 2012, up from 32 percent in 2011. The summary of survey findings...
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